Head of National Abortion Organization Caught Soliciting 12-Year-Old Girl

Scott poses with FDR

Scott Swirling was the head of the National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association from 1981 to 1991. The NFPRHA is a national umbrella organization based out of D.C. that makes policy and conducts legal fights on abortion issues. And lately, Scott has been showing off what a good family man he is.

The former director of family planning and school counseling advocacy groups in the District of Columbia has been arrested for allegedly arranging to have sex with a 12-year-old girl in an online Internet sting.

Scott Richard Swirling, 61, thought he was discussing plans to meet a District man who was offering to let him have sex with his preteen daughter, authorities said.

It turns out Swirling was dealing with an undercover D.C. police officer.

Besides being a family man, Scott likes the Borgias, defunding the Komen Foundation and ending union busting.  and hates Mitt Romney. He is a big fan of violating civil rights, writing; “Women’s health care is an essential component of any health insurance plan. All employers (except religious organizations serving only co-religionists and hiring only co-religionists) must include comprehensive women’s health care coverage among their health insurance benefits.”

Swirling also headed the American School Counselor Association.

  • Johnconrad

    Peeling back the layers on a miltant contemporary liberal…..

    No matter how many times you do it, you generally find a Lord High Hypocrite.

  • Capt_Z1

    Just another perverted member of the liberal party.

    • Mary Sue

      right up there with Roman Polanski, that guy is.

  • RUI

    Yes, poor guy. Will be getting a slap in the "sore" wrist and probably take the golden parachute to an early retirement. Justice has been served, hun?

  • cjk

    Stop and think, really think just how despicable and evil this guy IS. UGH. Maybe that's why so many of these creeps like Mohammedanism, they have the same morals as the profit Moe did.

  • JacksonPearson

    Vote me down all you like, but these people that prey on defensless children are soulless monsters. Crimes against children, along with abortionists that have been given a license to kill, are in my opinion punishable by death, and I would gladly met it out.

    • Mary Sue

      for him, it's a win-win. Work for abortion organization, knock up preteen girls, get them to have an abortion, rake in the dough.

      There's a special place in hell for a guy like that.

      • Phil McMorrow

        Hopefully, he will contract a STD in jail

      • MCH

        You said it better than I would have. *thumbs up*

    • jakespoon

      No argument from me. He doesn't value the most vulnerable of people(the unborn),he certainly wouldn't value anyone else.

  • Joseph E

    Should check his activities in support of creeping Sharia! Did he thought that the U.S is some sort of Afganistan ?

  • rightwingcanadian

    lack of morals.

  • Bruce

    This is an evil man , this is not his first time, this is the time he got caught , he has done thus hus whole life and will do it till the day he dies, and the trajic thing is there are people who knew, he needs to be investigsted and put in prison for a long time, he liked little girls , let’s see how the men in prison like him

  • RedWhiteAndJew

    Rush has already addressed the push to normalize pedophilia.

    It is evident that people like this trash push the agendas they do, so others will be dragged down to their level. Perhaps it lessens the pain of self-actualization, that those he "advocates" for murder children, while he merely wants to rape them.

    • Mary Sue

      and did you see how the dim bulb drive bys in the media didn't even freaking GET IT?

  • Anamah

    Pedophiles are serious criminals, despite religion allegations, and more of all their excuses… they are bad people addicted to sadistic behavior. They should go for life to jail.

  • Mary Sue

    OF COURSE he's head of an abortion organization! That's because then it's easy for him to convince or counsel any gal he's knocked up (including the preteens) to go have an abortion and thus fatten his paycheck!

  • char

    ABSOLUTELY EVIL.Our kids are so bombarded with being exploited and used and we wonder what is wrong with our youth. They are broken from all the evil men and woman who want to steal their virtue and innocence. CRIMES AGAINST A CHILD SHOULD HOLD LIFE IN PRISON OR THE DEATH PENALTY. they wont stop. It is their preference, just like heterosexual is mine.

  • TimC

    This predator places no value on life itself, therefore, one should not be surprised at his willingness to exploit another human for his own deviant pleasures.

  • jleinf

    Hey Scott, this ain't the middle east enjoy your time in prison my liberal friend.

  • http://twitter.com/ajroo @ajroo

    No wonder he is so in favor of abortion…..you cant have your preteen mistresses popping out babies all over the place.

    The guy is a model for women's rights everywhere.

    Put him in the right Democratic Congressional District and he would still win an election, though. Thats how repugnant our country has become.