How Islamists Run French Prisons


This story is about France, but there are similar stories coming out of the UK and European countries.

The French magazine Valeurs Actuelles has obtained a secret French government document about “proselytism in custody”. Written in 2011, it describes how Islam has taken over the French prison system.

Muslim inmates regularly wear non-standard Islamic clothes such as djellabas, which they would not normally wear outside. This type of clothing is subject to prison regulations, but these are ignored by the inmates and not enforced by the authorities in order to avoid confrontation.

Non-converts are subject to pressure, insults, threats and violence. They are marginalised in day-to-day prison life. They cannot participate in (or find it difficult to access) the collective activities offered by the correctional administration because these have been taken over by Islamists.

Inmates who resist this political and religious movement are regularly harassed by unexpected visits from recruiters who bring them the Good News (the Hacq). Bibles are taken away under threats and are replaced with Korans. In addition, the henchmen extort money from the “heathen” inmates to subsidise the needs of the faithful. In some institutions, particularly “centrales” [tn: prisons for people with sentences above 2 years] floor assistants ration food to the non-converts and favour the “Brothers”; meals containing pork are not offered for distribution and are sent back to the kitchens as they are.

The only exception (sometimes) involves inmates from organised crime and/or terrorism such as the Basques, Corsicans and the Marseilles mafia who benefit from a fragile pact of non-aggression in return for the recognition of Islamic authority.

Think of a prison as a state within a state. Now think of the French prisons as a model for the future of France. And you won’t be far off.

  • TeamInfidel

    Understand the “who?” (true muslims) and the “why?” (cult ideology called ISLAM) that fuels this madness all over the freakin’ globe. Go ahead and sugar coat it by calling them militants, radicals, jihadists, links to al-Qaida (my PC favorite), or whatever is the PC term for today, but never forget the “who” and “WHY” of this madness.

  • Gee

    Okay – but am I suppose to feel sorry for the Eurotrash and what they have brought upon themselves for importing so many like minded anti-Semites?

  • UCSPanther

    Governments and institutions that get dominated by progressivism almost always turn into places where the inmates run the asylum.

    Case in point: Detroit

  • LookMoo

    There are no liberal or moderate Islam. There are only one type of Islam and that can be found in the Quran. This article is about Islam, not about fanatics or militants.