Hillary Desperately Trying to “Obamize” her Image for 2016

Its eyes... they follow you

Its eyes… they follow you

First Team Hillary started the branding with a line of “Ready for Hillary” slogan (conceding that they weren’t ready for her in 2008) and tried to copy Obama by selling a bunch of Ready gear.

Unfortunately the designs came straight from someone’s horrifying nightmares. They would have made Lady Gaga hide in a closet and beg the designers to go away.

So now it’s on to Plan B. Or Plan H.

Obama’s people made the O into a big part of his brand. Team Hillary wants to do that with their H. They’re calling it “Herculean” for some reason, even though that’s not exactly the term you must associate with Hillary. But I guess it’s better than the Harridan H or the Hapless H.

So they’re replacing Hillary’s horrifying ink drawn face that follows you everywhere with a giant H. Unfortunately they’re still keeping the hideous combination of pink and gray.


I’m sure that somewhere some designer told them that the pink and gray is a perfect color brand because it embodies Hillary as a working woman and professional in the ‘gray flannel suit’ and her femininity.

In actual reality, it looks like a teenage vandalized a cement wall with her lipstick. For some bizarre reason, Team Hillary seems wedded to the grey look. But they have been experimenting with more Hopey looks for her.


They’re calling this an “iconic” illustration. Team Hillary clearly wants it to be Hillary’s Hope and Change poster. But it looks like a teenage girl’s trapper keeper. There’s the desperate attempt at adding some modern touches and gosh, that Ready looks like it’s hand-drawn to give that edgy look that’s a favorite of ad executives trying to create a youth brand, but it just looks like a cartoonish Hillary channeling Mao with a Myspace background.


For the baby who has nothing but debt, this is a perfect look. And it’s bound to be full of crap, just like Hillary.


But if you’re looking for some of that old nightmare fuel… oh no. It lives! It lives! Now I know why Mike was standing in the corner.

No one is ready for that. No one.

  • antioli

    She has one of Obama’s major talents. She is a good liar.
    But Obama is also a plausible liar.
    Her comment “What difference does it make” is not plausible.

  • Softly Bob

    Americans, start praying. You’ve maybe another three years left of O and if there’s anything left of your country, do you really want to endure H as well? If Obama doesn’t finish the job then Hillary will.
    Twelve years of disgusting Democrat treachery will leave the U.S. as a Third World sewer. You need to start taking action now.

    • carpe diem 36

      or as obama said the US is not a banana republic. he should have said: not yet! but it will be when I leave office.

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    Hillary Clinton, whom … unfortunately … I know personally, is one of the most dangerous people on the planet. Obama was elected because he is black. Clinton will be elected because the true believers know that she’s one of them, and exceptionally competent.

    She must be defeated, and the likes of Christie, Ayotte, et al, is not the way to do it.

  • http://twitter.com/333maxwell Chas Holman

    She is going to make an EXCELLENT President.

    What a great country this is.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      If Marxism is what you want …

      • objectivefactsmatter

        That’s a safe bet.

    • DogmaelJones1

      Are you joking? Are you on crack, or speed? Worse than her trying to cover up Benghazi, is her trying to cover up the fact that she’s a nonentity who has nothing to offer anyone but a venal smile and cheeks that aren’t going to look pretty when she’s 65.

    • joscefi

      Care to back that hilarious “..EXCELLENT President..” delusion up with some of her qualifications and accomplishments?

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        It would be hilarious, if it weren’t true, in a warped sort of way.

        Earlier, I said, “If Marxism is what you want.” When Hitlery Clinton finished college and entered law practice, she did so in a firm that specialized in defending Communists and Black Panthers. By the time she left the firm, she was the more famous of what would become the Clintons.

        On both sides of the Atlantic, people were pushing her and Bill together, seeing a political power couple-in-the-making.

        After marriage, and in Arkansas, Bill Clinton put her in charge of “reforming education”, in that state. What this consisted of was closing down the troublesome little school boards … read that “Christian and way-too-independent” … and consolidating them into large school districts where they could be controlled by the State Dept. of Education.

        Anyone remember what Bill did after becoming President, in his first year? Like Hillarycare?

        “What does it matter?” She is another, more competent Marxist, who is infinitely more dangerous to the future of this nation than Obama.

    • Moa

      Chas, as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pushed UN HRC 16/18 which limits *your Free Speech*. That’s right, as Secretary of State Hillary neutered part of the Constitution she swore and oath to protect (clearly such honor oaths are meaningless to that witch).

      As Secretary of State she lied about Benghazi being a protest, knew full well it was a terrorist attack (they had a drone overhead watching for the whole 8 hour ordeal), then blamed someone making a *truthful* video about Mohammed (truthful in that it follows the hadith and Sira faithfully).

