Hillary Clinton’s Planted “Hecklers” are Not Very Subtle

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At least Obama’s planted hecklers are subtle, demanding that he support policies that he already supports thereby creating the image of a more militant push forward.

Hillary’s planted hecklers just say exactly what you expect them to say.

Hillary Clinton on Thursday argued that women can play a critical role in promoting sustainability while speaking at a Philadelphia event, where she also dealt lightheartedly with what appeared to be a friendly heckler.

“[In] developed countries, we still have to keep knocking barriers down to women’s full participation on boards of companies that make decisions about sustainability, in corporate suites where people make decisions about sustainability,” she said to cheers, speaking at a conference held by the U.S. Green Building Council.

This is clearly the most important issue in a country with massive unemployment and towering debt. This is what happens when the left isn’t just playing its stupid games on an academic committee or a radical basement operation, but takes over an entire country.

During the interview portion of the evening, Clinton touched on a variety of subjects, from blasting the media for giving oxygen to climate change “deniers” to moving beyond Washington gridlock. Clinton, asked about how the government can return to an era of compromise, was poised to answer when an audience member interrupted and, according to someone in attendance, appeared to shout “Hillary ‘16!”

“That’s funny,” Clinton responded, amid laughs and applause. “Well there are some hecklers that I would never say anything bad about.”

Especially when you plant them to shout that you should run for president at exactly the right moment. Era of compromise? Sure. Just vote for Hillary.

Striking a more serious note, she said that ultimately America is headed for a “course correction” away from gridlock.

“I’m confident that we’re going to see a course correction here because I know the kind of competition we’re in globally,” the former secretary of state said. She added, “We have to remember our influence and our leadership starts right here at home. We have to demonstrate our system works, that we get along with each other, that we can make hard decisions together. Because people around the world watch us so closely, closely than a lot of our own citizens watch our decision-making.”

Sure. If there’s anything that Hillary Clinton stands for it’s non-partisan compromise. A Republican congress and Hillary will get along swell.

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    You just know that when she gets home, the smile comes off and she starts throwing things at Bill.

    • DogmaelJones1

      What makes you think Bill is “at home”? He’s probably off on another fee-collecting speech fest in Dubai. I have no sympathy for the man, but I wouldn’t blame him for being absent without her leave. She’s a power-lusting harridan.

      • Elizabeth Cape Cod

        If Bill’s not home, she’s throwing things at his photo.

      • A Z

        Is not Hillary a little bit plump to be a harridan?

        Harridan (from Free dictionary)
        – a scolding, vicious woman; hag; shrew.

        1690–1700; perhaps alteration of French haridelle thin, worn-out horse, large, gaunt woman (compared with the initial element of haras stud farm, though derivation is unclear)

        • Elizabeth Cape Cod

          When Hillary starts throwing her wieght around, watch out!

      • dvdcnl

        ‘If” he’s at home, he’s sleeping on the couch; that’s why she shouldn’t be prez, as Bill won’t have any place to sleep since he wore the White House couch out while he was prez.

    • doramin

      And when was the last time anyone saw them in the same place together?

      Anyone? Show of hands? Bueller?

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    You just know that when she gets home, the smile comes 0ff and she starts throwing things at Bill.

  • Robbins Mitchell

    Well,what did you expect from a crooked lawyer who got where she is by spreading her legs for a low bred serial rapist?

  • defcon 4

    Let’s all vote for a proven islam0fascist collaborator. Maybe she can run for chairperson of the OIC, because she seems to think back door meetings w/them are more important than a free and open democratic process — as well as concealing the nature of the meeting(s) she’s had with them. Oops, but that’s right women are “deficient in intelligence to men” by the precepts of the islamic faith and Shrillery is still a woman — at least superficially.

  • A Z

    “we still have to keep knocking barriers down to women’s full participation on boards of companies”

    195 countries in the world give or take a few. 57 are part of the Islamic council. What sense does it make to talk about women on corporate boards in such a blasé manner when women can’t drive in many Muslim countries or are not permitted to sit safely on a motor cycle. In some parts of Indonesia they have to sit side saddle.

    Sure I hope my daughters sit on a corporate board. My spouse and are doing everything in our power to make it happen via education and good character. But I do not fear my daughters hitting a glass veiling. I fear them growing up in an increasingly Islamic world.

    But Hillary is totally oblivious to this reality or she assume she will fool us and marry her descendant into a Muslim dynasty.

    The woman is totally out to lunch.

    • Robert Kessler

      She’s not out to lunch; she knows exactly what she’s doing.

      • defcon 4

        You don’t have closed door meetings w/members of the islam0fascist OIC and not know just exactly what they stand for.

  • Robert Kessler

    Nothing in the referenced Politico source indicates the heckler was planted.