Holder Signals He May Bring Federal Hate Crimes Charges Against Zimmerman


There are actually two signals. Signal 1 is Obama distancing himself from the outcome. Obama distances himself from everything, but it still suggests that the trajectory is headed in that direction.

Signal 2 came in Holder’s remarks about the case to a black sorority.

We are also mindful of the pain felt by our nation surrounding the tragic, unnecessary shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida last year – and the state trial that reached its conclusion over the weekend. As parents, as engaged citizens, and as leaders who stand vigilant against violence in communities across the country, the Deltas are deeply, and rightly, concerned about this case. The Justice Department shares your concern – I share your concern – and, as we first acknowledged last spring, we have opened an investigation into the matter.

That is somewhat boilerplate. But then comes this…

We are committed to standing with the people of Sanford, with the individuals and families affected by this incident, and with our state and local partners in order to alleviate tensions, address community concerns, and promote healing. We are determined to meet division and confusion with understanding and compassion – and also with truth. We are resolved, as you are, to combat violence involving or directed at young people, to prevent future tragedies and to deal with the underlying attitudes, mistaken beliefs and stereotypes that serve as the basis for these too common incidents. And we will never stop working to ensure that – in every case, in every circumstance, and in every community – justice must be done.

The key sentence is “to deal with the underlying attitudes, mistaken beliefs and stereotypes that serve as the basis for these too common incidents”.

Attorney General Holder is inappropriately prejudging the outcome of his “investigation”, but that’s hardly worth commenting on in an administration that has zero regard for the law. But he is stating that he believes that stereotypes and mistaken beliefs were responsible for the shooting. He’s strongly implying that Zimmerman profiled Trayvon Martin over his race.

Targeting Zimmerman with hate crimes will be legally difficult, but that’s not exactly an obstacle to Holder. It’s win-win. Either he nails Zimmerman or he doesn’t, but either way the race-baiting drags on into another election.

Holder will speak in more detail about the case to the NAACP… which is currently gathering a massive petition to hit Zimmerman with Federal charges.

The question is whether the law or Holder will prevail.

  • LindaRivera

    What? No Federal Hate Crime Charges against the many big black gangs that violently attack one white person or a white couple in cities all over America?
    Oh, I forgot, the U.S. Obama white-hate RACIST administration doesn’t care how many black gangs attack white people.

    The Obama white-hate RACIST administration are EAGER to make it a crime for white people to defend themselves from black attackers.


    • MrUniteUs1

      He’s half Peruvian, and about as white as Barack Obama
      America should be eager to make it a crime to lie about everything
      from the bail hearing, to the stalking to, to the fake beating, to the shooting, then walk way.

    • OfficialPro

      The Radical Obummer-race baiting Left has persuasively redefined “racism” so that they claim only Persons of Color can be victims of it but never Whites.

    • firelord

      Go to the next Batman movie

  • Leroy Whitby

    Let’s make sure the additional prosecution further discredits the racists, haters and Marxists.

  • truebearing

    Of course Holder wants to review the verdict. His perverted concept of justice wasn’t served because evidence and truth prevailed over an orchestrated Leftist lynching, and he wants to remind people that justice under the Obama regime means guilty until declared innocent by a jury of your political superiors. He also wants to make a clear and intimidating statement to whites who mistakenly think they have the right to use their legally owned and permitted firearms to defend themselves from blacks. No you don’t.
    Decades of indoctrinating blacks with messages of hate, while offering endless handouts to buy loyalty and create slavish dependence, has created an ethnic fulcrum that the Left can use whenever they need to infuse their base with the negative emotional energy that fuels it. Among other things, the Left is using the black race as a means of imposing racial dhimmitude upon whites, or anyone else who opposes them. A highly publicized crime against a black person by a white person, even if it wasn’t really a crime, carries the threat of not only a grossly unfair trial and sentence, but also the racial sentence inflicted upon that person by black prisoners. Any sentence is potentially a death sentence, or at very least a living hell.
    It is no surprise that Islamists are inculcating black convicts as fast as they can. The Muslims see white Christians as their biggest impediment in the US and the Left has already positioned blacks perfectly as a primarily uneducated, brainwashed ethnic hate machine. If enough blacks become Muslim, Islamophobia can become yet another PC way of calling people racist. The Left uses the blacks like Hitler used the Brownshirts.

