Hugo Chavez Outlaws Gun Ownership, Murder Rate Hits 21,692

“Guns for me and not for thee.”

The good news is that the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela, so beloved by Sean Penn and Oliver Stone, is finally on track to defeat the capitalist warpigs of the United States of America once and for all… in the number of murders.

While the US murder total for 2012 isn’t in yet, the Venezuelan murder total has hit 21,692, up from 18,000 last year, despite a ban on private ownership of guns enacted by the Chavez regime this year.

Hugo Chavez’s government says the ultimate aim is to disarm all civilians, but his opponents say the police and government may not have the capacity or the will to enforce the new law.

Or enough bulletproof vests, from the looks of things.

Venezuela’s glorious Socialist murder rate still lags behind Mexico at 25,000 and Brazil at 40,000 or Obama’s Indonesian homeland at 19,000, but with dedication and commitment from all the workers and peasants, Venezuela will not only surpass the Yanquis, but utterly vanquish them in the number of people murdered each year.

Despite these numbers, per capita, Venezuela is still the leader as the most violent country in South America.

Venezuela, the most violent country in South America, recorded a new high of 21,692 murders [with a few days left in 2012] along with a surge in kidnappings, prison riots and random shootings.

The number of victims was up by 12 per cent from last year when there were 19,336 deaths, the Venezuelan Violence Observatory said in its annual report.

The Observatory said: “Killings have become a way of executing property crimes, a mechanism to resolve personal conflicts and a way to apply private justice.”

I guess when you’re living under a completely corrupt Socialist tyranny, you end up making your own justice.

  • Mary Sue

    Knowing this, are anarchist socialists ironically, or are socialists anarchist ironically?

    • RedWhiteAndJew

      The black clothed pseudo-anarchists who are really leftists, are "anarchists" for largely two reasons. 1) A desire to wreak havoc. They're just destructive, emotionally stunted people who want to destroy things, but need a "cause" to enable wilding. 2) The ones who lead the useful idiots by the nose, have the goal of tearing down "the system," so it can be replaced with their socialist utopia. It's the same principle as the Cloward-Piven strategy, but with firebombs.

  • FPF

    Rumor is that many murders are result of suppression of political oppositions and anyone who is against the tyrannic government.

    • Roger

      Who are now conveniently unarmed….

  • AdinaK

    How many times does it have to be reiterated – the only reason why legal guns are confiscated is to give the leaders TOTAL control. And those who want such power are anti-democratic and thugs to boot. Is it any wonder that these are the tyrants which not only support the POTUS but he hearts with too –

    Again, giving up your Second Amendment rights is giving up your freedom. Simple as that.
    Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

    • JacksonPearson

      A case example of why gun ownership is important. I couldn't even begin to imagine, what would happen to a country like Israel, if the populous were required to disarm.

      • Roger

        Iran's goal of erasing them would be must closer.

      • HoldenLitgo

        Israel has very strict gun laws, in many ways more strict than America's. We should follow their example.

  • tanstaafl

    It's not about guns, it's about control.

    • guest

      all little men with delusions of grandeur

      • Roger

        Why not actually explain why you think he's wrong instead of just taking the 2nd grade playground tactic of insults?

  • Ghostwriter

    I'm glad I don't live in Venezuela right now.

    • Roger

      I hear his health is fading and he's in Cuba suffering from more 'complications'.

      I wonder if obama plans on seeking medical care in Cuba after he destroys our healthcare system.

  • RedWhiteAndJew

    I have a fondness for "commie" firearms. Although I am a free market capitalist through and through, I like AK47's, CZ52's, TT33's, and other arms characteristic of the Eastern Bloc, and copied by China.

    There is no contradiction here, because guns, like any other tool, are value neutral. That's why I put quotes around "commie." There is a brisk, free market business in AK-47's today. With the exception of Hussein and Co's Fast and Furious, though, very few have ever been used in crimes in America.

    Commie scum like Chavez might brandish an AK for ideological reasons, but there are a great many Americans with the same weapon in their collections.

    More power to them.

  • rangerrebew

    From what I have been reading, Chavez should also ban cancer, which is just as effective as banning weapons. While he’s at it, he should ban forks and spoons because they make him overweight

  • HoldenLitgo

    "Obama's homeland of Indonesia" pretty much blows your cover and renders anything before or after it completely suspect in terms of veracity.

    • Greg

      Are you saying it was not his home? You should read his book.

  • Robin

    Obama is a criminal and a communist and ignorant leftists who support forgery lying and an imposter from a foreign land named Barry Soetoro

  • .mike

    mr obama is not ignorant in his agenda was in fact a criminal if you believe what confessions of recreational drug abuse written in his own book ,(state as fact ) far as being a socialist or communist s many facts have to be ignored to come to any other conclusion
    in my opinion mr obama has made great steps promising nothing other than change without any firm definition as to what changes were meant promising nothing makes it easy to deliver

  • George

    Reading this tosh has temporarily lowered my IQ by 50 points. Thank god the majority of Americans aren't as ignorant and thick as many on here. The irony – red necks commenting about violent gun crime! Meanwhile in Venezuela poverty, illiteracy and child mortality have declined dramatically. Guns in the hands of criminals and idiots is always a recipe for disaster.

  • Brent Holman

    Hugo Chavez is obviously an idiot.

    • apen