Head of IRS Tax Exempt Divison Visited White House 165 Times, Met with Obama 6 Times


Unlike Douglas Shulman, who was at least the IRS commissioner, there really was no reason for a woman who headed the tax exempt division to be in and out of the White House all the time. There was even less reason for her to meet with Obama six times. Somehow I doubt that department heads in OSHA or Fish and Wildlife are meeting with Obama on a regular basis. And the IRS’s tax exempt division is usually even less interesting.

Sarah Hall Ingram, the IRS official currently in charge of overseeing the agency’s implementation of Obamacare, has logged 165 recorded visits to the White House 165 times since 2011, according to an analysis of White House visitor records compiled by the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity.

Ingram headed the IRS’ tax-exempt division in 2010 when the scandal-ridden agency began improperly targeting the tax-exempt nonprofit status of conservative groups.

Ingram visited with President Obama six times, according to White House visitor logs. All of Ingram’s 165 recorded visits involved meetings with White House staff.

Considering that Ingram and Shulman never visited the White House together, the two IRS officials have been responsible for more than 300 public visits since the beginning of the Obama administration.

Ingram received more than $100,000 in bonuses between 2009 and 2012.

That is a lot of face time followed by big bonuses and a promotion. Government work isn’t all that different from real work. Repeated meetings with the top bosses means you’re getting special instructions. Bonuses and promotions means that they’re impressed with how you followed the instructions. And it’s not too hard to guess what those instructions were and how Ingram followed them.

  • Gee

    Where is the special prosecutor? We need one and we need it now!

    • VHG1

      While we have a Boehner and his assorted weaklings in the GOP it won’t happen! There needs to be a march on DC in huge numbers demanding it and impeachment and criminal penalties for ALL involved including prison

  • VHG1

    So Obama IS directly tied to the corruption!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Geoffrey-Britain/100003802091841 Geoffrey Britain

    It’s certainly circumstantial evidence of Obama’s direct connection to the IRS scandal. The problem is that all of the visits (of the records released so far) occurred AFTER she left the tax exempt division to head the Affordable Care Act division in December 2010. Thus she can plausibly claim that all of her visits were about the upcoming implementation of ObamaCare.

    So now a freedom of information act request for the records prior to 2011 needs to be filed, then we’d know whether she met with Obama or WH officials, while she was head of the tax exempt division. If she did visit the WH during that period, then her being subpoenaed to testify would be justified. If she then takes the fifth, Obama takes a big hit in the ‘court’ of public opinion, which hurts the implementation of his agenda.

    • truebearing

      The records, so far, may be after she left, but she was there when the persecution started, and that is hugely implicating. That the records don’t go back that far is obviously because Obama knows how incriminating they would be. Their shield of plausibility is celophane thin and just as easy to see through.
      Now that it is incontravertible that Ingram has used her authority to persecute citizens for their political orientation, we can only assume she is willing to do the same thing with Maobamacare. The NSA is collecting massive databases on all Americans under Obama. That information, combined with the intrusive requirements of the IRS will allow the neo-communist Obama administration to easily identify and deny health care to “enemies of the people.” They can kill off opponents by denial. The Environmental Marxist Religion will finally have its situational eugenics program for reducing the population….of dissenters, of course.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Geoffrey-Britain/100003802091841 Geoffrey Britain

        I share your contempt for Obama and his administration.

        That said, some of your assertions are either premature or unsupported by the facts, as we can, to date prove them.

        Ingram’s being there when “the persecution started” is insufficient proof of Obama’s involvement. She can plausibly claim that all of her meetings at the WH were about ObamaCare.

        An ASSUMPTION that “she is willing to do the same thing with Maobamacare” is again insufficient as proof and thus easily dismissible. It and a couple of dollars will get you a cup of coffee.

        No, the NSA is collecting massive databases of phone record “metadata” which are phone records of calls made from one number to another. NO CONVERSATIONS are recorded.

        A “neo-communist Obama administration” may well attempt to “kill off”, through covert means, those it identifies as “enemies of the people.” BUT until it does, it’s unsupported speculation.

        • truebearing

          This is a comment section with opinions expressed that are not admissable in a court of law. The inevitable hindsight of a legal perspective, however, is useless in stopping a tyrant, since one’s conclusions are necessarily always after the fact. It seems to me that is a bit too late when trying to stop tyranny, or at least expose the dire possibilities. Since everything in Obama’s life, from his ideological roots, to his pathologically narcissistic personality, screams totalitarianism, I think it is wise to have the courage to draw conclusions before it’s too late.

          Obama has an unmistakeable pattern of vindictiveness and ignoring the law. He was also still smarting from a shellacking at the hands of the Tea Party when the IRS began targeting the Tea Party….the day after Obama met with the IRS union boss. While none of this is “proof” of Obama’s involvement, it is enough to sway public opinion, which is what I am hoping will happen sufficiently to bring him down before he does any more damage.

          Ingram did commence an illegal and highly unethical persecution of certain political groups. To speculate that she would do the same in her new role is perfectly reasonable. She obviously lacks a conscience or respect for the law. To see her promoted to oversee the imposing of Obamacare on Americans is a scary prospect. In my opinion, she deserves to be tried in the court of public opinion.
          Add PRISM to the list of things you need to prove before you’ll venture an opinion about Obama’s evil schemes.
          Obamacare was never really about health care. It is about power…control…leverage. The Malthusian Left has always been homicidally misanthropic so I expect their penchant for mass democide to continue. Denial of health care, or heating oil, or food, is one way to try to avoid culpability. Obama’s Science Czar, John Holdren, has advocated putting sterilants in our drinking water, or forced abortions, so their love of negative eugenics is still there.
          And then there is the damage Obama is doing by enabling radical Islam, but we’ll talk about that some other time.

  • WillvK

    These visits are in 2011 on, subsequent to Ingram’s appointment as Deputy Assistant to the President for Health Policy, a title that provides cover for these WH visits.

    Ingram was likely tasked with duplicating her IRS success selectively suppressing conservative activity. No doubt there are plans to extract medical and demographic data from the Electronic Health Records, feed these to the Death Panel’s ravenous maw, so that its scythe could more precisely target Republicans. That would take a lot of visits.

  • truebearing

    Obama is nothing if not vindictive and ruthless. In Ingram he saw a way to punish those too smart to worship his evil, i.e., conservatives. She obviously has no conscience, so Obama promoted Ingram to chief IRS ghoul for the implementation of DenialCare, where she can use denial of medical care to kill off political opponents, or reward goose steppers.
    It is hard to imagine a person stupid enough to believe that Obama wasn’t the origin of this persecution of the Tea Party groups, supporters of Israel, etc.