How Small is Israel? So Small You Can Run it in 9 Days

As Obama and his entourage prepare to descend on Israel demanding more territorial concessions for terrorists, it may be time for a reminder of how small Israel really is.

Marc Hendel, a south Florida native and recent graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, will soon attempt to become the first American to run the full length of Israel in nine days – from Rosh HaNikra, near the Lebanon border, to Eilat, the Red Sea port at Israel’s southernmost tip. Hendel is running to raise money and awareness for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri and for Youth Futures, a Jewish Agency for Israel-sponsored mentorship program that assists at-risk children throughout the Jewish state.

The 23-year-old will begin his nine-day, 470-kilometer Strengthening Bonds Run on Tuesday, March 12.

That ‘length’ is not even Israel’s strategic border. What matters is its width. Israel’s length is 263 miles. Its width at the narrowest point is only 9.3 miles.

If you wanted to run Israel’s width without the West Bank, you could do it in under two hours. Then think about the time that it would take a tank to cross that same distance.

If you want to follow Marc’s race, here is his site.

  • AdinaK

    Israel is SO small, if heaven forfend its heartland – Judea and Samaria aka the "West Bank" – is ceded, then the nail in its coffin will be complete.

    Israel's Arab/Muslim enemies know this, as do all leftists who champion said national suicide, including the enemy within. As such, there are hundreds of thousands, even millions of Zionists, who will never let it happen!

    Adina kutnicki, Israel

    • Mary Sue

      if judea and samaria are ceded I'm afraid to ask: what will be left?

      A postage stamp?

  • Eva Smagacz

    Well my wallet is narrow, but it doesn't give me right to steal to fatten it up. I take it this morality need not apply to Israelis when Israel wants West Bank. Special morality, special rules for special people at the expense of (sub) humans aka Arabs.

    • Gee

      But that happens to be our territory that the Arabs are attempting to steal.

      Simple little challenge for you. Can you produce a single legal claim for the Arabs to the land? We have three different legal treaties that state the following:
      "The Mandatory shall be responsible for seeing that no Palestine territory shall be ceded or leased to, or in any way placed under the control of the Government of any foreign Power. "

      Those three treaties are the San Remo Treaty 1920, the Mandate for Palestine 1922 and the UN Charter 1945. Please show one for the Arabs.

    • Gaucho

      …plus the fact that even the Holy Quran of the Muslims clearly aknowledges that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jews. Not only Israel has a stronger title to Judea and Samaria (the so-called, in a newly coined term, "West Bank," than anyone else, but it has a stronger title to it than every other nation to its own territory. One must be absolutely retarded to think that the "West Bank" belongs to anyone else more than to Israel. Unfortunately that defines most establishmentarians everwhere and their dupes today. But the Jews have had to cope with unanimous retarded lies against them before and prevailed.


      Eva, You too have been chosen, but in your case chosen by Satan.

  • Raymond in DC

    When I lived in Israel long ago, I heard tell of risk-taking young men who would hike from the Jordan River to Jerusalem … overnight! It's only about 20 miles or so. All that territory was in Israeli hands, but they still might have encountered terrorists infiltrating from Jordan.

  • Mark L.

    I once went on a two-hour political march across the width of pre-1967 Israel, from Tul Karem to Netanya. The march was led by Benjamin Netanyahu. I hope he hasn't forgotten.


    What have your got to worry about.
    As long as you have your slaves as the Chief Rabbis says your Gentiles. Nothing can hurt you.

  • Joseph Rosen

    Dear Friends,
    We all know that the area of the US is half that Russia, but not everyone knows that the State of Israel is 22 times smaller that California…
    This picture must be known – and not forgotten – when talking about Middle East solution!


    And Mecca is even smaller than Israel.