I Am Not Trayvon Martin

trayvon martin protest

The latest liberal idiocy involves while college kids apologizing for their “white privilege” by declaring “I am not Trayvon Martin”. Of course they’re more likely to get assaulted going through a black neighborhood, than the Trayvon Martins are going through a white neighborhood, but facts like that stopped mattering years ago.

So let me take my own shot at it.

I am not Trayvon Martin. Not just because if confronted by a local Latino homeowner, I’m not likely to pick up a fight with him and beat him until he shoots me.

I am also not Trayvon Martin because if I were shot and killed by any person, regardless of race, color or creed, you would never hear Obama talking about it because I look nothing like his son.

Lacking the Black Skin Privilege that turns a death into an opportunity for race baiting, I would just be another statistic. There would be no rallies for me and no t-shirts with my name on it. No one would be talking about how they are me or aren’t me.

Twenty years ago, a young man who looked very much like me was stabbed to death in Crown Heights by a mob shouting, “Kill the Jew”. His name was Yankel Rosenbaum. The man responsible for the race riot he was killed in has a show on MSNBC and is considered Obama’s main liaison to the black community.

So I know that if I were killed, the man responsible would probably show up on MSNBC ten years later lecturing on racism and white privilege.

If I were killed, my death would not be a cause, only another urban statistic in cities where crime is disproportionately carried out by the Trayvon Martins of the world, who are turned into martyrs when they are killed, rather than when they do the killing.

I am not Trayvon Martin because my death would not be used to convince bored white kids to pour out their fake guilt in histrionic displays of political correctness.

I am not Trayvon Martin because no one would care what brand of candy I was carrying or what I was wearing or where I was going. I would be another white outline on the sidewalk that the white privilege kids would walk around on the way to another seminar on white privilege.

  • ratonis


  • T100C1970

    Ole Trayvon wasn’t actually “just” carrying Skittles. He was carrying two of the three ingredients of a cheap high in ‘da hood called “Lean”. The other ingredient he was carrying was Arizona Watermelon Juice (not the previously reported Arizona Iced Tea). The the “missing ingredient is codeine cough syrup (which he had been seeking on facebook) but a common substitute is a bottle of Robitussin either of which he may have located at his intended destination.

    • UCSPanther

      The recipe is simple: Cough syrup for the active ingredient, Sprite or a similar beverage for the liquid media and Jolly Ranchers or Skittles for flavoring…

      I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole…

      Also commonly referred to as “Purple Drank” and “Sizzurp” according to Urban Dictionary…

      • ziggy zoggy

        I’ll never give my sons cough syrup again. Never. I’ll let them guzzle a gallon of honey and bounce off the walls first.

      • Chris Brown

        But if your doctor prescribed Vicodin for a sour throat I bet you’d take those without a second thought.

        Don’t be so self righteous, drugs and alcohol are used on a daily basis by billions of people because we all can’t stand the human condition

        • UCSPanther

          Yeah, but most people don’t abuse them by mixing them with soft drink and candy, and downing the whole mess just for a cheap high…

          • Chris Brown

            No, they just drink white wine with them and sit in their jacuzzi completely high off their rears

            PS, adding soda to whiskey is pretty much the same thing just alcohol isn’t illegal. A buzz is a buzz

    • ziggy zoggy

      I have yet to see a single writer at FPM acknowlege this irrefutabe fact. Very disappointing.

    • Chris Brown

      Codeine is not simply found in Robitussin, it’s a prescription only medication in the United States.

      PS, lots of 17 year olds that are black, white, red, yellow and all colors drink alcohol, smoke week and do elicit drugs. Doesn’t mean they deserve to be 6 feet under. Consider that in your perspective.

  • Moto

    I am not Trayvon Martin.

    If I am killed by a hispanic guy with ingredients for a street drug,nobody will show pictures of me as a child and pretend that I still have the same habits and interests I did when I was 6 if I am pushing twenty years of age.

    I am not Trayvon Martin. I have something called “White Privilege”…even though no one is able to explain to me what that is exactly, as they point to positions of power filled by whites and a lesser number of positions filled by blacks, who make up a lesser number of the population in a historically majority white nation,and pretend that the law of probabilities doesn’t exist in order to “prove their point”.

