Illegal Alien Amnesty Will Apply to Gang Members


Gang members may be responsible for most of the gun violence in Chicago, but that doesn’t mean Barack Obama and the Amnesty Ocho Gang want to ban them the way they want to ban the Second Amendment.

Perish the thought.

If you are a fine upstanding gang member who DREAMs of going to college and taking a finance course in narcotics money laundering or human trafficking, all you have to do is click your Nikes together three times and proclaim, “I renounce my gang membership” three times and you’re in like Flynn.

The proposed law stipulates that prospective immigrants determined to be involved in gang-related activity are inadmissible to country, and that illegal immigrants already living here would be ineligible to receive legal status. This would not only apply to individuals who have been convicted of a gang-related offense, but also to those who “willingly participated in a criminal street gang with knowledge that such participation promoted or furthered the illegal activity of the gang.”

Such individuals (non-convict gang members) could still achieve legal status, however, if the DHS secretary grants them a waiver. All they would be required to do is “renounce” their gang affiliation.

In related news, the Republicans who created this act to reform our broken immigration system by breaking it completely, renounced their affiliation in the Republican and Tea Party gangs the same way.

Chris Crane, who heads the union representing more than 7,000 Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, says the bill’s policy with respect to gang members is “one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard.”

ICE agents in the field routinely confront illegal immigrants who are known members of gangs, Crane says, but the Obama administration’s new immigration policies have made it all but impossible to initiate deportation proceedings against them, even if they have been arrested on criminal charges. Since June 2012, DHS policy has prohibited agents from trying to deport illegal immigrants who might qualify for the administration’s “deferred action” DREAM program — individuals who were brought here illegally as children, who are currently enrolled in school or are a member of the military, and who have not been convicted of a serious crime.

Crane says the new policy is routinely abused. If an illegal immigrant claims deferred-action status — even if they are a known gang member or have just been arrested on criminal charges — ICE agents are not allowed to initiate deportation proceedings against these immigrants; agents must “take them at their word,” and release them without charge. “We’re forced to let these guys walk,” he says. “We’re restricted from enforcing the law.”

Welcome to Obamerica. Begin by renouncing your membership in the right wing gang that believes the Constitution is the law and you may be eligible for food stamps and a chance to open a small business and pay protection money to the EPA, HUD and the local gang of DREAMers.

  • daniel metz

    obummer and the black leaders love these gang members just like the panthers that support obummer and holder, they are their front line in the war on whites just like farraconvict said about getting the gang bangers to help the inner cities

  • onecornpone

    My best advice – Invest in prisons! After this regime's tenure we are going to need plenty of them, IF we still have a civil society worthy of rule of law.

    • Looking4Sanity

      Cemeteries. Real estate is always a good investment. Low overhead too. Much cheaper to mow grass than to feed and house non producers/ subversives. And I think the question you raise about civil society has already been settled. Take a look around. Jesus would call America "a whited sepulcher"…beautiful on the outside, but inside filled with all manner of filth and decay.

  • Guest

    This is exactly what NObama instituted in Afghanistan! Once our soldiers and the Afghani soldiers took custody of known Taliban insurgents, having them caught and being held in prisons, all they had to do was promise NOT to go back to their group and our soldiers had to let them go. Absolute insanity!!!

    • Roger

      Obama and his muslim heritage at it's most basic.

      We're the enemy and deserve to get punished.

  • guest

    In related news, the Obama Administration wants to deport a Christian homeschooling family seeking asylum from Germany…

    • Looking4Sanity

      Indeed. Ain't that just so frickin special? It warms the heart of my cockles just thinking about it.

  • wildman

    the ovomit n the democrudes could give 2 s$$ts less where their voters come from as long as they come

  • singer4422

    I agree

  • Looking4Sanity

    "Illegal Alien Amnesty Will Apply to Gang Members"

    Of course it will! Who do you think it was designed for in the first damned place?!? Overstate the obvious much?

    • annie Walker

      You need to take a breath & calm down son. Treating others rudely is NOT manly, though you’ve somehow been duped into thinking it does.

      And, it makes you look weak….

  • VivaLaMigra

    Obama needs these thugs to enforce his totalitarian regime, just like Hitler needed his "brownshirts" or "Hitler Youth" to persecute Jews and destroy anyone who objected to fascism.

  • parkour traceur

    I’m total agree witch you guys.

  • Cascanow1

    "None of the significant amendments have been accepted," he says. "It's pretty clear that the Gang of Eight's original statement that they would resist any significant changes to the bill is coming true."During the Gang of Eight arrogant committee meeting, Jeff Sessions introduced an adjustment putting the bill's promise of a path to citizenship for miscalculated 11 million undocumented aliens on hold until biometric data, such a fingerprints or retinal scanning, are executed to screen the entry and exit of every international visitor. However Sen. Lindsey Graham, a member of the Gang of Eight, facilitated this amendments defeat. There is a hope that this new immigration Reform bill doesn’t gain anymore momentum and dies, but even so a less injurious package could be extracted from the 1986 Immigration Reform & Control Act (IRCA) in the form of separate pieces of law. This wholesale immigration law S.477 would be an absolute catastrophe for American workers and the taxpayer, but it seems to me and perhaps millions of Americans would forewarn politicians drawing up this plan—don’t care?

