Imam of Largest Sacramento Mosque: “When People Listen to Music, They Ask for Alcohol, Which Will Lead to Adultery”

Okay, they can dance sometimes

Okay, they can dance sometimes

As I write this, an ice cream truck has passed playing its usual dirge. The music has inspired me to head to the kitchen for some ice cream, but so far I’m keeping the cravings for whiskey under control.

When people hear quotes like these

“It’s a chain reaction – when people listen to music, they ask for alcohol, which will lead to adultery,” said Imam Mahmoud Abdel of Masjid Annur Islamic Center. “One step leads to another in the majority of cases.”

…they assume it’s another Saudi whackjob reporting from a country where women driving is a national security threat. But the Masjid Annur Islamic Center is actually the largest mosque in Sacramento, California.

The imams of Sacramento’s two biggest mosques declared that music is not permissible according to the Prophet Muhammad, Allah’s messenger.

“It’s a chain reaction – when people listen to music, they ask for alcohol, which will lead to adultery,” said Imam Mahmoud Abdel of Masjid Annur Islamic Center. “One step leads to another in the majority of cases. It’s well known that anybody who listens to music a lot will be distracted from his or her mission, which is worshipping God Almighty.”

Imam Mumtaz Qasmi of Sacramento’s Downtown Mosque said there’s not a mosque in the world that allows music. “So how can we allow it outside the mosque?” he asked.

And then how do we allow it in the entire country? That’s the logic that leads to Islamic law becoming the law of the land.

The only instrument the Prophet Muhammad allowed was a tabla, or drum, and not more than two at a time, Qasmi said.

The tabla – which will be played at the Crest – “can make you feel relaxed, but nowadays there are hundreds of instruments, and music actually makes you high, 100 percent,” Qasmi said. “Music has magic, it gets in your blood and makes you want to get up and dance and forget your personality. Your butt is shaking and she’s going to get up and her butt is going to shake – where is the religion then?”

Well I’m convinced. There is no room in Islam for such immoral activities. Not unless a Muslim kills a bunch of innocent people first and then gets to paradise where he will consort with 72 virgins.

Perhaps then he’ll get to listen to some music too.

  • Judahlevi

    I don’t know why anyone didn’t think about this before.

    Music = Alcohol = “Butt Shaking” = Adultery

    That makes perfect sense. Every church choir or synagogue should be told how harmful music is and how, by singing in the choir, they are leading people astray.

    It is no wonder that those on the left find Islam and Muslims so attractive – neither of them have logical minds. Birds of a feather…

  • Seek

    The imam’s sense of cause and effect is truly spectacular — as in spectacularly moronic.

    • Rocky Mountain

      So you’ve never been in circumstances or heard of circumstances where married people had too much to drink and crossed a threshold? Music doesn’t have to be involved but if alcohol is I think most people understand that one can get into situations after too much to drink that don’t have desirable outcomes.

      • glpage

        I have heard of people crossing that threshold and in as many cases as not alcohol was not involved. Yes, it can contribute to an adulterous situation, but lots things can and have. When alcohol consumption leads to adultery there probably is an inclination for it to happen anyway. If it isn’t the booze, it’s a business trip or something else that gives a person the leeway needed to stray.

      • Seek

        I’ve been listening to music my entire life. I cannot recall an instance in which I raced to the cash bar to grab a drink in response to a song. And if I did, it’s none of any imam’s business. If this is what passes for “scholarship” in the Islamic world, we ought to die laughing.

  • Well Done

    This lunatic’s logic sounds very much like the shash the hard left put forth – higher taxes because the gov’t knows how to spend the money better than those who earned it; gay marriage because the family unit is what is important. The left have a disease. They share it with Islamists. There is only one cure, for they will never stop trying to impose themselves on others. Never have; never will.

  • Gary Rumain

    I don’t need music to ask for alcohol.

    • Rocky Mountain

      What do you need for adultery?

      • Gary Rumain

        Alcohol helps but it’s not needed.