  • Elaine Overturff

    Zimmerman should never have been on trial at all. It is a sad state of affairs when our country fuel hate and racism. This whole incident was about a kid who was no angel regardless of his race and him walking through a neighborhood he did not live in; and a man who was watching his neighborhood where he resides! Instead the news media had to make it a race thing. Then the government felt and still feels pressure from racial groups. I am sick and tired of this mentality and insanity. Also, before and during the trial Trayvon Martin’s history with the police and recent pictures were never brought up by the news media, who were painting the picture of an angel. Give me a break!

    • MrUniteUs1

      Zimmerman should have never gotten out his vehicle. Police arrived about 2 minutes after the shooting.

      • Moto

        Zimmerman should have never had a violent thug in his neighborhood in the first place. 50 years ago, Zimmerman would have lived to a ripe old age in his neighborhood without ever having to shoot anyone, provided he never went to war.

        • MrUniteUs1

          Actually Zimmerman is the one that had a history of domestic violence and he assualted a police officer.
          After that he took MMA training for 3 years, and acquired a concealed gun permit while taking psychotropic drugs.

          • Moto

            Do you have any idea how easy it is to charge and even convict someone of “domestic violence” these days?

            It’s a legal term completely divorced from any understanding of the word “violence” that a layman would have. Not giving your wife or girlfriend your money, that you worked for, the moment she asks for it, is technically considered domestic violence.

            Raising your voice is “domestic violence”.

            If your wife or girlfriend asks to have sex with you, and you refuse for whatever reason, that is “domestic violence”. It really is, look it up. If the sexes were reversed, that would be called “state-sponsored rape”.

            Having a gun permit is not a crime, and in some states, taking certain psychotropic drugs isn’t either. Jumping on someone and bashing their head into the concrete,by contrast, is a crime in every single state in the Union.

            Also, I don’t know the details of the police officer thing, but unless Zimmerman did time for that after a court of law examined it, then he was acquitted of the charge or it was dropped,and therefore HE DID NOT DO SO.

          • Elaine Overturff

            Trayvon Martin is no angel is was only 17 years old and already training to be a criminal. It is kind of funny how all the pictures that the news media showed were when he was younger. Also, I have four kids, three who are college students now, they were never allowed to roam the streets after dark. Also, teenagers who have a car usually drive themselves to the store and not walk.

          • MrUniteUs1

            The last was taken 3 weeks earlier Trayvon was horseback riding. Would you like to see it. Another one with neice and a birthday cake.

      • Naresh Krishnamoorti

        Are you saying that anytime a black man is walking around in a neighborhood, no one has any right to leave his car? Whenever a black man walks around in a neighborhood, everyone must lock himself inside his house or car? No one has any right to go outside?

        Do you even realize what a ludicrous statement you’re making? Or have you been so thoroughly lobotomized by the media that you’re incapable of rational thought?

        • MrUniteUs1

          Ludicrous questions.

          “It is the fact that Zimmerman ignored the 911 operator’s advice not to follow Martin that former Sen. Peaden says disqualifies him from claiming self-defense under the law.

          “The guy lost his defense right then,” Peaden told the Miami Herald. “When he said ‘I’m following him,’ he lost his defense.”

          Rep. Dennis Baxley, Peaden’s co-sponsor in the Florida House, agrees with his former colleague, telling the newspaper that the law does not license neighborhood watch or others who feel “like they have the authority to pursue and confront people. That is aggravating an incident right there.”

          • CowboyUp

            In other words, that’s exactly what you’re saying.

