Head of UK Police “Muslim Contact Unit” Leaked Plans to Arrest Islamic Terrorist Leader

Government Set To Ban Islamist Group That Planned Wootton Bassett March

The conflict of interests here are many and obvious.

No one sympathetic to an Islamic leader should be in the chain of information for his arrest. And that obviously included the head of the “Muslim Contact Unit” whose wife works for the most radical pro-Islamist non-Muslim politician in the entire UK. (via Religion of Peace)

Met Police officer leaked details of plans to arrest hate preacher Anjem Choudary to his wife while she was working for MP George Galloway, a court heard today.

Detective Inspector Mohammed Afiz Khan, 46, from Yorkshire, is accused of passing confidential information to his wife Aisha Ali-Khan while he was at the helm of the Muslim Contact Unit – part of the force’s Counter Terrorism Command.

Ali-Khan, 33, who worked as the Bradford West MP’s parliamentary secretary, is said to have asked her husband to use his position to investigate the source of a string of e-mails and obtain personal details.

So why did they need all this info and what does the Galloway connection mean? In his current place, Galloway is tied to some rather loathsome Islamists, almost topping his Saddam Hussein connection.

Did they find a way into the UK police force?


  • Suzanne

    What a circus. England better get it’s act together.

    • m4253y

      it’s too late…

  • EamonnDublin

    Why am I not in the slightest surprised? Éamonn, Dublin, Ireland.

    • ziggy zoggy

      The English cracked down hard on the IRS but bend over backwards for the islamopithecine colonists. Not that the Irish or Scots are doingmuch better. I hope you guys take your countries back before it’s too late but things look bad for you.