Hot Summer in Chicago: Only 4 Days Without a Murder


As I wrote a while back, gun violence is a Democratic problem because it’s not a gun problem, it’s a social problem. That’s something liberals in theory agree with, but then refuse to think about.

Chicago is a case in point. Its gun violence is really gang violence. Its gang violence is the symptom of a broken society.

In June there were 45 homicides in Chicago. So far in July there have been 43 homicides. Chicago weekend shootings left six dead and 17 wounded.

In the last thirty days, Chicago has had only four days that were homicide-free.

If this goes on, then Chicago will be America. In many ways that’s already the case.


  • tanstaafl

    How come criminals can always get guns? Of course, honest citizens can’t own guns in Chicago. There’s something wrong here……

    • OfficialPro

      Well, the fact that the Democraps are in bed with the gangs doesn’t help….

      • cheechakos

        Chicago politicians have an agreement with gangs,ignore crime for votes. There has been a couple articless written on this “phenomenon”

  • tagalog

    ONLY 4 days in Chicago without a murder? Don’t you mean A WHOLE 4 DAYS without a murder in Chicago?

    McDonald v. Chicago to the contrary notwithstanding.

  • cheechakos

    They needed a few days off to restock

    SALEM, Ill. (KSDK) – A trail of guns outside The Hunting Stuff in Salem, Illinois was a part of a crime spree that affected small gun store owners across Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.

    The gangsters drove to Salem from Chicago. They bought totes, bolt cutters and gas before they broke into Cory Tolka’s gun store and stole 124 of his 1,000 guns

    “Our gun stores in Southern Illinois are targets,” said Steve Wigginton, U.S. Attorney for Southern District of Illinois. He said the gun store robberies got Southern Illinois on the government’s crime fighting radar.

    ATF agents began an investigation that resulted in a four month undercover operation between April and June of 2013 to crack down on crime in St. Louis, and East St. Louis.

    Kevin Winford, Denis Joiner, Antoine D White and Earl Warner stole 455 handguns from the gun stores.

    “It’s not unusual for us to find a weapon in East St. Louis that’s been used in a crime in St. Louis or in Chicago. The reality is they are used in another crime and that’s how we find them,” Wigginton said.

    Federal agents and local police traced the guns using high tech equipment that reads scratch marks on shell casings.

    Wigginton said 500 stolen guns showed up at crime scenes in East St. Louis in the last three years.

    Federal agents are calling East St. Louis the most violent city in America.

    The numbers for the entire state of Illinois show ATF got more than 11,000 requests to trace guns in 2012.