Head of Racist Muslim Gang Denounces Australian Racism

22 3 09 This gang hates our country Copy

Sam Asesinoz, the head of the violent Muslim Asesinoz MC gang, has a well-thought out message about racism for Australians. The Middle Eastern gang which boasts of “targeting Aussies”, wants to denounce Australian racism.

“There are a handful of good Australians but most are racist by assuming Lebanese people are responsible for all crimes,” he told The Daily Telegraph, speaking publicly for the first time.

“When they see a Middle Eastern walking down the street they assume they are Lebanese.

“I am half Lebanese and half Iraqi but I want the public and the police to know this: Don’t forget about the Persians, Iraqis, Afghanis, Turks etc . . . because they do crimes too.”

Please don’t be racist by assuming that Lebanese Muslims are responsible for all crimes. Think of the Iraqi, Afghan and Turkish Muslims too.

Police intelligence identified Asesinoz MC – which changed its name recently from the Parra Boyz and whose members are mainly Sunni – as being aligned with Notorious.

Asesinoz MC boasts of its extremist Islamic views on YouTube videos and promotes anti-Australian sentiment including flag-burning and statements like: “F. . . the police” and “Asesinoz MC is now targeting Aussies”.

Asesinoz MC is close to Notorious because the bikie gang grew out of a split in the local Parramatta chapter of the Nomads. The Bandidos have joined forces with the Brothers for Life street gang, based in Auburn where the Bandidos have a strong presence.

Racism was becoming a growing factor in the bikie feuds, according to sources. “There’s Notorious and Commanchero against the Hells Angels, who they call the skips, the whiteys,” a source said.

This story is a few years old, but it fits into the larger theme of the way that Islamic immigration integrates it agenda by adapting it to the host society.

  • DogmaelJones1

    This all fits in neatly with your “Gang Religion” essay. They’re all whack jobs.

  • herb benty

    Muslms moving to Australia and targeting Aussies, that is war declared if you ask me. 1 Aussie life lost to these twits is too many…..calling Aussie men……….hello, hello?

  • JVR

    Well, Aussies preached to white South Africans in the apartheid days about tolerance and living with diversity. In fact, now that I think about it, the Australian prime minister Bob Hawke was a great supporter of the ANC, and he worked and campaigned for sanctions against South Africa so that it will become a multicultural state with tolerant citizens. Now that this has happened, perhaps Australians can start to practise what they preached? Support diversity!, live in peace with you neighbours! and befriend the other! while you welcome the immigrant!

    • Dave

      I agree JVR. All I can say in defence is that the left-wing Prime Minister of our country, whilst being a populist, certainly did NOT represent the views of the wider community. We’re all immigrants to this country but only recently has the nature of our society changed dramatically for the worse. The muslims who arrive here are defiant and totally unwilling to become part of our society except for the (generous)welfare payments of course.

      • ziggy zoggy

        Why don’t you people invite more Irish immigrants? Sure, they’ll tear up your pubs, and everything else
        between them and any alcohol available……but they’ll tear up the islamopithecines too.

        I mean, WTF? Do you guys want to end up like Britain?

        • Dave

          Good idea ZZ. I think there is a pretty high percentage of Irish descendants here. I’m one. And no, we dont want to end up like Britain but its looking more and more likely. Importing middle-easterners at an exponential rate.

  • ziggy zoggy

    The parra boys manage to combine scrawn with flab. They have skinny little bodies and man boobs. Very impressive.

    • Lilac

      It’s all that inbred oestrogen.

  • Jason

    Racism was the Hyde Park riots last year, where 3 year old children held up signs saying “Behead those who insult the prophet”. Sorry, that’s not racism, it’s just plain violence, but if a westerner does it, it’s racist.

  • scm11478

    The U.S. isn’t far behind Australia.. We love our Somali ‘Skinnies’ pirates so much, we’ve invited literally over hundreds of thousands of them to move DIRECTLY into one of our smaller, more peaceable rural states, Minnesota.. The people there ARE NOT big city people, used to violence, accepting it, nor doling it out.. So when their African American teenagers went to high school one day, and were pelted with food by the Somali Muslim Immigrants,..and hurled insults at their African American Ancestors, stating that their slave ancestors were “conquered by their(the somalis’) African Ancestors during tribal warfare, that it was THEIR Ancestors who sold the African American ancestors’ to the White Dutch Slave Traders”, a full scale riot ensued, fights all over the school.. This is our ‘Progressive’ western governmental foreign policy at it’s ‘Finest’…. These people declare war on ALL non-muslims, and we invite them into our midst, and give them welfare while our economy is about to collapse.. Seems to me, RUSSIA, and PUTIN are the only Non-Muslims with any balls, He just outright banned their hate magazine, the koran.. Putin called it for what it is, Hate Speech aimed at all non-muslims..

    The best part, the Governments’ usually keeping the mainstream media from reporting on the vast rise in crime out of these muslim extremist communities..