Hillary to Receive “Patriot” Award in Ronald Reagan Building for “Defending Our Nation”

hillary clinton poster

What difference does it make anyway?

Clinton will receive the American Patriot Award from the National Defense University Foundation at a gala dinner on Nov. 14. The award is given to “leaders who have strengthened America’s strategic interests and advanced global security,” according to a press release.

“As First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton tirelessly worked to support and defend our nation and our allies around the world,” said Al Zimmerman, chairman of the NDU Foundation Board of Directors, in the release.

So what exactly did What Difference Does It Make do to support and defend our nation and allies?

She worked for an administration that tanked two wars, started a third that got four Americans killed and forced the French to invade Mali. That administration also helped overthrow pro-American governments and replace them with Islamist regimes.

It cut health care for the military, fired countless military personnel and tied the hands of soldiers in the field leading to unprecedented casualties in Afghanistan. Hillary’s contribution to that conflict involved apologizing to Pakistan.

Hillary Clinton has nothing in common with past honorees who were usually in the military or closely involved in military affairs.

Giving Hillary a Patriot award in the Ronald Reagan building is like giving Polio an award in the Jonas Salk building.

Still if you’ve got 150K burning a hole in your pocket, you too can be a “Presenting Patriot” which will grant you the privilege of hosting a VIP meet for Hillary.

  • Jakareh

    The election of Hillary Clinton would only confirm a sad truth: democracy doesn’t work. In places, like Egypt, it doesn’t work in the short run. In America, it did work in the short run, but has failed in the long run.

  • herb benty

    This award giving to HRC, is more cover for her ineptitude, her arrogance. After all, she is the next President that must continue the Progressive agenda. She will be turned into Betsy Ross by election time. Isn’t she great!!

  • DDay66


  • The Mad Jewess

    It is absolutely AMAZING that this B*TCH is getting anything outside of being hanged for treason

    • EarlyBird

      Honey, are you sick? Hanged for treason?! Because of the Benghazi debacle? Then why not torture Bush and Cheney to death for their disasters?

      • TheOrdinaryMan

        Once again, we get the cheap moral equivalence argument. Hilary & Obama = Bush & Cheney. Yes, Hilary should be prosecuted and jailed for treason; for the rest of her life; for her role in the Benghazi debacle. And Hilary & Obama are much worse than Bush & Cheney, which you well know. You are the sick one.

        • EarlyBird

          The Constitution defines treason as:

          “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

          I pretty much loathe all things Clinton, but how is poor planning in Benghazi, compounded by a systemic bureaucratic failure, even with Clinton’s whiny attempt at covering her a$$, “treason”?

          Nor are Bush and Cheney responsible for “treason.” My point about them is that if an honest failure to respond to dramatic and dynamic events 4,000 miles away from Washington, resulting in American loss of life is considered “treason,” then what in the world should we do to Bush and Chene in regard to 9/11, give them a medal?

          I know this hate site is where enraged right wingers come to blow off steam, but please, you sound deranged.

          • TheOrdinaryMan

            You “pretty much loathe all things Clinton,” so why do you defend her? “Poor planning in Benghazi?!” Is THAT your description of Obama’s watching the Embassy burning, and of Hilary’s knowing that our Embassy was going to be attacked, and that it was under attack; and refusing offers of aid and rescue from the General in charge of CENTCOM in Africa? They literally watched our men die, and you call that “poor planning in Benghazi?!” Obama’s and Hilary’s failure to do anything about the critical situation at our Embassy definitely fits the definition of “Treason,:(Remember? Giving aid and comfort to the enemy, as the Constitution defines it.) Since you obviously don’t think so, then you are the hater–of America, of freedom, and of most everything else that still makes America a worthwhile place. Check into a hospital and get some help; you need it..

          • EarlyBird

            “… so why do you defend her?

            Because people are saying she should be hanged or imprisoned for life for treason! Do you think prosecutions for treason are just political tools to remove people we don’t like? Why not charge them with mass murder, bank robbery, drug running and child sacrifice while you’re at it?