  • Softly Bob

    Not every man listens to music then drinks alcohol then cheats on his wife. It’s called taking responsibility for your own actions, but weak-minded Muslims prefer to blame their actions on somebody or something else.

    It’s the same logic as: NOT WEARING A BURQA = TEMPTATION = RAPE

    • Rocky Mountain

      I don’t know precisely what she’s saying with regard to the necessity of the outcome; i.e. every man etc. but clearly alcohol will put some if not many people in a pretty randy mood and people being people sometimes that translates into bad behavior.

  • Rocky Mountain

    I really don’t think this has much to do with Islam per se as many Christian fundamentalists have expressed similar views. And if you approach it empirically I am sure that alcohol has lead to adultery many, many times. Whether this is the fault of music I can’t say. I’m certainly not interested in stopping music or banning alcohol but as a pure statement of fact; i.e. alcohol leading to adultery sometimes, I don’t think this is far fetched at all.

    • Yasar Faster

      Rocky Mountain, alcohol is forbidden in all of Islam, not just the Wahabi strain – period no exceptions. Dancing & music is allowed is some sects of Islam, like the Sufis. The problem with Islam is that the Wahabis, the fundamentalists are the major source of Muslim expansion. The mosque in Sacramento and most mosques in the US are funded by Saudi oil money and staffed by fundamentalist Wahabi clerics.

    • Yasar Faster

      Comparing Christian fundamentalists with Muslim fundamentalists is like comparing the Boy Scouts with a guerrilla insurgency; it’s an apple and orange comparison.

      • ServosT

        Christian fundamentalists have the power to annoy, but they are only dangerous if the depart from the clear teachings and example of Jesus Christ. Muslim fundamentalists will kill and do so completely justified by the teachings and example of Mohammed. Think of the worst “Christian” group in America, the Westboro Baptist nut jobs. As far as I know, they haven’t actually killed or hurt anyone. As opposed to good muslim Nadal Hasan who killed how many while doing the work of Islam?

    • Boots

      The problem is apologists for Islam want to get into this moral equivalence argument. Reality is that not all Muslims are evil nor are all Christians. Another reality, though , is that there are enough of the evil Muslims who want us to live under Sharia that we need to pay attention to the behavior of those who express these views. If “moderate” Muslims would condemn those who seek to impose Sharia I might share your kumbaya attitude towards Islam, but I realize there are way to many who have this Imam’s views and want to kill or convert me.

      • itaintmojo

        Well done Boots! I could not have said it better. Most apologists for Islam don’t even know what Sharia law is, and how totally incompatible it is with democracy, the constitution, and America.

        • Boots

          Thanks much ita and you’re right on about Sharia’s incompatibility with the civilized world let alone democracy, the constitution, and America. I might have added the female and gay apologists are the ones that puzzle me most in that they are the most oppressed under Islam. I have three beautiful daughters (to complement my adorable wife) and none of them deserve to have fewer rights than cattle.

    • itaintmojo

      You are far fetched.

      There are people who listen to music who don’t ever touch a drop of alcohol, because they like music, and don’t drink. Millions of them.

      There are alcoholics who never have sex. Millions of them.

      If there are such Christian Fundamentalists who agree with this California imam, that music leads to alcohol, then try and find one please, because I think it’s appropriate you be looking for a needle in a haystack, and take your time doing it.

      Perhaps we should ban car radios, for fear people will hear a good song on the radio, and have to pull over at their local bar and have a drink before ever arriving at their intended destination.

      I think you may have taken legalization of THC in Colorado a bit too far, and ODeed on some very poor quality weed if you really think listening to music leads to drinking alcohol.

  • arizonarebel

    This imam can stick the unholy koran in his heinie sideways one page at a time, and let’s hope it gives him mucho paper cuts in the name of allah’s chamberpot and by the foreskin of the prophet mohammad, schnit be upon him…

  • OfficialPro

    Someone never told this Imam about the Slippery Slope Fallacy.

    Who’s up for a Muslim version of Footloose?

  • OfficialPro

    Footloose, footloose, put on your friday shoes…