    Another amendment that both Sessions and Marco Rubio, have introduced is a biometric entry-exit system. But Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein is against this major enforcement tool, even though it would be a great deterrent of the masquerade as travelers entering America, but intentionally overstaying their expired visa, that further adds to nameless billions of dollars supplied to them in surviving on taxpayer welfare benefits. Neither the average of 45 percent of foreign people who dodge inspection at airlines, or the border jumpers are criminals and do not deserve a PATHWAY TO CITIZENSHIP. So far the logical amendments have been voted out, as to expensive or hypothetical inefficient, just as the real fencing has been labeled. This is just irrational excuses that should be condemned for what they are? No more new fence construction; No amendment to birthright citizenship law in the S.477 bill: no exit and entry mechanism at airlines, boat terminals; The mandatory E-verify computer program conveniently isn’t in operation for 18 months, but in that regard a national ID card would be more efficient and could be used to vote, identify a credit worthy person and of course lock out illegal aliens from getting jobs. I have seen no adequate enforcement of business owners, getting their just deserts for hiring illegal aliens. SO AS I SEE IT THE S.477 BILL IS NOTHING MORE BUT AUDIENCE PLEASER, FOR A SANCTIMONIOUS BUNCH OF OLD POLITICIANS WHO ARE OUT TO PLEASE THEIR CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTORS AND ALL THE SPECIAL INTERESTS.

    If you're against amnesty, tell Washington "DROP IT BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. This is urgent. Tell Congress, "AMNESTY IS APPALLING NIGHTMARE FOR AMERICA! Do it today by phoning the central Washington switchboard at toll-free 1-888-978-3094. We can win this fight with your help with cautious taxpayers. Read the huge amounts of daily information disclosed on AmericanPatrol site, its articles, blogs and media reports cannot be dismissed as lies? Learn so much more about illegal immigration bills at JudicialWatch and NumbersUSA. Every day I'm more troubled by the pending Amnesty Bill. As you can monitor Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) found scores of loopholes that would allow illegal’s to draw public benefits on federal, state and local levels even sooner than advertised. We've got to stop Congress from passing it. Please, do your part by sending a fusillade of angry flak to every member of the House and Senate with a message from you that says, "AMNESTY IS A BAD DEAL. JUST SAY NO!" If it passes, in just six months illegal’s will be eligible to live and work here–despite the Gang of Eight promising illegal’s would not be allowed to access public benefits. Welfare for illegal’s–and their dependents–will fall on our backs. This, on an already a country of overtaxing code, bleeding us dry to not only supporting illegal aliens families (low income) but the other vermin who live of taxpayers.

  • Cascanow1

    There is a definite rise in the membership of the political Tea Party, a spike in people joining who have been heavily influenced by the impact of the scandals spreading around President Obama like shifting quicksand? Initially it began with the cover-up of the “Fast and Furious” incident that spread to Mexico, where thousands of people were murdered with guns smuggled into the country through U.S government approval. Soon afterwards the Benghazi incident, took place where Ambassador Anderson and his body guards were slaughtered inside the compound in Libya, which could have been avoided if urgent requests for military intervention hadn’t been refused. Thanks to Republicans this terrible situation is one of the humiliations still on the front burner and remains still with many unanswered questions? Somewhere along the line President Obama’s Democrats in silent coercion sealed the fate of our health care, and under the veil of darkness passed Affordable Care Act “ObamaCare” Even Democratic politicians are alarmed, with the cost, which is being called “A train wreck ready to happen”? When Americans think an unerring silence has fallen upon Washington, like a fresh layer of clean snow, the associated press investigations by the IRS hits the fan. This at the same time is interacted with the IRS cloaking their threats and innuendo against Mitt Romney donors and spreading their dark tactics at the Tea Party and Conservative organizations. Stumbling executives of the IRS oversight committee refused to admit wrong doing, and even refused to answer straight forward questions from both political interrogators?

    Now surfacing is the insipid immigration plan that at first seemed reasonable, but as the 844 tome was scrutinized it showed nothing more than a bending to special interests. Originally thought of something that could pass the Congressional House, it started to display its flaws. The Senators have made their intentions clear: they represent their own self-absorbed interests, not the interests of We the People. When deciphered it indicated that all illegal immigrant would have to pay back taxes, pay fines, learn English and have a basic knowledge of government and American civics. However, in 1986 these same directives were supposed to be implemented, but the whole thing was a travesty of slough-shod instruction mostly by La Raza classes that were never completed. But when the pages are turned in this ream of stapled drafts by Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama he showed courage and true integrity as a keen upholder of his oath of office and a defender of the rights of the American people. Hidden within the document were estimated 400 waivers, exemptions and other deceptions. Illegal aliens whether working or not, except for an exception few are living in near poverty; the poorest of the poor. That’s why they procreate at an accelerated pace and having as many babies, so they can gather as many entitlements on the backs of U.S. taxpayers from their newly minted citizen children. Of course the fact is this citizen rights still levitates hopelessly in the air, of whether this is constitutional or an error ridden elucidation by the Liberal courts. The only way to resolve the Birthright Citizenship is for the Supreme Court to hear it, but the left have an adversity to this happening?

    Since the 1986 Simpson/Mazzoli act the numbers of illegal immigrants have not regressed, although we are lead to believe this? Just ask under a U.S. Border Patrol agent under a promise of not being unidentified. Better still spend some time on the American Patrol website, which not only illustrate the downright lies from Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano THAT THE FENCE IS MORE SECURE” ,which couldn’t be further from the truth? Using their own small Cessna aircraft they have the digital photographed the true nature of the fence. What happened to the truth and transparency from government, specifically from Obama’s judiciary? The real 2006 Secure” Double or Triple layered Fence Act” that became law of which Senator Sessions insisted as a real enforcement amendment was set aside. Sessions said,” None of the significant amendments have been accepted," adding "It's pretty clear that the Gang of Eight's original statement that they would resist any significant changes to the bill is coming true." But that's not how fellow Republican and committee member Jeff Sessions of Alabama sees it.