Idiots Converge on Freezing D.C. to Protest Global Warming

“Nooooooooo Keystooooooooooone”

The United Idiots of America, in conjunction with the Sierra Club, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and a bunch of other organizations that no one had ever heard of before  held a “Forward on Climate” rally. No one including the organizers appeared to know what this meant or how it’s possible to go forward on a climate.

The rally participants, mainly bored college students, were united in their opposition to the Keystone Pipeline which would create jobs for working class people. And united in their stupidity. One sign read, “Read My Lips, No New Carbons”, apparently protesting the element. Unfortunately every time lips are opened and words come out, so do new carbons.

Another sign demanded, “Fight Climate Chaos.” Refusing to cooperate, the weather in Washington D.C. dipped below 30 degrees forcing the assorted idiots to shiver while listening to speeches warning that the icebergs on the pole were melting. Again.

There were idiots dressed as polar bears and one idiot dressed up as a whooping crane.  Occupiers showed up in black hoodies with their faces covered, not so much as a disguise, but for warmth. The Forward on the Climate or For the Climate or Away from the Climate rally was a real cross-section of American idiots. There were electric bicycle salesmen, yoga instructors, Quakers and environmental science students.

Lots of white people raised their fists in the air in solidarity with something. Possibly the climate. Robert Redford wrote an editorial in support of the protest, but didn’t bother flying a private jet over to take part. There was an awkward dance party. There were a few obligatory giant puppets. Everyone was cold, but everyone pretended that the planet was burning up.

Kids roped in by their idiot parents shivered while holding up signs about solar power. College students swarmed around the buses that brought them and texted while old hippies made speeches. There was a giant model of a pipeline or maybe a windmill. No one could tell. And there were lots of signs about how everyone loved Mother Earth.

Finally they all went home, leaving behind trash and not much else. Rally organizers estimated turnout at 35,000 people which would hardly be worth reporting on if the media wasn’t compulsively pushing an agenda. Getting 35,000 freezing idiots in a single place to protest how hot the planet is becoming is only noteworthy as a punchline.

  • bob e

    always glad ta' see these idiots freeze…would love to see their mouths freeze shut..
    luv your stuff mr g.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      They may freeze their brains off, but that only makes them dumber.

      • Rob

        Amazingly stupid article, Daniel. Perhaps you could find the time to read some of the actual published research on climate change. There's a lot of it, though, being that the science dates back to the 1820's and now consists of well over 100,000 published scientific research papers. And, just to prep you for a dose of reality, well over 99% of those scientific papers accept that humans are the primary cause of current warming.

    • Liam

      Pffft you are a very sad excuse for a human being

      • UCSPanther

        And you are stupid kid…

  • UCSPanther

    If the sun was replaced by a black hole and earth became a cold lifeless husk with surface temperatures approaching absolute zero, those idiots would still be hollering about global warming

    • BS77

      I love it…the march of the morons…..wasn't this the coldest winter in Russia in the last twenty years? Didn't New England get the heaviest snow falls in over thirty years? Didn't Antarctica post the greatest expansion of sea ice in the past twenty years?

    • Howie Honky

      But only if their Gore-messiah TOLD them to!

  • BillF

    Climate disruption deniers don't understand science, economics or national security. Geez, even the US military establishment is factoring climate disruption into US military strategy. See…. As for economics, Germany in particular is leaving the US in the dust re: high-tech, green alternatives to fossil fuels like wind turbines and photovoltaics, which are the growth industries of the 21st century. Meanwhile, the US continues to devote mountains of money to transform corn into ethanol (a century old technology by the way) that doesn't even address climate disruption anyway, and probably makes it worse. All you flat-earthers out there who try to politicize the issue, you look a lot more foolish than any of the protestors. Wake up!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Germany is actually backing away from Global Warming after energy prices skyrocketed.

      And under Obama, the military will produce a report endorsing any leftist claptrap out of the White House.

      • biomajorinthekitchen

        That is completely false. Germany continues to increase their commitment to alternative energy sources.

      • HarryWiggs

        No, Germany is NOT backing away. Conspiracy-monger much?

    • Sussex Girl

      Bill–The "deniers" aren't actually denying climate change, just the cause.

