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Hillary Desperately Trying to “Obamize” her Image for 2016

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On October 18, 2013 @ 12:48 pm In The Point | 38 Comments

Its eyes... they follow you [1]

Its eyes… they follow you

First Team Hillary started the branding with a line of “Ready for Hillary” slogan (conceding that they weren’t ready for her in 2008) and tried to copy Obama by selling a bunch of Ready gear.

Unfortunately the designs came straight from someone’s horrifying nightmares [2]. They would have made Lady Gaga hide in a closet and beg the designers to go away.

So now it’s on to Plan B. Or Plan H.

Obama’s people made the O into a big part of his brand. Team Hillary wants to do that with [3] their H. They’re calling it “Herculean” for some reason, even though that’s not exactly the term you must associate with Hillary. But I guess it’s better than the Harridan H or the Hapless H.

So they’re replacing Hillary’s horrifying ink drawn face that follows you everywhere with a giant H. Unfortunately they’re still keeping the hideous combination of pink and gray.

ShirtHPinkNew [4]

I’m sure that somewhere some designer told them that the pink and gray is a perfect color brand because it embodies Hillary as a working woman and professional in the ‘gray flannel suit’ and her femininity.

In actual reality, it looks like a teenage vandalized a cement wall with her lipstick. For some bizarre reason, Team Hillary seems wedded to the grey look. But they have been experimenting with more Hopey looks for her.

ShirtArtistMinky [5]

They’re calling this an “iconic” illustration. Team Hillary clearly wants it to be Hillary’s Hope and Change poster. But it looks like a teenage girl’s trapper keeper. There’s the desperate attempt at adding some modern touches and gosh, that Ready looks like it’s hand-drawn to give that edgy look that’s a favorite of ad executives trying to create a youth brand, but it just looks like a cartoonish Hillary channeling Mao with a Myspace background.

OnesieNew [6]

For the baby who has nothing but debt, this is a perfect look. And it’s bound to be full of crap, just like Hillary.

7 [7]

But if you’re looking for some of that old nightmare fuel… oh no. It lives! It lives! Now I know why Mike was standing in the corner.

No one is ready for that. No one.

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