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Hugo Chavez Outlaws Gun Ownership, Murder Rate Hits 21,692

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On January 1, 2013 @ 4:44 pm In The Point | 22 Comments


“Guns for me and not for thee.”

The good news is that the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela, so beloved by Sean Penn and Oliver Stone, is finally on track to defeat the capitalist warpigs of the United States of America once and for all… in the number of murders.

While the US murder total for 2012 isn’t in yet, the Venezuelan murder total has hit 21,692 [2], up from 18,000 last [3]year, despite a ban on private ownership of guns enacted by the Chavez regime this year.

Hugo Chavez’s government says the ultimate aim is to disarm all civilians, but his opponents say the police and government may not have the capacity or the will to enforce the new law.

Or enough bulletproof vests, from the looks of things.

Venezuela’s glorious Socialist murder rate still lags behind Mexico at 25,000 and Brazil at 40,000 or Obama’s Indonesian homeland at 19,000, but with dedication and commitment from all the workers and peasants, Venezuela will not only surpass the Yanquis, but utterly vanquish them in the number of people murdered each year.

Despite these numbers, per capita, Venezuela is still the leader as the most violent country in South America.

Venezuela, the most violent country in South America, recorded a new high of 21,692 murders [with a few days left in 2012] along with a surge in kidnappings, prison riots and random shootings.

The number of victims was up by 12 per cent from last year when there were 19,336 deaths, the Venezuelan Violence Observatory said in its annual report.

The Observatory said: “Killings have become a way of executing property crimes, a mechanism to resolve personal conflicts and a way to apply private justice.”

I guess when you’re living under a completely corrupt Socialist tyranny, you end up making your own justice.

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