      German electric bills have risen 25% (Spanish rates are up 30%) from chasing after green energy. Der Speigel ran an article a week ago discussing the fact that there has been no warming in 14 years and that climate scientists can't explain why. Here's why: alarmist data are based solely on computer models. Actual data show the lack of warming. Kevin Trenbreth of the UK said, three years ago, "We can't account for the lack of warming, and it's a travesty that we can't." NOAA admitted that 2012 wasn't the hottest ever after all (funny how the MSM didn't pick up THAT admission). Why did they try to claim that 2012 was so hot? They adjusted readings from rural temperature recording stations UP to compensate for the UHI (urban heat island effect) at urban stations, among other things.

      It's been a scam for a long time. The reality is that the climate changes we've seen, starting with the Little Ice Age in the 1600s, are from solar activity, or actually the lack thereof. When there are few (or no) sunspots, global temperatures are cooler. These periods are known as minima, the most famous, or infamous as the case may be, was the Maunder Minimum from approximately 1640 to approximately 1680, and it was stinking cold. The Dalton Minimum was from 1790 to 1830. Last year, three different views of the Sun by the National Solar Observatory indicated that the sunspots are disappearing, indicating that we are heading into another very cold period. Some geologists, Don Easterbrook of Western Washington University among others, are calling for another Maunder Minimum. Earth will experience a decade or so of very changeable weather before heading into a very cold period.

      Humans don't cause warming (or cooling—remember Time Magazine's famous cover in the 1970s calling for another Ice Age because pollution was obscuring the Sun and cooling the planet?) At that time, Earth was still in a cooling period that lasted from 1945 to the late 1970s). When all the hysteria about global warming slows down, there will be another catastrophe the Left will cook up to scare us (to force us to comply). Even now, the UN is moving on from global warming to a loss of biodiversity as the next, new big concern to send us all into a panic.

      Get real. Do the research. Read the most current data. You'll be amazed at how we've been duped.

    • Mary Sue

      It's not being caused by human-spewed CO2.

      • biomajorinthekitchen

        Yes it is. And I'll explain it if you'll listen

      • HarryWiggs

        Please cite the peer-reviewed data that backs up this common denier meme.

    • patron

      The Navy's recent biofuel standards make them spend much more for gasoline. I believe it's $20 per gallon.

      Germany's population who manage to live without welfare spending and achieve good health without Medicare or Let's Move created their strong fiscal position.

      Wind and solar have turned into horrible waste of money with much greater costs in money and energy requirements than initially estimated.

      I know of no small government conservative who favors ethanol. Ethanol and algae biofuels were pushed onto the market by Obama's EPA along with midwest politicians who just want the subsidies.

      • figment

        >>I know of no small government conservative who favors ethanol. Ethanol and algae biofuels were pushed onto the market by Obama's EPA along with midwest politicians who just want the subsidies.

        Exactly. Unless you are a corporate farmer selling corn for ethanol,ethanol is hurting us livestock farmers who have to pay more for feed, as we dump our food supply into our gas-tanks, injuring not only the pocketbooks, but the engines seize up and take a crap at 1/3 life. Don't even bother hoping a a two stroke engine will last more then 6 months. and don't forget higher fertilzer costs as they have removed sulfur from fuel which was indeed a benefit that they don't like to mention.

        And you don't hear the global wormers protesting the rain forest that is being depleted in order to plant more CORN for ethanol and switchgrass – another failure of monumental proportion; but a success if you are of the Cloward-Piven mindset.

        • mlcblog

          Exactly. If these were feasible fuels, private enterprise would have developed them years ago!!

    • RUJV

      You wake up. And then read the news.

      This whole fabricated crisis is about creating artificial shortages and destroying industry; by industry I mean the industries that the scamers don’t like: coal, nuclear, electric, manufacturing.

      And then there’s the science, or lack thereof:

    • Mary Sue

      In England, due to regulations mandating "green" energy use, families are FORCED to choose between HEAT (in a cold winter!) and FOOD.

      • mlcblog

        OY YOY YOY

      • HarryWiggs

        Source? Or just uninformed opinion?

    • Mappy

      There is still no proof that Temperature flucuations are in any way connected to man. Meanwhile, while Millions starve to death all over the World, Global Warming freaks work to Legalize wealth transfers in the name of Mother Earth. How about you care for Mankind over the Earth for a change?