            I think she and Golden Billy are disgusting individuals, but in the name of SANITY I will defend her against charges of “treason.”

            The mere whisper of “treason” in regard to Benghazi is so outlandish, so perverse, as to be laughable. It was the result of poor planning, poor judgement, poor communication, bureaucracy, etc. Welcome to life. If THAT was treason, what was 9/11? What was the Cole attack? What was the first World Trade Center attack? What was the murder of our marines in Beirut?

            You can’t POSSIBLY believe your own bullsh**. I refuse to believe you are seriously that deranged. Grow up.

          • moneekwa

            “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

            so then what does that make obama giving arms to a branch of al qaeda in syria? is that not “aid and comfort?”

          • EarlyBird

            That’s easy: the same thing that it made Reagan when he traded arms with the Iranians.

        • Rich Bright

          I was not upset that Bill would rather sleep with a 20 year old intern over Hillary- I was upset he did it in the oval office and lied about it. I don’t blame Hillary directly for Benghazi- I am mad about the cover ups- which proves, they knew something was wrong.

      • moneekwa

        well, if we’re going for moral equivalency, let’s just tell trayvon’s parents about their dead son what we told the parents of the benghazi victims about THEIR dead sons.

        what difference does it make?

        at least now we really know what hillary will do if that red phone rings at 3am. nothing.

        • EarlyBird

          I’m not engaging in any more “moral equivalency.” I am only exposing how absurd the Mad Jewess’s demand for hanging Clinton for treason is.

          If bad planning, an honest intelligence failure, a disjointed and poor response to dynamic events – and even a failure to give the full story immediately afterwards – is “treason” then what was 9/11? Benghazi was a small scale tragedy, whereas 9/11 was a cataclysm. Neither national security failures were intentional.

          If Benghazi, of all things, is now the standard for hanging leaders for treason, as the Mad Jewess proclaims, then let’s just do away with government all together, okay?

          Nobody on this bizarre hate site really believes she is responsible for treason no matter how consumed by hatred you are.

          • glpage

            Remember that the failures that led to 9/11 were at least partially due to Hillary’s husband’s administration creating walls between intelligence agencies.

          • EarlyBird

            Okay. I can live with that. I remember also that Clinton had OBL in his sights, and ultimately chose not to make the strikes when he could have.
            Let’s also remember that the new Bush adminstration had been warned repeatedly and with great drama, that some type of attack using passenger liners in big cities was “going” to happen. But had little to no actionable intelligence.
            Our leaders are human. If we see every failure, large and small, as evidence of those leaders intentionally committing treason against th US, then we’re in la la land. The comments about Hillary being responsible for treason, and therefore needing to be “hanged to death” or put in “prison for life,” are ludicrous and embarrassing.

          • Human

            If you folks think those planes took down all those buildings then you have overdosed on cool aid. If jet fuel did all that, then what cooked all the cars two miles away? Global warming? Please! What do you think DARPA is about, and who do you think they work for?

          • Human

            Short sighted aren’t you! Were you awake in the 90’s when Bill (with her blessin) crushed the US economy? The dems and repubs all danced for joy over selling us out to the international bankers with GATT, and NAFTA. They tried to ram the final blow into us then with Hillarys health care plan, you know the one the Kenyan nailed us with in 2010. These freaks are all on the side of anti-Christ. The new world order is the anti-Christ! They turned the US into Babilon, and you know what happens to Babilon don’t you?

          • EarlyBird

            Shut up, you fool.

          • Drakken

            Let me guess> When she runs in 2016 your going to vote for her aren’t you? Just to prove this “hate site” wrong and really show us right?

          • EarlyBird

            I would rather gouge my eyes out than vote for Hillary or any Clinton. But, to answer your question, it depends upon who’s running against her.

            If the GOP puts up another reckless candidate like they did in 2008, or if their platform remains small government for everyone but the military-global empire industry while gutting the middle class, I will probably have no option but vote for her, or do a protest vote and go with the Libertarian candidate.

