High School Girl Who Wrote Poem Denouncing Morsi, Expelled and Attacked by Teachers

Two high school girls from the EL Sayeda Zeinab Secondary School For Girls experienced a lesson in democracy after one wrote a poem condemning Morsi’s tyranny and another read it over the school radio.

The principal not only expelled both girls, but several teachers pursued them after school threatening to beat and kill them. A teacher was also fired as well.

One of the girls who was expelled said that the decision was forced by teachers belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood. It would seem likely that those were the teachers who also chased after them.

In protest of the expulsion, dozens of students and parents held a rally in the schoolyard demanding that the students be returned to their school.

Syed Hashim, the father of the girl who wrote the poem, stated that he believes that the new Egypt has become a lawless place and that he fears for his daughter.

This incident, like so many others, shows that much of the country, down to the school level, does not accept the authority of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, and much as Obama Inc. would like to move on and declare Mission Accomplished in Cairo, the revolutions are just beginning.

  • http://twitter.com/TheRobertBriggs @TheRobertBriggs

    "…but several teachers pursued them after school threatening to beat and kill them. A teacher was also fired as well."

    So the NEA has locals in Egypt!?! Who knew?

    • HIS Servant

      That's to Funny! Sad part is it contains a lot of truth!

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Islamic democracy in action.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    There are truly oppressed Muslims. We can call them apostates or any female Muslim that openly resists sharia.

  • HIS Servant

    You know as much as O"bolshevik impun's the motives of conservatives; by continuing to support Morsi and his ilk, exposes his Alynski tactic of accusing your opponent of doing what your guilty of!

  • Edward Cline

    Pop Tarts, and pointed fingers, and pieces of paper that might resemble a pistol, and even poems are all lethal weapons. It seems that Muslim Brotherhood-think is not just confined to Egypt, but has spread its virus over here, as well.

  • Ghostwriter

    I've got the feeling Morsi isn't as popular as he thinks he is.

  • Spikey1

    I understand the issue now. After translating and reviewing the poem's text (attached).
    Note: The Egyptian to English translation kinda runes the flow of the story:

    I'm a little girl from E-gypt,
    I need food on occasion, no sh*t.
    When Morsi came to town,
    the brotherhood all gathered around,
    and made me their new favorite dish.
    Now my belly is full,
    I'm to name her Aisha I'm told,
    and marry her off to the Morsi clan.
    Haven't seen the sun all year,
    just a flicker there and here,
    for a hajib is glued upon my head.
    As spring draws near,
    I have only one cheer,
    To be rid of the brotherhood queers.

    Clearly the problem wasn't the contents but that the poem was an Irish style limerick,
    which makes it non-halal…

    • Spikey1

      Oops almost forgot:
      Have a happy St. Patrick's Day everyone – except you Muslimists.

      • Dennis

        ERIN GO BRAGH….

        The corned beef and cabbage will be slow cookin' Saturday and we'll have plenty of STOUT to wash it down.

  • Erik Nielsen

    All muslims need to be liberated from the tyranny of islam.

  • Dennis


    Please note the 3rd LINK comes from India…..now, form up!!!!! Take names!!!!! Kick a** – Hurrah!