            The letter of the law and the courts interpreting it say otherwise. A person can walk anywhere in their neighborhood, or anybody else’s for that matter, follow someone, and speak or ask questions. None of that justifies assault, and a person doesn’t lose their right to defend themselves if attacked.

          • Moto

            Apparently, UniteUs has trouble parsing the words: “certain inalienable rights;that among these are the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”.

            Ergo, you CANNOT lose your right to defend yourself. Nobody can take it away. Not you, not your attacker,not the police, not the President,Senate, or Congress. Only God himself,because he gave it to you when the human race was created.

          • firelord

            Your right. You have that right so go watch a Batman movie

          • Moto

            I have nothing to fear in any theater. There aren’t any unhinged liberals like James Holmes running around my area.

            I’m pretty sure everyone who has shot someone in a theater at any time in American history is a liberal.

          • MrUniteUs1

            Moto how do you know that the killer was not the attacker?
            You don’t know, neither does, Omara. How do you know Zimmerman’s head wounds were not self inflicted.
            Only Zimmerman knows.

          • Moto

            Because a witness saw a man in red under a man in a hoodie,screaming for help. In the photo of Zimmerman’s wounds,taken after the struggle, he was wearing red.

            In other words, I know because I am not a racist who is desperately out to destroy the life of a light-skinned guy who has been called white,simply because he shot a black guy in self-defense. I know because my racism against white hispanics, or white Asians, or white Pacific Islanders,or white Africans is not blinding me to the facts of the matter making me unable to accept a conclusion which is 6 times more statistically likely than its inverse.

        • firelord

          Go to the next Batman movie. Hope your kind shows you justice bitch

          • Moto

            “Your kind”, you mean a psychotic liberal college student, like Holmes was?

      • OfficialPro

        and that girl shouldn’t have been wearing that short skirt and been drunk out at 2am amirite? [/sarcasm]

        We call this ‘blaming the victim’, FYI.

      • Veracious_one

        Trayvon should not have attacked George….Trayvon probably didn’t know George was armed until he began his assault….

        • MrUniteUs1

          Who saw Trayvon attack George?

          • Moto

            What clairvoyant read his mind and divined that he shot Martin because he was black?

            It isn’t even possible to prove or disprove your assertion,which makes it unfalsifiable,and therefore, bunk.
            You might as well accuse Zimmerman of being a closeted witch instead of a crypto-racist.

          • Veracious_one

            Who saw George attack Trayvon?

          • MrUniteUs1

            Only GZ knows who attacked who. That’s why it’s strange to hear people repeat one his versions like it’s the gospel truth.

      • Elaine Overturff

        Trayvon should have stayed in his car instead of parking it 2 blocks away with stolen property in it!

  • Veracious_one

    Clearly Zimmerman isn’t one of Holders ‘peoples”…

  • Larry Larkin

    Zimmerman should be bringing a civil suit of his own for false prosecution.

    • Elaine Overturff

      I agree with you one hundred percent. Maybe there should be some sort of rally to raise money to help him out.

  • Judahlevi

    The “stereotype” that Obama and Holder need to prevent is that their own mindset that they stand with dark-skinned Americans, but not with Americans with light skin. Obama has demonstrated his own “us versus them” several times, and has never been called on it. Holder is of the same mind. It is their own stereotypes of “typical white folks” that needs to change, not the country’s.

    Obama and Holder made this case what it was. Now, instead of admitting they were wrong to do so, they will use the federal government as a weapon against Zimmerman. Our government, and its institutions, are not personal vendetta machines for Obama and Holder.

    It is time for all Americans to be disgusted by the racial politics of Obama and Holder. We are all Americans, not skin colors. We are all individuals, not skin colors. If Obama and Holder understood that, they would recognize the jury was absolutely correct in its verdict. They prefer to play this like it was the 1950’s all over again. It is the year 2013 – they need to move on.

    • Moto

      The “stereotype” that Obama and Holder need to prevent is that their own mindset that they stand with dark-skinned Americans, but not with Americans with light skin.