            See, Killer, what you just read is the thoughts of someone who is not a simple minded member of a political tribe. Try it out yourself. Think of the country first.

          • Drakken

            No wonder why you voted for your hero Comrade Obummer twice, you buy into the military industrial complex narrative. Country is always first, but your socialistic streak is coming out.

          • EarlyBird

            Try to figure this out, Rambo: Nations in a constant state of war – even when they win on the battlefield – exhaust themselves and lose power. Those who become powerful while avoiding war, stay powerful. It’s that simple.

            Do you know that America’s influence has had more to do with our economic and cultural might than our military might? Sorry to burst your bubble, Chesty.

            China reads history. Its why they’re running circles around us, while our military profiteer warlords convince paranoid goons like you who read too many gun magazines, to constantly wage war.

      • Drakken

        She is not sick at all, obviously you don’t remember that hag when she was in the white house and used military personnel like they were her personal servants. Her obvious distain for the military is infamous and here you are again, defending the indefensible.

        • EarlyBird

          Oh. So NOW let’s “hang her for treason!”

          Shouldn’t you be jerking off to WWII in Color or something?

          • Drakken

            Hey your domestic partner(wife) is calling you.

      • Human

        Traitors all!

      • Cat@Freedomista

        ‘You people are tiresome in your desperate – and lame – attempts always; to fashion a level playing field for your willful ignorance.

        Why not just consider this fact overall – and stop trying to keep score or make one, for your team – at your oppositions expense – so as to enhance your sense of well-being; which in truth; needs no additional help. Bottom line/FYI:

        More misery; loss; pain: suffering; torture; murder, war and death; under ‘isms’ that refuse to recognize the inherent Freedom of ‘mankind'; refuse Moral recognition of an individual’s Unalienable Rights, as our Constitution, so proscribes.

        Period – end of story . And given the world’s political ‘landscape'; you can count till ‘hell freezes over’ and to whatever ‘year in time'; and your anti-individual/anti-freedom-‘ism’ side will still win – ‘hands down’ – per the most abusive of stats, ever; per crimes against Humanity.

    • Thomas

      The sickness that abides in the brains of the communist, athiest democrat party is the notion that having adulterous homosexual relations behind their husband’s backs is normal. The very idea that Hillary and Huma are engaging in an adulterous affair going way back, is the very reason why Hillary is both a security risk and disloyal to the United States. She will never be President. Her judgment rationalizes her adultery even though her child, Chelsea would be traumatized by it. Imagine having your homosexual whore as an employed concubine…on the federal payroll! To overlook these crimes and judge Weiner and Sick Willy as having worse scandals is the sickness democrats walk around with. DELUSION. Not to mention, she spent 280 million in 2008 to be President…all of it in two states, Iowa and New Hampshire. She does not know how to run a campaign. She does not know the value of our money. She is not capable to run the first shift at Popeye’s Chicken! This woman lied when she was a NY Senator in that she was not going to use NY as a stepping stone to be President. The arrogance of the lying, adulterous, homosexual Hillary says her lover Huma deserves to live in the Mayors Mansion thus the Weiner Campaign and the stand by your sexually deviant husband strategy. All four of them are sexually deviant psychpaths.

  • Softly Bob

    What’s that I hear? Shhh… there’s a strange whirring sound and it’s spinning as fast as a helicopter blade. I think it’s Ronald Reagan turning in his grave!

  • Franco Poxo

    The USA is becoming a bad joke, no one’s paying much attention to her anymore, only the Israelis are still being nice and paying homage by pretending to have peace talks with the pretend palestinians.

  • TorchOnHigh

    The slaughter queen of Benghazi! Right up there with Barry’s Peace prize!

  • KnowThyEnemy

    The only things she should be given is life in prison and a prison orange jumpsuit.

    • nimbii

      Considering all the DC elites that may wind up in orange prison jumpsuits, we should expect Rodeo Drive and Park Avenue rag shops to come up with designer jump suits. Look for them first on the cover of Vogue.

