Hulk Actor Claims Oil Causes Typhoons


Hulk not very smart.

Wait. We’re going to stop typhoons? With solar panels and windmills? I doubt even the Incredible Hulk can pull that one off.

I’m starting to have the uncomfortable feeling that a lot of liberal Warmists now believe that weather began around the same time as the internal combustion engine and the smokestack and that if we just get rid of them, the gods of Global Warming will be appeased and the terrible winds and torrential rains will cease.

In Mark Ruffalo’s world, there were no typhoons before the industrial revolution. And the typhoon now was caused by the huge industrial capacity of the Philippines.

But don’t worry. If you like your standard of living, you can keep your standard of living.

We don’t? Really?

Someone should tell UK seniors freezing because of Electric Poverty caused by Green Energy.

Wait? What?

On next week’s Oprah, infinite healing WindWaterSun energy. Just close your eyes and tap into the healing powers of WINDWATERSUN.

A boat that only works during the day. How revolutionary.

Sure your children may be learning… but are they Solar Learning?

Also the windmills will make our hair shinier with their natural windy goodness.

It might be the poverty and freezing to death thing. Can be hard for a wealthy celebrity to understanding while Solar Learning on a Solar Yacht.

  • Gee

    How much fossil fuels were used to create those panels and the rest of the yacht that can’t carry anything because all it is – is a bunch of solar panels?

    • Biff Henderson

      Don’t you know that something’s that “cool” isn’t subject to a cost/benefit analysis? Let the WINDWATERSUN dance in your hair and repeat after me; It’s cool.

  • Boots

    I wonder how his industry would be doing without fossil fuels? We might find an inconvenient truth in that answer.

  • pablo consuelo

    I know, let’s throw our babies into oil wells to appease the global warming ( oops, scuse me, climate change) gods. It worked for the Egyptians after all. They threw their kids into the Nile River. The thing flooded and caused all kinds of havoc. Didn’t take that many kids to calm it down. Did it?

    • Strangerinastangeland

      No, no, no. Flooding was good. Dry was bad. They sacraficed to bring the rains.

  • chan chan

    You think this is bad? Two weeks ago, Prince Charles said that man made global warming is responsible for the war in Syria. If that comment doesn’t qualify him as a moron, nothing will.

    • Softly Bob

      Charles is right, and windmills cure cancer, solar panels will halt Global terrorism, and unicorns make great house pets – don’t you know?

    • Strangerinastangeland

      No offense, but have you been watching the Prince for a few years? I think it safe to say that there is a reason he has been passed over for a kingship.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Me thinks Ruffalo has been spending too much time in France. Maybe it’s the halal kebobs that are infecting his mind. Next thing you know, he’ll be claiming that the Free Syrian Army (or is it the Front for the Liberation of Syria?) endorses solar-powered artillery and tanks.

  • cheechakos

    Obviously we need some bird killing windmills to power a time machine so libs can go back to 10,000 BC when the Würm glaciation ended and the interglacial began.The interglacial, that endures to this day,is when the world entered a period of global warming.that allowed the re-settlement of northern regions and the die-off of prehistoric animals.

    I imagine it would be a very different world.

    But most people,including Ruffalo, would never know the difference. Their ancestors would have been eaten by European saber tooth tigers,American midwest alligators and giant camels or died off without reproducing long ago.

  • herb benty

    Petroleum is a blessing to mankind, don’t let these wealthy commies that would never be inconvenienced by anything tell you otherwise. Go tell the Hulk’s message to China that builds a coal-fired powerplant every week on average, or the new pipelines from Russia. Oil is ENERGY, Oil is POWER, Oil is FREEDOM.

  • onecornpone

    I thought I could escape such pop-culture idiocy by becoming a pop culture dropout – but alas, ……… now the whole Ag community has drank the warming kool aide… Proof that if you REPEAT a lie often, eventually there will be folks who will join the chorus. Lately my business associates and peers ignorance scares me.

  • nomoretraitors

    Mark who?

  • truebearing

    Don QuiRuffalo is tilting at windmills. The vacuum in his head exceeds that of any evacuated tube collector ever invented.
    If Ruffoolo was aware of the failures of solar and wind power in Europe, maybe he’d stop embarrassing himself by yammering about something he knows nothing about. Then again, maybe he’d continue babbling, just to hear himself.

  • bob e

    i’ll be followin’ mark ruffalo to the land of windwatersun…but i been force-fed
    alot a baloney, and i don’t think i’ll ever get off the toilet …

  • Lars

    Read between the lines of Ruff’s tweets, “I need a job”.

  • A Z

    “In Mark Ruffalo’s world, there were no typhoons before the industrial revolution. ”

    So all those Spanish galleons were sunk in the Caribbean were sunk by run of the mill, milk toast rain storms?

    Or maybe Christopher Columbus steer his fleet into an island and he explained the loss of men & ships to the King and Queen as this huge and awesome when actually is was merely drizzling.

    I guess those Taino were very convincing liars and duped the ever gullible Spanish.

    “From Spanish huracán, ultimately from the name of the Taino storm god Juracán whom the Taínos believed dwelled on El Yunque mountain and, when he was upset, sent the strong winds and rain upon them.”

    So why are we listening to actors?

    • Strangerinastangeland

      That’s Dr. Rufalo to you.

  • bozman

    Whew, for minute there I thought Lou Ferrigno had gone insane.

  • engriv

    I assume this idiot does not eat food that is transported by fossil fueled vehicles, does not fly in fossil fueled airlines, and he travels in non fossil fueled vehicles

  • rusty57

    Is Obama still getting his science from Hollywood?

  • P_Ang

    Yes, because the last couple years of greatly reduced worldwide typhoon and hurricane activity is due to global warming, as was the previous greatly increased worldwide typhoon and hurricane activity, as was the previous in-between activity, as was the years of previously unrecorded activity.
    Now that people in the Phillipines are actually making “death to America” speeches as they are being told the typhoon was America’s fault, people like Ruffalo making outrageous claims should be tried for treason.

  • Brian G Valentine

    duh if duh Hulk thinks den then how come we have fossil fuel for anyway

  • Brian G Valentine

    Ladies and Gentlemen, if you are concerned that your limited intelligence might limit your career possibilities – look to Mark Ruffalo for inspiration on how ANYBODY can be featured in Motion Pictures!

  • LABigDave

    Remember, Ruffalo is that fracking idiot!

  • george

    Wonder what caused Typhoons in ancient times before the discovery of oil ?

    Friends don’t let friends become liberals…it rots the brain

  • Roy Fjelldal

    Mark Ruffalo Is totally correct that is why some get so angry.

    • Brian G Valentine

      hulk thinks you are a idiot

  • Walther11

    Mark Ruffalo thinks because he is a movie star his opinion somehow carries more weight. I am very tired of the celebrity based society where someone whose entire skill set is finding some tape on the floor and remembering his lines is qualified to comment on anything.