      • HarryWiggs

        No proof? Denier FAIL.

    • HarryWiggs

      Careful: Deniers got all swiffy when you pitch F ACTS and DATA at them.

  • @deadguychuck

    Wholly crap there is a whole lot of stupid here. The pipeline will only create a meger 200 hundred jobs and even if your not worried about global warming the health risks from fracking, mountaintop removal and this pipeline are astounding and extremely well documented. Cancer rates in the surrounding areas are bound to skyrocket if this project is approved. But why would people like you care about the health and well being of anyone besides yourself.

    • patron

      The basis for linking cancer to fossil fuel emissions lies in a 3% to 10%, depending on the study, higher rate in urban areas compared to rural areas. This could be due to a number of factors including diet, genetics, exercise, radon exposure, and smoking.

      You act like no consequences exist when limiting energy availability. More people die when they cannot heat their homes or power agricultural machinery.

    • Liam

      Im with you man. I was there!

    • Mary Sue

      most cancer is caused by the third variable.

    • edgineer1

      The only solution to chuck's problem (and those like him) is suicide.

  • Liam

    I will laugh when these people were right and we all burn up because of people like you laughing at them. You people are what embarrass America, you people righting stuff like this against the very people trying to save you is why America is looked down upon by everyone else. you people are sad excuses for human beings!

    And guess what I was there! I stood out in that cold and that wind to save our Earth. And don't laugh and say "none of that craps really" because it is and the only reason you say its not is because you are too rapped up in Republican Propaganda and Big business Propaganda that you cant see the truth right in front of you! Even in that cold the Earth is still burning up. so laugh it up while you can cause' you wont in a very near future. Either if we stop this and save the world or get laughed at and we all die… by the way you have a very low vocabulary for the amount of times you used the word "idiots"… 6 times actually.

    Liam Walker, 14 year old Environmentalist

    • UCSPanther

      You have a lot of growing AND a lot of learning to do, kid.

    • UCSPanther

      And BTW, when I was 14, I knew a LOT more about politics than you do, and being one who grew up in the dark of statism (The 1990s), I knew that the Conservative and pragmatic path will do billions of times more useful things in the end unlike the feel-good fluff and asinine tomfoolery that your dems are well-known for.

    • Mary Sue

      You're 14 years old, you don't know s*** about s***, PULL UP YOUR PANTS!

      You can't save Our Earth, because Our Earth doesn't need saving in the manner in which you presume it does. You had your brain washed by idiot teachers and jackasses like David Suzuki and Algore.

      Listen to yourself. How can the earth burn up in cold? Pick up a Logic 101 book lately there kid?

      I'm much older than you and much less gullible. And when I was 14, I saw through this environmentalist garbage. Global warming wasn't a thing yet, but do you know what was? GLOBAL COOLING!

      • biomajorinthekitchen

        Just because he is 14 doesn't mean he can't think, but apparently you can't. To put it simply: Less cold doesn't mean never cold. But hot days are happening more often.

        Global cooling happens for geological reasons, and there are some who think that that is what should be happening from a geological cycling point of view, but that doesn't change the fact that it is actually getting warmer.

    • figment

      >>>why America is looked down upon by everyone else. you people are sad excuses for human beings!

      1. Americans weren't looked down upon until we were overthrown by the radical, anti-moral, marxist, communists.

      2. What's sad is naive soul thinking that they can save the planet by standing out in the cold and wind to save the Earth.
      Hope you had long-johns on. Did you know that they were manufactured in a factory? Run by "Big business" ?
      Did you walk to DC? Or take a carbon emitting vehicle that uses gasoline or diesel fuel that is created in a refinery?
      A refinery that creates a multitude of other products that you can not live without, including paints, fuel and home heating oil, asphalt, pharmaceuticals,food additives and flavoring, the acrylic fibers in your long johns; and chemicals used to make plastics and electronics; your computer.

    • Larry

      Liam, I've been following and studying the warmists and their agenda for more than twice as long as you've been alive.

      Guess what? They still haven't managed to get a single solitary projections, forecast, prediction, or prognostication right in that entire period.