      • moneekwa

        as long as you make hillary’s look like a pantsuit

  • Arizona

    HILLARY THE WHORE,will win all kinds of awards in the future,THE GREAT NOBEL PEACE PRIZE,only given to mass killers,but she’ll get it anyway,HEY and what about the FREE BUS TICKET the LORDS going to give her,you know the one to HELL………she really earned that one………….

    • moneekwa

      well, she did earned it. (the bus ticket, not the peace prize) just her diligent work alone to make res 16/18 and the istanbul process binding should qualify her. she’s basically working for the Enemy. if you call her “whore” i think the full title is “whore of Babylon” n’est-ce pas?

  • Toxic_Popsicle

    another slap in the face

  • Skeptic7

    The Butcher of Benghazi

    • Cat@Freedomista

      That works – albeit we she was just ‘one’ of the butchers. We must not let the Media imagine for a moment; in any case; that we have forgotten Hillarys’s mega role. No doubt ; this award; in Hillary’s world – matters.

      All so pathetic; this pretense of ‘Authentic’ leadership being hyped at America’s expense. Unfortunately; no awards given for ‘Master of Deceit'; or for that matter; ‘Butcher’s Best’.

  • lnfidel

    This (excuse my language) is f-king ridiculous!! The more the fools of the current administration erode the security of the U.S., the more pats on the back they receive. Up is down, wrong is right, and treachery is patriotism. Something is seriously wrong with America!

  • Adam

    Remember when the Secretary of State used to be respected and actually had credentials. Henry Kissinger, Alexander Haig, George P. Shultz, James Baker did not have nannygate, travelgate, Whitewater and Benghazi

  • Jon Nelson

    This is typical of the push to get her face in the news for more of the idiots to think she is great. Watched a commentator on the news last night comment on a video of her walking to a podium, and he said, “that is the walk of a President”. I damn near lost my supper, my God, it is getting bad.

  • moneekwa

    whoa. for a minute there i thought i was reading “the onion”
    please tell me i’m reading “the onion”

  • aposematic

    The insane on both sides of the isle have taken control over the asylum.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Geoffrey-Britain/100003802091841 Geoffrey Britain

    Simply obscene, that she can accept the award after Benghazi demonstrates a despicable lack of character. But then, this is an ‘american’ who worked in the UN to abrogate our Constitution’s 1st amendment through treaty. She wants to make ANY criticism of Islam or Mohammad into hate speech and de facto incitement to violence.

  • Shawn

    This bitch don’t deserve anything but a jail sentence.

    • EarlyBird

      Yo homey, you need that weird little hip hop cap burnt off your head, moron.

      • Shawn

        And what does my nice warm wool winter hat have anything to do with this discussion you fucking hate mongering obamabot? If you knew me you would know i am about as far from hip hop as you can get “homeslice”

        • EarlyBird


          I apologize. My comment was un-called for. It was just a nasty shot. You look good in that cap and I don’t want to burn it off of you. I’m sorry.

  • Debra Squires

    Obama gets the noble “PEACE” prize without having negotiated peace; Hillary gets a patriot award without seemingly being a patriot! I wonder how the true patriots of our country feel about this? In summary of her words, Bengazi happened soo long ago, why do we need to keep rehashing it? Someone has a very short attention span to have even considered her for this award, sheesh!

    • Cat@Freedomista

      No doubt – this award; ‘upon request’. And no doubt there will be more; along with faux praises for Hillary to provide much needed ‘fill’ in the nasty craters per her ‘performance’ resume.

  • Roadmaster

    Let me guess, the award is a little statuette of a hand giving the middle finger salute…..

  • EarlyBird

    Cat, I can honestly admit I don’t know what you’re saying to me. I do know this: to demand that Hillary Clinton (and I am anything but a fan of hers) be hanged to death for treason due to her participation in the sad, human failure which was Benghazi, is hateful and deranged and completely partisan.

  • RicknKaren Sloan

    There has never been a bigger traitor then Hillary Clinton! She and her co conspirators want to give everything to the UN. http://cspoa.org/46-anti-american-us-senators-voted-in-favor-of-united-nations-arms-trade-treaty/

  • Paul