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Huge Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill is Here… And It’s Amnesty First, Border Security Never

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On April 17, 2013 @ 10:59 am In The Point | 17 Comments

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This isn’t really news. More like a confirmation of what we already knew now that the text of the massive bill is available [2]. The Amnesty Gang is still spinning this as tough on border security, but let’s look at the claims.

This bill fixes our broken immigration system by securing the border with the toughest border security and enforcement measures in U.S. history, based on the following six security triggers:

1. DHS must create, fund and initiate a border security plan (within 6 months of bill’s enactment).

2. DHS must create, fund & initiate a border fence plan (within 6 months of bill’s enactment).

3. DHS must achieve 100 percent border awareness and at least 90 percent apprehension rates in high-risk sectors of the U.S.-Mexico border (within 5 years of bill’s enactment).

4. If DHS fails to achieve #3, a Border Commission of border state officials and stakeholders is required to create & implement a plan to achieve 100 percent border awareness and at least 90 percent apprehension rates in high-risk sectors of the U.S.-Mexico border (within 10 years of bill’s enactment).

5. Universal E-verify must be implemented (within 10 years of bill’s enactment).

6. Visa exit system must be implemented at all international airports & seaports (within 10 years of bill’s enactment).

No triggers are defined here for 5 and 6, but the border security triggers amount to telling an Obama/Clinton run DHS that they must develop a plan to stop more of their voters from entering the country.

It compels DHS to fund and initiate plans, not to carry them out successfully. The trigger depends on a 90 percent rate, reported by whom? Agencies answering to Obama Inc? The same government that keeps insisting that there’s a recovery underway?

But let’s assume the statistics are honestly carried out. Let’s assume that none of the thousand different ways of fudging the requirements are used. And naturally a 90 percent rate will not be reached.

Meanwhile legalization has already happened. So now there will be a commission from border states, with mixed records on illegal immigration, along with vaguely defined “stakeholders” to implement a new plan that will work. And what happens if Plan #3 doesn’t work?

Welcome to Washington D.C.

In Washingtonese, the emphasis is on beginning implementation and initiation, not on doing something. There’s a lot of emphasis on things beginning and initiating to avoid the problem that legalization comes before all else [2].

“Already, we know that the bill’s sponsors have abandoned their core promise to the American people that enforcement would come first. This bill is legalization first, not enforcement first. The day the bill passes there will be effective amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants, with only the same promises we have heard before of enforcement to occur at some later date. That amnesty will then become official in a matter of months—once DHS merely submits a plan for border security in the future.

That’s not a trigger—that’s the honor system. DHS develops the metrics and DHS decides when those metrics are met.

In recent years interior enforcement has been significantly undermined. And yet our interior enforcement needs are almost totally neglected in the Gang’s proposal. Alarmingly, the bill leaves intact the single greatest obstacle to immigration reform: the Administration’s abuse of prosecutorial discretion to prevent the enforcement of federal law. It will also provide safe harbor to those who have committed a variety of offenses—ranging from identity theft, to multiple immigration violations, and even those with criminal records.

This bill opens up citizenship to recent arrivals and, remarkably, millions who overstayed their visas. If adopted, this bill would send a message to the world that if you can beat the system, you will be rewarded with citizenship. If adopted, this bill would send the following message to the world: if you get a U.S. visa and it expires, never leave—just stay put and evade detection. It even opens up citizenship to those who have been deported from the country.”

Senator Jeff Sessions

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