      • biomajorinthekitchen

        No, the projections have all underestimated the amount of warming that is taking place. Oops, I guess the warming must be false if it's happening faster than we thought…

    • Drakken

      I can't stop laughing long enough to write this low IQ voter a decent rebuttal, because this guy is a hoot and future Darwin Award winner, hopefully with an honorable mention, I wish I could spare an ounce of empthy or sympathy for this guy, but they bring their own demise upon themselves. Please for the sake of the rest of humanity, don't breed!!!

    • biomajorinthekitchen

      I was out there with you. Way to kick ass!

      • Liam

        Nice! Wasnt it just like the worst day to plan it? ahh I had fun protesting any ways. I was the guy with the sign saying "dont frack your mother" and I wore an Indiana Jones style hat… like a fedora but crossed wit ha cowboy hat… But yeah it was worth it man!

    • Liam

      1: I am growing up much faster than most 14 year olds, (top of my class), (changed religion to agnostic from growing up christian at the age of 9) (have been protesting about what I think is right all my life) (general personality), so don’t stariotype me as you regular 14 year old.

      2: Even though the products used to do this rally were things begin protested (fossil fuels, paper, cloths made in a factory) well like we had a choice. But at least we used them for a good cause.

      3: Drakken… really? you didn’t even write anything about the subject just attacking me? that’s Straw man Fallacy.

      4:Larry … exactly what biomajorinthekitchen said is true.

      5: figment. i guess the communist thing could be true… but the reason is mostly because we stariotype all the other countries and make fun of them in stupid ways. and the Middle East and Muslim hate us because we help out Israel ALOT. and alot of other reasons… I just gave one.

      6:Mary Sue. We cant save the Earth if we dont do anything. And even if it is cold now… its still alot warmer than it was 100 years ago… and we are growing globally warmer by the year. and we dont just burn up… the atmosphere breaks down an let more sun rays in making us hotter that will and is melting polar ice caps that will flood us… and we will burn up…

      7: Thank you biomajorinthekitchen it seems like we are the only ones here with a conscious and the only ones here that know whats going on to the Earth.

      • JDC

        I'm sure you mean well, but you made your first mistake when you abandoned the Christian faith at the tender age of 9. That is truly sad. Get back to the Bible, and quit worshiping the false gods of climate and mother earth and your life will go much better in the coming years.

        • Liam

          I understand your concern due to the fact that almost every one I know tries to save me.

    • mlcblog

      You go, Liam! I like your passion, even though I don't agree with you at all. did you know that those pictures of the polar bears were captioned wrong? Polar bears PLAY on ice floes, and it was a fine day in the Arctic when the pictures were taken. In reality, the cute little bears were OK.

      • Liam

        Thank you! I really appreciate that.

    • PAthena

      Dear Liam, I'm glad that you are taking an interest in science. Note that the climate of the Earth has been changing for as long as the Earth has existed, around 4 billion years. The Earth is presently in a period between Ice Ages. The last Ice Age ended around 10,000 years ago and the next will return in about 10,000 years – a 20,000 year cycle dependent on changes in the orbit of the Earth around the Sun. (Read up on Ice Ages) Fortunately for us, the climate has warmed up since the last Ice Age. There was a mini Ice-Age of about 400 years from the middle of the 15th century to the middle of the 19th. (Volcanic eruptions also have an effect on the climate, but the most important factor is the Sun.)

      • Liam

        Yes I do take a huge interest in science. But in this past 50 years or so has the Earth not warmed up faster? Isn't that true?

    • DebbieOhio912

      Liam, since you feel that you are old enough to comment on this blog, then I will treat you like an adult. In plain English, you've been LIED to.

      • Liam

        Thank you for not using my age against me and just treating me as an adult. Even though I don't agree with you. Thank you.

  • Eric

    How come no ad hominem attacks are allowed in comments, when this article is nothing but one? Even the headline. Sorry, author, and various vistors to this no doubt fair and balanced website, the idiots here are those who don't know the difference between "weather" and "climate." Look it up.

    • Mary Sue

      Sure we do. We absolutely know the difference between "weather" and "climate". However, it is idiots like you that are pointing to the WEATHER and saying LOOK IT'S CLIMATE CHANGE.

