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If You Go to College and Get a Degree, You’ll Be Qualified to Work as a Cashier at McDonald’s

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On April 4, 2013 @ 10:26 am In The Point | 20 Comments


The educational policy of umpteenth administrations has been that rushing higher percentages of Americans teens through the college system will lead to the creation of advanced new jobs and lead us to a new economy.

But the actual outcome of an economy that has not changed so dramatically that every other job is now so advanced that it requires a college degree is College Creep.

College Creep is not that guy who spent eight years hanging around campus before moving to El Salvador to protest things. College Creep is when jobs that don’t require college degrees now require them because college degrees are the new high school degrees.

Requiring a High School degree for job applicants limited the pool to the people who actually made it through the educational process and were thus assumed to sit still, follow basic orders and be able to read and write.

All the various raised standards at public schools tied to funding has led to even more aggressive class promotion and more High School graduates who fail even this simple standard. At the same time the system is pushing increased numbers of students through another four years leaving them with lots of debt and weak job prospects in a bad economy.

So College Creep kicks in.

College Creep is when college becomes the bare minimum for jobs that don’t require college. That’s an economic disaster for most Americans, but it’s a bonanza for academia.

And you know that College Creep has arrived when this happens [2]

A job opening at a Massachusetts McDonald’s restaurant for a full-time cashier requires one to two years experience and a bachelor’s degree.

“Get a weekly paycheck with a side order of food, folks and fun,” offered McDonalds.

It is not clear if the fast-food restaurant really wants that kind of experience or is fishing for the highest-qualified applicants.

Why shouldn’t it?

There’s a surplus of people with few job options and McDonald’s can use the same approach as other businesses to screen out the unemployables.

The real victims here are a generation that has been rushed through college, burdened with huge amounts of debt and pushed into the same old marketplace in which there are a few more tech jobs, but no overall marketplace transformation that can soak up all those surplus college degrees.

UPDATE: The McD’s is claiming the job posting was inaccurate and that it does not require a BA.

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