Hillary Clinton to Receive “Liberty Medal” for Spreading Islamist Tyranny


News that the National Constitution Center is awarding Hillary Clinton the Liberty Medal sounds impressive, but just remember that Hillary is getting an award that Gorbachev got in 2008, Spielberg got the year before and Hamid Karzai got in 2004.

Other Liberty Medal recipients include UN Corruptocrat Kofi Annan, CNN, King Hussein and Jimmy Carter. Hillary sorta fits.

The National Constitution Center announced today that Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will receive the 2013 Liberty Medal in recognition of her lifelong career in public service and her ongoing advocacy efforts on behalf of women and girls around the globe. Governor Jeb Bush, chair of the National Constitution Center, will award the prestigious medal to Secretary Clinton during the 25th annual Liberty Medal ceremony on Tuesday, September 10, 2013, at 7 p.m.

Throughout her nearly four-decade career as one of America’s most dedicated public servants, Secretary Clinton has continued to champion equal opportunities for women and girls in order to advance the security and prosperity of all people and nations.

And her biggest accomplishment was dooming women and girls in Egypt, Tunisia and other Arab Spring countries to rule by Islamist regimes that completely reject the idea of equal or any opportunities for women.

Let’s assume that Hillary Clinton is actually sincere about wanting rights for women. What did she actually accomplish in this regard?

As the 67th Secretary of State, Clinton broke national and global barriers. She was the first First Lady to serve in a presidential Cabinet. She traveled to more countries than any other Secretary of State. She used social media to engage citizens in the workings of diplomacy, and she paid an official visit to Burma, making her the highest U.S. representative to do so in half a century.

I’m sorry.

Hillary is getting a medal for being the first First Lady to serve in a cabinet and for visiting a lot of countries… and using social media?

Can someone at the National Constitution Center who isn’t drunk clarify this?

“Former Secretary Clinton has dedicated her life to serving and engaging people across the world in democracy,” said National Constitution Center Chairman Governor Jeb Bush.

Engaging people in democracy? What does that even mean?

“The Liberty Medal recognizes individuals who have furthered the ideals of freedom, democracy, and equality, often against great odds,” said National Constitution Center President and CEO Jeffrey Rosen. “Hillary Clinton has devoted her life to expanding opportunities for ‘We the People’ not just in this country but around the globe.”

Can Jeff please explain how Hillary Clinton furthered any ideal against great odds?

“Hillary Clinton’s lifelong commitment and sense of civic duty is admirable and a reminder of the importance of actively participating in our democracy,” said Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett.

I’m not sure accepting bribes from Marc Rich and never working for a living really counts as a civic duty. But at least Tom is being honest. Hillary is getting an award for spending her life in government, despite only getting to hold democratically elected office toward the very end of it.

 As America’s chief diplomat and the President’s principal foreign policy adviser, Clinton spearheaded progress on many of our greatest national security challenges, from reasserting the United States as a Pacific power and imposing crippling sanctions on Iran and North Korea to responding to the challenges and opportunities of the Arab Awakening and negotiating a ceasefire in the Middle East.

1. Hillary was not Obama’s chief foreign policy adviser. Her own people are claiming she was kept out of the loop.

2. The US has not asserted itself in the Pacific

3. Neither Iran nor North Korea are crippled

4. The Arab Awakening? Hillary is tiptoeing away from the Arab Spring.

5. What ceasefire? With whom?

The Liberty Medal was established in 1988 to commemorate the bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution

So it only seems appropriate to give it to a woman who has nothing but contempt for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, who had a filmmaker locked up for offending Muslims and who was part of two thoroughly corrupt administrations that routinely violated civil rights.

But what difference does it make?

  • Judahlevi

    Hillary is trying to be the next token president. Emily’s List, a group of prominent Democratic women, has already stated they will only vote for a woman as president next election. They didn’t mention which woman – just any woman. No men are allowed.

    So, a prominent group of Democratic women openly admit they are sexist, and the national press says nothing. Imagine the outcry if a prominent group of male Republicans said they will only support a man for president. The sexism is exactly the same – the reactions would be very different.

    The American polity is so immature that they truly believe we have to have token presidents. So, let’s get the token woman president out of the way so we can go on to electing presidents who are competent and can lead the country forward.

    • OfficialPro

      I betcha if the only woman running is say, Sarah Palin, or Michelle Bachmann, they won’t vote for either of those two.

  • garyfouse

    I would rank this right up with Al Gore and Obama getting a Nobel prize.

    • S7teen70six

      Don’t forget Yasser Arafat.

  • SoCalMike

    Treason gets a reward.
    No surprise.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Looks like the National Constitutional Center doesn’t know squat about the Constitution, or about liberty. I suppose its directors believe that Vladimir Putin is a courageous freedom fighter.

  • onecornpone

    Funny… Jebby and Hidebeast are both so desperate for a glimmer of the limelight they will resort to exchanging awards? I wonder what honor the Clinton Center will bestow upon Florida’s former governor in return. This is really getting down to desperation level, isn’t it?

    We should do something about this ability of organizations to choose names that are totally antithetical to the causes they support. The duplicity has really ramped up to ridiculous levels.

  • OfficialPro

    She made Madeline Not-So-Bright look competent by comparison.

  • disqus_l5jsDXtahp

    gets a medal for telling the American public that Libya was not a terrorist attack, even blessed out a congressman—had susan rice go to all the talk shows–all of this because an election was coming. she should get a medal all right—-for misleading all of us to support obama efforts to get elected. wow