    Because of my whiteness, I have the privilege of being presumed guilty of a crime, even when a hispanic guy did it, and even when the state was unable to prove it was a crime.

    Because of my whiteness and maleness, I have the privilege of the cultural assumption that I cannot achieve success without cheating, even though I pay more taxes so that every other race and sex can cut in line or be considered more favored than myself in every public institution.

    I am not Trayvon Martin,just one of those white guys that every commercial and sitcom thinks it’s funny to depict as being assaulted or put down by minorities and women in an endless loop.

    I flagellate myself for having the privilege of being excluded from an endless
    benefits bonanza that targets every race and sex except my own,and not being able to go to the college that Obama graduated from because I cannot afford to and nobody cares if white guys go to college.

    I’m so sorry for not being allowed to set foot on the grounds of the campuses that my tax dollars pay for minorities to attend without being questioned by security in much the same way Trayvon Martin was questioned by George Zimmerman.

    I am further deeply sorry that I have never been shot by any of these security personnel because I always respond to such questions with friendly and sensible answers rather than mixed martial arts body slams and racial slurs that don’t even apply to my targets.

    I am not Trayvon Martin. I will never know the terror a black man feels when a random,drug-fueled,unprovoked assault results in spontaneous acts of self-defense from my victim.

    For all of my manifold sins, being white, for being the descendant of Europeans and sharing in their culture like everyone else in the world shares in the culture of their forefathers,for being male, for being white again, and especially for not being a communist left-liberal black homosexual transvestite, I am gravely, deeply, and abjectly sorry.

    I accuse myself of thoughtcrime. I have been to the proletariat sector and trafficked with prostitutes….etc,etc…

  • insecticide

    Hey Keesha, isn’t “Trayvon” a funny name?

  • tagalog

    I’m not Trayvon Martin. I’m Spartacus!

  • ziggy zoggy

    Black Americans kill multiple White Americans every single day. Few people care about that. Only a ret@rd could fail to see Black skin privilege and only a delusional douchetard could see White skin privilege. One third of the population are stupid. That is a statistical fact. I’d say close to 100% of lefties are stupid.

  • crazyinfinitus

    I wonder if any of you actually know the effects lean has. And why does what he was searching for have to do with him getting a bullet in his chest? If he would have committed a crime which is highly unlikely then he should get penalized for it. How would you feel if someone shot you because of something you might do? Zimmerman did not have to follow the boy. Zimmerman did not have to start an altercation with the boy. Zimmerman could have just called the police like any other normal paranoid person who sees someone “suspicious” and let them handle it instead of trying to be batman and save gotham city. And zimmerman is not safe no matter where he goes because unfortunately people will try to deliver there own form of ironic karma and try to be a vigilante like him and take him out it’s just a matter of time. I just wished zimmerman didn’t shoot him. Everyone deserves a chance to grow up

    • tagalog

      The Skittles and the Arizona drink are a red herring and are meaningless. They are used to emphasize that little Trayvon was just doing his innocent thing and was not being a criminal. But when Trayvon Martin reached the point when he decided to assault George Zimmerman, his conduct took on serious -and criminal- significance. If Martin had just gone on home, he’d have been fine. But noooo, he decided he was going to confront Zimmerman. He was going to teach that creepy-ass cracker a lesson – don’t mess with the black man.

      Trayvon Martin didn’t get shot because of what he might do. He got shot because of what he actually WAS doing, criminally assaulting a person whose only fault was that he suspected Martin of having some kind of wrongful intent and took the trouble to try to check him out.

      People say Zimmerman started the fight. Where do they get that from? Because Zimmerman followed him? Following someone is NOT starting a fight with them.

      Trayvon Martin was the first to attack, the initial aggressor, the first to get physical, the first to throw a punch, the first to threaten his victim with death. Trayvon Martin started the fight that got him killed.

      • Chris Brown

        He wasn’t a man, he was a boy.

        Zimmerman pursued him and got his ass handed to him and shot him because he choice to bring a gun into what should’ve been a mutual combat situation. If someone was creeping around following me I’d probably want to know what they were doing and I’m white/asian mix and not a fighter, I don’t want non-uniformed people following me around at night.

