How Long Until the Syrian Emergency Task Force Dumps Elizabeth O’Bagy?


As NPR puts it, Elizabeth O’Bagy, the Syria expert Kerry and McCain cited to prove the Syrian rebels were moderate, went from media star to unemployed in one week. But that’s not quite true.

O’Bagy still has a lucrative gig with the  Syrian Emergency Task Force, a Syrian emigre group with Islamist ties lobbying for US intervention. The question is how long will she have it.

SETF needed O’Bagy because her role with the Institute for the Study of War gave her mainstream political and analytical credentials and allowed her to sell the Sunni Islamist rebel agenda to wonks. But now that O’Bagy has been discredited, the SETF is likely to move on.

They need someone out front who is American and credible to avoid any deeper questions about the group and its ties to Washington politicians. O’Bagy was fine until she went down. I don’t see her having a bright future with a group which needs another patsy to go on CNN and explain that most rebels are moderate freedom fighters while citing a credential that isn’t for a Syrian rebel front.

O’Bagy was just a spokeswoman for a Syrian rebel front group. Now that the jig is up, her gig will soon be up too.

  • antioli

    Just like the Jihadi never give up no matter how badly mauled they will probably never get rid of her. She will hang on like that crooked IRS lady.

  • caralyn

    Daniel Greenfield has no idea what he’s talking about. The information on this article regarding the SETF & reason why they hired her is completely baseless. Thought a journalists job was to do research and inform the public based on facts not on ill-founded rumors.

  • dannyvice

    The guy she’s sleeping with will tell you everything you need to know about this woman’s agenda. I doubt it gets more complicated than that

  • keller josef

    E.Obagy,please think: Would putin and/or Assad ever allow infiltration ? No . So the terrorists are just faked false flag ops executed by iranian “Pilgrems” and others,just under full control of Putin/Assad! Off course ,they never get hit by Assad loyals,they are just fakin’ it.