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Imam Caught Supporting Hamas, Claims “Hamas” Just Means “Excitement” in Arabic

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On June 30, 2013 @ 2:00 pm In The Point | 1 Comment

Mustapha [1]

I don’t know what the Arabic [2] word for Chutzpah is, but Kifah Mustapha has Al-Chutzpah in spades [3]. Our story begins with our protagonist, Imam Kifah Mustapha, who has more connections to terrorism than Kevin Bacon has degrees, who applied to be a police chaplain. Unfortunately he neglected to let the Illinois State Police know about the whole Hamas thing. And when they found out, they gave him the boot.

Calling on his caring CAIR buddies, Kifah Mustapha sued. His defense was that…

He claimed “that he condemns Hamas and any suicide bombings, and instead he teaches against terrorism,”

Unfortunately there was a video of him singing about Hamas. But he had a ready excuse for that.

During a deposition, Mustapha claimed the video, showing a child holding a machine gun on stage as Mustapha and others sing, “O Hamas, raise the banner of Jihad … through it or through martyrdom,” was not an endorsement of the terrorist group, but actually meant something quite benign.

When the singers name Hamas, he said, they were “referring to the Palestinian people, that Hamas means ‘excitement’ in Arabic and the use of the word ‘jihad’ in the song related to the struggle of the Palestinian people for freedom and equality.”

Guzman wrote. Mustapha “acknowledged that others might interpret the invocation of ‘Hamas’ as referring to the terrorist organization.”

Yes, people who aren’t gullible idiots might indeed interpret it that way.

“We saw this particular candidate, you know, up on the stage singing about Jihad and martyrdom, and . . . with children in view of the camera and they’re passing around the rifle and dancing and kind of celebrating the rifle and appearing to celebrate . . . Jihad and martyrdom,” former state police Acting Director Jonathon Monken said during a deposition.

Also there was this…

Mustapha was identified as a member of a Muslim Brotherhood-run Hamas support network in the United States, and was a paid employee of the network’s official fundraising arm, the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development. Records show he spent five years as the charity’s “sole employee in its Illinois office.”

The HLF raised money for Hamas. Or as the Imam would say “Excitement.”

Mustapha continues to help CAIR raise money, leading the fundraising portion of the CAIR-Chicago chapter’s annual banquet last month.

CAIR filings claimed Mustapha had no knowledge of what the Holy Land Foundation did with its money, that the original IPT report was a dubious source, and that Mustapha – despite the court evidence – is a peaceful man who preaches against terrorism.

But only unexciting terrorism.

No one who speaks Arabic could possibly be a bad person [4]

No one who speaks Arabic could possibly be a bad person

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