      Precisely. And it isn’t just Obama or Holder. It’s every black in a position of power in every disputed incident. Their line is always the same. White guy’s fault.

      Justice Clarence Thomas is the only black guy I can think of that doesn’t consistently come down on the black dude’s side every time.

      Now why is that?

      “Police acted stupidly”, “Zimmerman acted stupidly”, it’s the same argument. It was wrong the first time. How is it right this time?

      But every time, the same thing happens. Over and over and over.
      I can’t believe people are so friggin dim. “This time we got those racist whites by the balls! Wha-? It’s a hispanic guy? Well, he looks white, and those dirty whites are all prejudiced profilers!”

      • MrUniteUs1

        I didn’t know Elliot Spitzer was Black. Just one of many “light skinned” Americans who disagreed with the verdict. But racist can’t not acknowledge that. They NEED to believe that only “The Blacks” disagree.

        • Elaine Overturff

          You can be African American and be a racist! Anyone with a brain no matter what color should see that this whole case is a witch hunt. Remember Salem Massachusetts? There were many assumptions and misconceptions during that time too.

          • MrUniteUs1

            Yep anybody can be a racist. Do you think the label White is racist? How do you know if you’re White or not.

  • Spikey1

    “We are resolved, as you are, to combat violence involving or directed at young people blah attitudes, blah (not so) mistaken beliefs, blah sterotypes, blah blah.”

    Then Holder, why don’t you;

    • start a campaign to educate your people as how to raise civilized, socially adjusted, responsible children.
    • discourage your young men from becoming baby daddies, and the girls from becoming baby mommas?
    • discourage them from using foul mouths, the likes of which, your people have never known in this country.
    • tell them to pull up the pants, cause I’m tired of seeing their butt cracks, and or their undershorts.
    • explain to them that “cracker” is unacceptable and racist.
    • encourage them to stay in school and take education seriously.
    • teach them that taking other people’s property, and ransacking through other people’s yards is not lawful, nor morally sound?
    • teach them that following laws, that other people have to follow, is the right thing to keep the peace.
    • tell them that people are tired of prices being hiked up, because your people like to walk out of the store, without paying for it.
    • tell them they will eventually they will; get caught, go to jail, but get out, shortly.
    • look into the fact that most of these people go right back on the street, without learning anything?
    • educate your people to stop jerking their children up by the arm, and telling them to shut up, while slapping them, then throwing them in the car?

    Or better yet; why don’t you just STFU.

    • DogmaelJones1

      Spikey: Everything you recommend — and justly recommend — could be deemed “hate speech” and “racial profiling.” It’s a lose-lose proposition when dealing with racists like Holder, Obama, and all the Sharpton clones out there. Every negative thing you cite they’d just blame on “society” and on “white people.” Telling a punk to pull up his pants, for example, could be perceived as “racial profiling.”

      • Spikey1

        racial profiling:
        12% of my friends are black, 16% are hispanic and I have a couple of asian friends.

        • DogmaelJones1

          I don’t keep a chart of the ethnicity of my friends and
          acquaintances, but I will say that the two of the most intelligent, rational, and honest columnists in this country now happen to be black, Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams, and that the most rational and farseeing member of the Supreme Court is Clarence Thomas.

          • Spikey1

            My post was a joke about diversity, as in what the make up of any company in the USA should be and me taking it one step further.

            Note; I do not believe in diversity hiring.

            I like Sowell’s writing a tad bit better than Williams (although I read them both always) plus Sowell is a great photographer.

    • MrUniteUs1

      Spikey you left out spending more money with each other and creating
      more jobs and successful businesses.

    • OfficialPro

      personally I LMAO at the term “Cracker”. It’s such a meaningless term which is why it will never be the equivalent of the N-word.

      • Spikey1

        You are correct; white people just laugh at the term “cracker” where black folk don’t at the N word, unless it is spoken or rapped about by one of their own.

