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Illegal Alien Amnesty Will Apply to Gang Members

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On May 15, 2013 @ 3:13 pm In The Point | 15 Comments

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Gang members may be responsible for most of the gun violence in Chicago, but that doesn’t mean Barack Obama and the Amnesty Ocho Gang want to ban them the way they want to ban the Second Amendment.

Perish the thought.

If you are a fine upstanding gang member who DREAMs of going to college and taking a finance course in narcotics money laundering or human trafficking, all you have to do is click your Nikes together three times and proclaim, “I renounce my gang membership” three times [2] and you’re in like Flynn.

The proposed law stipulates that prospective immigrants determined to be involved in gang-related activity are inadmissible to country, and that illegal immigrants already living here would be ineligible to receive legal status. This would not only apply to individuals who have been convicted of a gang-related offense, but also to those who “willingly participated in a criminal street gang with knowledge that such participation promoted or furthered the illegal activity of the gang.”

Such individuals (non-convict gang members) could still achieve legal status, however, if the DHS secretary grants them a waiver. All they would be required to do is “renounce” their gang affiliation.

In related news, the Republicans who created this act to reform our broken immigration system by breaking it completely, renounced their affiliation in the Republican and Tea Party gangs the same way.

Chris Crane, who heads the union representing more than 7,000 Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, says the bill’s policy with respect to gang members is “one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard.”

ICE agents in the field routinely confront illegal immigrants who are known members of gangs, Crane says, but the Obama administration’s new immigration policies have made it all but impossible to initiate deportation proceedings against them, even if they have been arrested on criminal charges. Since June 2012, DHS policy has prohibited agents from trying to deport illegal immigrants who might qualify for the administration’s “deferred action” DREAM program — individuals who were brought here illegally as children, who are currently enrolled in school or are a member of the military, and who have not been convicted of a serious crime.

Crane says the new policy is routinely abused. If an illegal immigrant claims deferred-action status — even if they are a known gang member or have just been arrested on criminal charges — ICE agents are not allowed to initiate deportation proceedings against these immigrants; agents must “take them at their word,” and release them without charge. “We’re forced to let these guys walk,” he says. “We’re restricted from enforcing the law.”

Welcome to Obamerica. Begin by renouncing your membership in the right wing gang that believes the Constitution is the law and you may be eligible for food stamps and a chance to open a small business and pay protection money to the EPA, HUD and the local gang of DREAMers.

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