        Zimmerman had no authority over Martin, they were 2 citizens. Being part of a Neighborhood Watch doesn’t endow you with any special powers. Observe and Report. Not Follow and Harrass.

    • Mlm46

      Including Antonio West, the toddler who was shot between the eyes by two black teens in Brunswick, Georgia!

      • kuffar geoff

        oh really that happened? did not hear about it. wonder why? sarc off:(

        • Mlm46

          Of course you wouldn’t hear about it! That’s the liberal media not reporting on what doesn’t fit their agenda! Why don’t you Google this story and learn what other terrible things are happening to our children.

  • motherofbeaver

    Thank you Mr. Greenfield for remembering Yankel Rosenbaum. He could have been my son.

  • De Doc

    Were George Zimmerman a black American, we’d have never heard of it either. It would have been buried somewhere in the pages of the local newspapers and probably no other mention other than the local TV news.

  • Paula Warfel Viering

    It’s crazy to think there are so many ignorant people! More white people get killed tn black neiborhoods? You know this to be fact? No you don’t. White people usually travel to black neiborhoods for illegal activity. Do you know of another reason to go? Black people have to travel to white neighbor hoods If they want to be a part of society. Better jobs, better homes, shopping and restaurants. People are right, you would not hear about this if treyvon were white. First Zimmerman would have not stalked. Secondly when treyvon fought back Zimmerman would have not felt scared enough to shoot. Lastly if he he did shoot at white treyvon charges against Zimmerman would have been filed immediatly. We know about treyvon because his family and friends bought this injustice to the media thank God! Zimmerman may not have shot treyvon because he is racist but he is prejudice. There is a huge difference and we all do it. America needs to admit it and own it. It’s more of a gun issue. Zimmerman was told not to pursue and he did. I am a women and I would have responded the same way treyvon did if some creepy police wanna be was following me. If the race flag needs to be raised to bring attention to this matter let it fly!

    • Todd Hill

      All you have is your own speculation. You don’t know what anyone else was going to do in any situation except for what actually happened. You don’t know what anyone was thinking, or what they would have done, and you know how we know this? Because you weren’t on the stand at the trial. If the prosecution didn’t think your views were important enough to include you as a witness, then they weren’t that important at all, now were they?

      • Paula Warfel Viering

        Important enough for you to read and respond! Was Zimmerman scared? Did you read the 911 transcript? Was he told he not to follow? Do you want to talk about speculation? Like the speculation Zimmerman made about Treyvon?

        • Todd Hill

          It was so devoid of actual facts that I needed to rebut your idiocy for the less than competent individuals like Chris “The Wifebeater” Brown. It’s hilarious how fucking wrong you are about just about every fact in this case. Trayvon was 17 years old and in the dark looks just like any other adult at 6′ 2″. It’s really too bad that Zimmerman wasn’t as clairvoyant as you appear to be with all this information you’ve obtained in 16 months since the case started. It’s laughable really, since Zimmerman had none of this knowledge, in the dark over a period of about 16 minutes. I understand his excuse, however, the only excuse you have is that you are a race-baiting, emotional, TV hound who has no ability to think for yourself. Have a great day being an uninformed ignorant mess.

      • Chris Brown

        Todd, you posted to my post that there was no crime by Zimmerman in following Martin. That’s evaluating intent, so it’s okay for you but not for Paula? Which one is it?

        Are you in politics? It would seem you like to say whatevers agrees the most with your viewpoint.

        • Todd Hill

          Following isn’t a crime in any jurisdiction, anywhere, it has nothing to do with intent, so no, it’s not ok to represent things without some factual corroboration. Nice straw man there with the politician comment. Now attack my actual argument instead of your ad hominem BS. He was not guilty, no matter how much following was done, or how much you’ve gone through in your life, or what cheetos taste like in the rain, or any other ridiculous sideshow you want to try and bring into this.