      If Hillary will not save her *own Ambassador*, do you think she’ll save you?

      Of course, the Ambassador was only in Benghazi to recover the man portable surface to air missiles that Hillary’s State Department gave to the Libyan jihadis fighting Muamar Ghaddafi (Ghaddafi was fighting Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood – but the Democrats are backing the Muslim Brotherhood). The Ambassador also coordinated jihadis from Benghazi to go to Syria.

      The CIA tried to stop Hillary giving the MANPADS and that is why Petraeus’ affair was leaked when it was. It is nothing to Hillary to take down the director of the CIA if it serves her malfeasance.

      Then we have the leak traced to Hillary’s office that revealed that the US and Israel were behind StuxNet. Of course, it was probably someone like Hillary’s closest aide Huma Wiener (nee Abedin), who is a known Muslim Sisterhood ‘princess’ who leaked the material.

      Then we have Hillary’s earlier career in law. All I can say is the stench of Whitewater has not gone away.

      Why, oh why would you support someone so evil. Look at her history! she cares *nothing* for you! She will sell you out in a heartbeat if it gets her more power or keeps her there – that is her track record.

    • carpe diem 36

      you are joking, of course!!! right?

  • Elizabeth capecod

    We should produce hillary merchandise with the slogan
    ‘ What difference did I make? ‘ .

  • William Fisher

    8 years of Obama + Hillary 2016 = Goodbye America

  • CowboyUp

    Looks like big sis, maybe 1984 is due for an update. At first when I saw obamize, I thought it meant all criticism of her will now be deemed sexist, rather than racist, like criticism of obama.

  • Hilda

    Oh my, this really makes me want to change my name or the spelling.

    But then again, I’m thinking of all the fun we can have with this: H for Hoax, H for Hell; H for Hissy fit—these are just a few of the words that I think of whenever I see Hillary’s mug shot.

  • visitor

    It will be such fun watching you guys make the pivot from hating Obama to hating Clinton II. All hate, all the time. Good luck with Ted Cruz, the poster boy for the “let’s default now” crowd. You can elect a Congressman in a gerrymandered district but you’ll never elect a president again if you keep on your present course. Naturally I hope you’ll dig in your heels and keep isolating yourselves.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bryan-Schmick/100000836170959 Bryan Schmick

      Your point about hating GOP members would have been more effective without your stating your own hatred.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      “It will be such fun watching you guys make the pivot from hating Obama to hating Clinton II.”

      What pivot?

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      You think we’ll forget or forgive Obama. We have long memories …

    • DVult

      I already hate 90% of Democrats. I don’t know enough about the other 10% to decide.

  • Omar

    The only reason why Democrats weren’t “ready” for Hillary back in 2008 was because of Oprah. Hillary was leading the Democrat primary race by a landslide before the 2008 primaries even began. However, Oprah, the richest woman in America, decided to endorse Obama. That move convinced many Oprah fans and Democrat voters to vote for the now-current president. Had Oprah just minded her own business and stayed out of the presidential race, the 2008 presidential election would have been a political equivalent of a “Subway Series” between Hillary Clinton and former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani. Yes, Giuliani would have defeated McCain in the GOP primary, since some of Oprah’s cronies were secretly supporting and funding McCain’s campaign during the primary race.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      “Yes, Giuliani would have defeated McCain in the GOP primary, since some of Oprah’s cronies were secretly supporting and funding McCain’s campaign during the primary race.”

      That’s an interesting theory. There sure are some odds behaviors that we can’t logically account for. It was not always clear the guy even wanted the job.

  • James


    • Biff Henderson

      I’m ready.

      • Biff Henderson

        Are you ready?

        • Biff Henderson

          I’m more than ready.

          • Biff Henderson

            Okey-Dokey then

          • Biff Henderson

            Tone it down a bit?

          • Biff Henderson

            Let’s not forget mom.

          • Chris Behme

            It’s a “Hag Bag”

      • Biff Henderson


  • Biff Henderson

    I’m ordering my Hag Bag tomorrow.

  • aizeta

    Ready for Hitlery..

    • Biff Henderson

      Paving the way for a peaceful future.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Buy 2016 the economy will look like space aliens wrecked the planet and picked it clean. It will be interesting to see how Hillarytrons spin this as a great and wonderful thing they need to inherit and continue.

  • Chris Behme

    Hillary Clinton – The fresh new face of the Democrat party.
    Good luck with that.

    • Biff Henderson

      They gave the fresh, new face the button nose of a Care Bear.