        • MrUniteUs1

          The same music executives that distribute and promote songs the promote violence and the use of the n-word, and denigrate women. Would never release a song a without a single demeaning to Jews or gays. I’d like to see them set that same standard for all groups.

  • alericKong

    Here’s two sterotypes

    The corrupt political lawyer who sells pardons to international criminals for campaign donations.

    The inner city political boss who charms communities with inciteful rhetoric, and then turns around and pumps in drugs like crack cocaine to make a cheap dolalr

  • Shelia Lay

    Did anyone see Whites Riot when O.J. killed Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman? That’s right you didn’t. We did not act like a bunch of outraged savages. The law has spoken now, so shut up ! Maybe Eric Holder should remove the beam from his eye before looking for the speck in Zimmerman eye. With the laws that Eric Holder has broken, he should already be in jail. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones Eric. Hypocrite.

  • CowboyUp

    Nice speech. So the FBI and holder’s Justice Dept. are in Senatobia Miss., and Baltimore Md., looking for the perps in those “this is for trayvon” beatings? Don’t hold your breath waiting on that to happen.

    Martin’s behavior is what drew Zimmerman’s attention and suspicion. Federal civil rights charges would be harassment and political grandstanding, plain and simple. Another acquittal, another excuse for riots, looting, vandalism, violence, and real racial persecution.

  • http://tinatrent.com/ Tina Trent

    If they bring charges, which undoubtedly Holder desires, and if they prevail, it will be officially counted as a “white on black” hate crime. Hispanics are counted as whites when they are the offenders (accounting for a good bit of what gets recorded as “white on black”), but they are counted as Hispanics when they are the victim.

  • mtnhikerdude

    I guess The New Black Panther Party alias The New We Hate White People Party and we put a $ 10 ,000 bounty on Zimmerman’s head doesn’t qualify as HATE !
    I cannot see America surviving 3 more years of this administration.

  • MrUniteUs1

    How about lying about someone bashing their head into the concrete? Stay tuned.

    • Moto

      I swear to God, this country is doomed.

      The man was acquitted by a jury of his “peers” (actually not, but he was white according to you guys and that’s what he was being tried for anyway, so why not?). That means, that as far as the state is concerned, it is not possible to prove the accusation that you are making. If it was possible, the state, with vastly more resources and powers than you or I , would have already done so.

      If there was even an inkling, a reasonable doubt about the facts of the matter, Zimmerman would not have been acquitted but would have instead been convicted on some charge or other.

      If there are a number of people who cannot even understand basic civic participation,or the functions of our legal system, how is civilization supposed to be upheld?

  • MrUniteUs1

    Is it racist to call yourself “white”. How do you know if you’re white or not?

  • liberty and justice4all


  • ronkap

    uh yeah, it’s against the law to assault someone because they followed you. Oh and by the way, the evidence I heard was Martin said he was in his backyard and then went back to confront and assault a stationary Zimmerman.

  • liberty and justice4all

    Don’t know what world these racist live when a stranger is following and approaches you especially at night any person with common sense feels threaten and the stranger comes within striking distant the law presume that stranger is going to do bodily harm and yes a person can use force if he thinks his life is in danger following someone is stalking them specially if u don’t know funny and a bias and racism insane defense u following stalking and innocent person with a gunn on u your defense and unarmed teenager that u outweigh by 40 pounds and u go mma trainning of 3 years under your belt no u fear for your life any body that believes that is stupid insane or down right racism thats goes for any race that believes zimmerman unbelievable story plus he already been proven to be a liar

  • liberty and justice4all

    Hate crimes because laws because minoritys was getting grossly mistreated because the color of there skin others gays and other groups EVERYBODY KNOW WHO WAS THE THE MISTREATING IN AMERICA AND STILL IS JUST ON THE DOWNLOW GOT TO BE ABLE TO SEE THRU THE ILLUSIONS THAT WAS CREATED TO BLOCK THE TRUTH FROM SHOWING