  • Paula Warfel Viering

    FYI Al Sharpton did not incite the riot. The riot started before the ambulance arrived at the car accident. Lemrick Nelson and Charles Price were convicted for the murder of Yankel Rosenbaum. Rosenbaum picked Nelson out of a police lineup at the hospital that very night. Nelson was tried as an adult , aquitted twice and finally convicted and sentenced to 19 years for violating Rosenbaum’s civil rights. He seved 10. Later he was strapped in the neck with an ice pick. Police never found assailant. Charles price was sentenced to 21 years. The point to this is someone was charged that night during a riot and Zimmerman was not charged without public pressure. If you a going to write about things like this you should list all of the facts and not mislead people.

  • Rochelle

    You are an idiot.

  • Todd Hill

    Your conclusions about this case and it’s facts are off the mark, especially since the trial has now happened and the ability to find the real evidence exists. You are either trolling, being disingenuous, or just plain stupid.

    Following someone, even while in possession of a firearm, isn’t a crime, nor does it take away your right to defend yourself from an attack that you feel endangers your life.

    • Paula Warfel Viering

      I’m going to go out on a limb and speculate you’re a smart man. Following someone is a crime. It has many names. Harassment and stalking are just a few. Not all evidence is admissible in court. Facts get overlooked and thrown out of court everyday. The lawyers, judges and jury do the best they know . They make mistakes. They’re human. Are you? Can you as a human being actually believe in your heart that a boy needed to be murdered by neighborhood watch?

      • Sashland

        Paula: Can you, as a human being, actually believe that boy should have been permitted to murder Zimmerman that night? Martin was the attacker, Zimmerman was attacked, and had the right to defend himself.

        Why do you think murder is an acceptable response for thinking someone is following you?

        Are we not human, can we not speak to people before punching them and attempting and threatening to kill them? Why do you support Martin’s violence?

        Do you prefer that Zimmerman died?

      • Todd Hill

        Harassment and stalking have legal definitions, not the ones you hear on your evening television cop shows where they don’t have to prove things beyond a reasonable doubt. You are being emotional and unreasonable based on the results. You are ignoring the very details that are pertinent in determining someone’s guilt. The system is based on evidence, not someone’s feelings, and the only things that weren’t allowed in the trial were things that would have assisted Zimmerman, so don’t act like there were things disallowed at the trial that would have proven him guilty because you are just being disingenuous and unreasonable.

        One last thing, don’t put words in my mouth, I never said that I believed that the boy needed to die. On the other hand, he wasn’t murdered, he was killed after attacking another person. That person wasn’t actually on neighborhood watch that night, he was just on his way home from the store too and I don’t see how that would be relevant. Do you see how many things you have factually incorrect? Turn off the TV and read a book, it helps with the comprehension of facts that are central to being able to understand what happened here.

    • Chris Brown

      Let’s define some terms.

      1. Trolling – person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people,[1] by posting inflammatory,[2] extraneous, oroff-topic messages in an online community

      I am speaking on the topic, my statements aren’t inflammatory just my opinions.

      2. Disingenuous – lacking in frankness, candor, or sincerity; falsely or hypocritically

      I’m being absolutely candid, frank and sincere

      3. Stupid – lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind; dull.

      Seeing as I’m offering an opposing opinion to those posted here, I would not consider myself stupid but potentially just stubborn.

      Following someone is a crime if your intent is to cause harm. Not saying Zimmerman meant to cause harm, we don’t know his intent unless you are a clairvoyant, which I doubt. So you have a point there.

      Concealing a gun without a permit is a crime. Zimmerman concealed his weapon and therein concealed his intent to Trayvon Martin. He never identified himself or gave Martin an opportunity to explain his actions.

      I appreciate your attempt to “dissect” my comment, however I’d appreciate it if you would offer an opinion rather than just call me stupid.

      • Sashland

        Nope, following someone is not a crime, but it can be risky, hence the comment to Zimmerman “you don’t HAVE to do that” as in, you don’t HAVE to put yourself at risk of criminal attack.

        The jury got it right – ‘no punch, no death’. Just keep your hands to yourself.

        You guys don’t know the law, dont’ really want to know the law, so you just make up what sounds right to you…

        • Chris Brown

          Stalking, harrassment. Words that mean following someone with a bad intent. “You guys don’t know the law” must include you.

