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If We Need 12 Million Mexican Illegal Aliens for “Global Competitiveness”, Why Isn’t Mexico Beating Us?

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On September 14, 2013 @ 9:48 am In The Point | 7 Comments

amnesty2 [1]

Serious question.

The Human Resources heads of a bunch of major corporations, many of which laid off thousands of workers [2], wrote a letter to Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner saying that the immigration system over here is badly broken and the only cure is legalizing 12 million illegal aliens.

We believe this would be a long overdue step toward aligning our nation’s immigration policies with its workforce needs at all skill levels to ensure U.S. global competitiveness.

Your average illegal alien has only one skill level. But let’s turn over the question. Are American corporations really starving for a shortage of unskilled laborers who don’t speak English?

Could they possibly make do with semi-skilled laborers who do speak English?

And if global competitiveness is the issue, then why isn’t Mexico kicking our ass economically? Or Sub-Saharan Africa? If we need 12 million Mexicans to be more competitive, why isn’t Mexico more competitive?

These corporations claim that they want to “address the reality that there is a global war for talent and that countries are competing to attract and retain the human capital essential to a culture of productivity and innovation.”

A global war for talent?

Can we try losing it then? If any up-and-coming country, like China, wants to take 12 million illegal aliens off our hands, why not let them? Oddly they don’t seem to want to do that.

The job market doesn’t trend toward countries desperately trying to attract illiterate drunk drivers who will get on benefits as soon as they can. There’s a reason for that.

“Even with the economy still recovering, many of our companies continue to have difficulty finding sufficient American workers to fill certain lesser skilled positions,” the letter says.
There are so many things wrong with that sentence, it’s hard to know where to begin. Somehow they expect an economic recovery to lead to a surplus of unemployed unskilled workers. And with much of the country not working and with massive numbers of unskilled workers unemployed, they just can’t seem to find any now.
For example, Hewlett-Packard, whose Executive Vice President for Human Resources Tracy Keogh signed the letter, laid off 29,000 employees in 2012. In August of this year, Cisco Systems, whose Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer Kathleen Weslock signed the letter, announced plans to lay off 4,000 — in addition to 8,000 cut in the last two years. United Technologies, whose Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Organization Elizabeth B. Amato signed the letter, announced layoffs of 3,000 this year. American Express, whose Chief Human Resources Officer L. Kevin Cox signed the letter, cut 5,400 jobs this year. Procter & Gamble, whose Chief Human Resources Officer Mark F. Biegger signed the letter, announced plans to cut 5,700 jobs in 2012.

Maybe they could just rehire some of their fired workers. But apparently that won’t meet their goal of pumping and dumping America because if they actually get their way, then the country will swiftly become impossible to do business in for most companies that aren’t plugged into the government.

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