  • UCSPanther

    Here's some footage of a 1940s-era ALCO RSD 1 class diesel electric starting up and belching smoke.

    Eat your hearts out, hippies:

  • Herb Benty

    @deadguychuck, debate is great but you are not allowed to lie.. Keystone will create thousands of jobs on both sides of the border, many even after it's built. Canada has possibly more oil than Saudi Arabia( who hates you), Your military runs on OIL, not windmills sonny. Oil is biodegradeable and very safe. Canada has around a 100 years of oil- enough time to master the atom, ie. Mr. Fusion, cars, homes, industry. Canada is Americas' best freind, please don't force the Canucks to sell it to China- and THEY do want it. Lastly sonny, there is no cancer threat and I noticed you had to fall back on personal attacks,( people like you). Cheap power would strengthen America and Canada and keep us out of the U.N'.s Trap for a while.

    • HarryWiggs

      "Oil is biodegradeable and very safe. "

      You just miiight wanna check up in Prince William Sound–not to mention the Gulf, Nigeria, AND learn some science cupcake–before making utterly ridiculous statements like that one.


  • Damon

    “The day the earth nearly died” – BBC documentary on causes of Permian extinction event. Look it up on YouTube.

    Geologist Peter Ward estimated that ALL of the CO2 released in Permian Extinction event by CONTINUOUS flood-basalt volcanic eruptions of Siberian traps for MILLIONS of years ,IN THE WORST CASE scenario it would have raised the earth temperature by 5 degrees. It’s BBC documentary ,so you can’t exactly accuse them to be a climate-change deniers ,can’t you?

    • Rob

      Damon, It is the PETM that helps to inform scientists what might occur if we are to warm the planet by such dramatic amount. You have to understand that nearly 90% of SPECIES went extinct during that event, and since you can keep a species going with a very small number of individuals… we're talking about really bad stuff.

      As you accurately point out, the Siberian Traps released massive amounts of CO2 over a very long period of time. We are doing almost exactly the same, only we're doing it in a tiny fraction of the amount of time. We're talking a couple hundred years as opposed to 10's of thousands of years. That means the impacts on living things is going to be much more severe.

  • Michael Copeland


    • zalukas

      And while you at it, end North Pole Apartheid of White Polar Bears against Black and Brown Bears.

      But seriously, making fun of these mental defectives, seems like kicking a three legged dog. Too easy .

      However they keep asking for it.

      George Carlin had so much fun playing with this nonsense. This one is for you Liam….

      • Drakken

        I think it would be great fun to let the polar bears out to play with the nice enviro whackos, it would make for a great reality show.

  • @deadguychuck

    I didn't lie I simply mistyped and forgot a zero. I think it's cute that you think this oil is staying in this country. The pipeline final destination is Houston for a reason. It's a coastal refinery where it will be refined and EXPORTED!

    According to the State Department, the Keystone XL will create approximately 2,500 to 4,650 temporary jobs during construction. This data comes directly from TransCanada itself. Additional data, also from TransCanada, states that there will only be “hundreds” of permanent jobs produced, not thousands.

    In terms of spin-off jobs (employment created around the construction of the pipeline such as truck drivers, etc.) figures as high as 500,000 have been tossed around. These incorrect and highly inflated numbers are believed to have come from a report paid for by TransCanada that stated that the pipeline would create over 119,000 “person-years” of work. A person-year is the amount of work that would keep a person employed for one year – which does not translate into 119,000 “jobs”.

    • Drakken

      You forgot to mention the EPA and the Obummer administration won't let keystone build a refinery in the Dakotas, so the Indian reservations see a great opportunity and are going to build a couple on their reservations.

  • @deadguychuck

    Though my figure regarding permanent jobs is still accurate.

  • jan freed

    Yes, AGW is real, man made, and extremely dangerous.

    I can explain it to you. But, I can't comprehend it for you.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      So is Manbearpig. I'm sorry if you're too slow to understand that.

    • JDC

      Rattle snakes and brown recluse spiders are also extremely dangerous. Of course, no one is denying that they are real, but maybe you should embrace a new cause. There are lots of dangerous things in the world. Wasn't "global cooling" just as dangerous back in the 70's?