          • Sashland

            Hey Chris B:

            Stalking: see Florida Statute.
            Harassment: see Florida Statute.

            Neither crimes match Zimmerman’s actions. He was walking in his own neighborhood. Zimmerman did not even know who Martin was, hence he could not have been stalking or harassing him under state law.

            Your own thoughts are not the law. Just because you can write words doers not mean they are accurate.

            The prosecutor would have charged Zimmerman with jay-walking and littering if she could – they didn’t. Why? No law was broken.

            Martin should have gone home instead of ambushing and assaulting Zimmerman. No punch, no shot.

          • Chris Brown

            Touche, all accurate. I take my comments about stalking/following/harassing back. I did search for a Florida statute about stalking and there isn’t one.

          • Sashland

            Re Chris Brown “Touche”

            Thank you so VERY much for your intellectual honesty and ability to admit error. We are all human, but I especially admire your taking the time to research, and then having the honor to post your correction.

            Well done Sir! I did not know you but you have earned my respect.

          • Todd Hill

            About time you get that your characterization of legal terms are inflammatory and factually incorrect. I’m glad that Sashland took the time to show you how to read and comprehend how things work in the real world. Also very big of you to admit you were wrong rather than just not come back after being shown the door.

          • Chris Brown

            Todd, I wasn’t talking to you, my statement to you still stands. I was simply acknowledging that my characterization of Zimmerman’s following behavior as illegal was incorrect. He still wasn’t supposed to be following Martin around as a Neighborhood Watch Commander (self appointed) and was really supposed to just Observe and Report. And just because a state has a “will

            Get off your high horse.

            Thank you, Sashaland, I’m always willing to admit where I’ve made mistakes.

      • Todd Hill

        You are ignoring factual evidence and offering your opinion in place of known evidence, that would be disingenuous. I didn’t call you stupid, you chose that one out of the three yourself.

        • Chris Brown

          “You are either trolling, being disingenuous, or just plain stupid.”

          Don’t cherry pick your own statement. I defined those terms and your definition of disingenuous is incorrect because I had misinterpreted the law and also rescinded my statements about following.

          What you are doing is trolling, looking around for commenter you can incite or agitate into a confrontation over small portions of their statements instead of finding real error in the thought process and dissecting it.

          Again, thank you for trying to evaluate my comments but I’ll stay engaged with people who want to converse instead of just use the dictionary and nitpick.

  • Paula Warfel Viering

    My views are important enough for you to read and respond!

  • gronab

    I find it interesting you claim that black Americans have a secret power over whites called “black skin privilege” that you seem to resent. The only catch is that they have to be shot by a white man to use it. That’s pretty dang ironic right there.

  • BridgetTweeter

    All the meth head sitting around judging lean LOL. Now that is funny.

  • nickaponzi@yahoo.com

    The only dude to utter racist remarks was treyvon! The Liberal media wants to make all white people demons!

  • Deena Stockton

    Let me tell you what happened to me then you can decide, This happened in 1968, and I was barely 13, while picking me up from school my mom and brother were attacked and stabbed by 2 black youths who were starting a race riot against whites by throwing snowballs at white people’s cars we got hit and almost had a wreck and then my mom who was upset got out of the car to see if she did hit the person in front and asked the crowd to please stop before someone gets hurt that’s when they surrounded her, My brother who just served in Viet Nam got out to get my mother, the rest is hard for me to talk about, They survived the brutal attack but the 2 black youths were never charged and walked away, All these years my family had to live with the injustice and I thank God I was strong enough to let this cloud my thoughts on humanity. We never had our Justice and sometimes I want to scream out. WHERE IS OUR JUSTICE, Obama.

    • Mlm46

      Sorry you had to endure this injustice! There have been many injustices done to many people, all races, ethnicities and religions. It is a human failure and we cannot single out any one group. It is something we all should be working on for the sake of the Human race, the only race that takes top precedence!

  • Blake

    I am not Trayvon Martin because I’m intelligent, speak proper English and am not a thug wannabe that attacks people randomly. I am not Trayvon Martin because I have no need to and don’t use racial slurs and am not currently rotting like the no good loser he is. I still celebrate his death to this day. Another punk out of the way of law-abiding citizens.