Hezbollah Leader Boasts of Getting “Game-Changing Weapons”


And that was the worst episode of The Love Boat ever…

Considering that Israel just bombed Syria for shipping weapons to Hezbollah, announcing that Syria is going to ship you some game changing weapons is the equivalent of putting a “Bomb Me” sign on your back.

It also eliminates whatever sympathy Syria just picked up for being bombed by Israel by essentially announcing that Israel was right to do it.

Hezbollah supreme leader Hassan Nasrallah boasted on Thursday that the Syrian regime will ship to the terrorist organization “game-changing” weapons, a week after Israel bombed Iranian missiles that were sent to Syria for delivery to Hezbollah.

Hezbollah sucked an unprepared Israel into war in 2006, and his warning Thursday that “Syria will give the resistance special weapons it never had before” challenged Israel to strike again and risk repercussions if Assad tries again to send “game-changing” weapons to Hezbollah.

Hezbollah may be losing some of  its shine among its ranks as a result of reportedly heavy casualty figures in Syria, where it is fighting along side Assad’s forces.

Which is one reason why Assad has to keep shipping Hezbollah weapons which forces Israel to bomb it which keeps this cycle going.

  • tanstaafl

    More pressure cookers?

  • DDay

    Isn’t Nasrallah the same moron that said just before the 2006 fight that the US should be paying them a Jiyza so they could buy more weapons? Or something along those lines.


    Bye Bye hezbullah.

    You'll all be burning in HELL with your "prophet" muhammed ASAP.

  • Matt

    When the M-600/Scuds were transferred that was a red line and at the time the risk was greater to intercept them. Now due to the civil war Israel has greater flexibility to act. They were game changing weapons. It ws the same with the nuclear reactor or in 2010 when Russian agreed to sell the anti-ship missiles talked about Iskanders and S-300 they are not defensive but offensive and will be used as Hizbullah is to attack Israel. Israel can counter the S-300. But now the option is there to strike when they are delivered to Syria. Assad was going to use them over northern Israel and Lebanon. And still will the more weapons he gets the more the older weapons are transferred to Hizbullah.