      • Rob

        Read a research paper from Peterson 2008 titled, The Myth of the Global Cooling Scientific Consensus in the 1970's. They show that, even then, the majority of researchers were mostly discussing and concerned about warming from man-made greenhouse gases.

    • DebbieOhio912

      Gee Jan, I sure wish I had your ability to comprehend fiction.

      • Rob

        Are you aware that every National Academy of Science on the planet has a statement about man-made global warming saying it is real and a very serious concern for humanity?

  • Jack Fate

    I have my sign. Show me where the mob is so I can be somebody.

    • zalukas

      I’m planning a demonstration against Global Whining . Bring your sign.

  • Flowerknife_us

    Environmentalists leaving trash! Not very Tea Party-ish of them.

  • Gordon

    During the 70's, all the environmentalist, were all concerned with GOBAL COOLING. They even proposed a plan to spread Black Coal Dust over the Artic Polar Icecap to induce melting of the icecap. Gobal temperatures are cyclic, with warming and cooling trends. It is extreme hubris to believe humans have any impact on the climate.

    • johnnywoods

      All the human activity in the world will never match the pollution by one single major volcanic eruption. Also, global warming is caused by solar activity not human. The Global Warming advocates are the ones who need to study a little science. Good comment Gordon.

    • mlcblog

      I remember it well, and I agree with you about the hubris.

    • Rob

      That's incorrect. Most research in the 1970's was saying that emissions from man-made greenhouse gases would cause warming. Read Peterson 2008.

  • biomajorinthekitchen

    Less cold doesn't mean never cold. But hot days are happening more often.

    • johnnywoods

      Hey bio, the warmest year on record was 1936 not 2012.

      • biomajorinthekitchen

        Just because 1936 was more anomalous doesn't mean that there hasn't been a general trend towards warming

      • Rob

        No, 1936 was not the warmest year on record globally. The 10 hottest years globally have all occurred in the past 12 years.

  • jerome henen

    idiots is the right choice of words for these mindless nut bars.
    i am just waiting to see how they will link the asteroid strike
    to the global warming scam.
    astonishing that despite almost zero global warming for 15 years
    it is still being touted as an irrefutable fact by the purveyors of junk science
    like gore and suzuki and the sheeple follow along bleating their agreement
    and at the same rime stifling job creation.
    have none of these dopes realized that other sources of energy are
    at this point unsustainable without massive subsidies from government.
    Al;l that has happened is that it has pushed energy costs up and kept a lot of people
    out of work.

    • mlcblog

      ..but! there are many who work in "green" jobs. Some are making beaucoup bucks.

      • DebbieOhio912

        And what exactly is your definition of a green job? A guy who cuts grass with a push-mower? You're right about some making beaucoup bucks–I betcha' the top brass at Solyndra made a killing.

    • Rob

      Where do you get that there's been no warming for 15 years? That is provably false.

  • liz

    Must have cost Buffet some greenbacks

  • figment

    according to a new article written by someone who was there –
    there were about 4,000 people there. Not 35,000.

    Kinda like the oposite of the under-exaggeration of deadguychuck and his jobs number (leaving 0's out the word hundreds)

    • @deadguychuck

      The temporary jobs is in the hundreds, it's not so much that I forgot a zero as that I wasn't clear about what kinda of jobs (temporary/permanent). even a couple thousand temporary jobs is meager for a pipeline that is 1500 miles long. Even then If we initially have a work for every mile of pipe line, it will be reduced to a few hundred workers For a few thousand miles of pipeline. We know the oil companies always put safety first right?

  • ae em

    The demonstrators aka “peaceful civil disobedience”. The freedom of speech is
    constitutionally granted. However the place where such expression takes
    place is not. Could be: a) private property, such as a parking lot in
    front of a corporation. Often corporations are tenants at a leased
    property. Complaints of Criminal trespassing is at the discretion of the
    tenant. If on the other hand being on public space then b) city
    ordinances apply, such as jaywalking and nuisance. Federal property c) for instance National
    parks are federal property. For example large group walking over a grass
    area = Destruction of Government Property =18 U.S.C. Section 1361. It is probably easier to have demonstrations in other countries than it is in USA. Google: “police arrests demonstrators”. Which country do you think will show up in the results?