Imam Predicts Muslims Will Become the Majority in Canada

Sheikh Jamal Hammoud

The good news is that Canadians have something to look forward to. The bad news is it’s Pakistan.

Imam Jamal Hammoud, “Senior Imam” of the Calgary Muslim community and affiliated with the Muslim Council of Calgary (MCC), was the keynote speaker at fundraising event held on July 27, 2013 at Al-Hedaya Islamic Centre in Calgary, Alberta

“We have reason to get together and to love each other and to go paint and to paint our future especially in country like this [Canada] as minority. Muslims are minority in this country [Canada] and Allah Willing in the future they will be, Allah Willing majority. So far we are minority, so when we get together this is kind of jihad in a way.”

The Muslim Council of Calgary has hosted similarly upbeat messages before that may give us a preview of a majority Muslim Canada.

The controversial Muslim preacher who says homosexuals are evil and advocates for their death is set to speak at an upcoming event in this city.

Dr. Bilal Philips, a Canadian-born Muslim preacher with reputed links to terrorists who’s been ousted from several countries, is to be a speaker at the Power of Unity Conference.

On his website, the Islamic convert said AIDS is a message from God about the perils of homosexuality and last year in Toronto he was quoted as saying “according to Islamic law, homosexuals should be executed if caught in the act.”

The event, being held by the Muslim Council of Calgary June 29 to July 1, aims to celebrate multiculturalism and more than a half-century of Islam in Canada.

Celebrating multiculturalism is fun and games until someone gets their head chopped off.

  • GSR

    It’s the immigration, stoopid. Stop or greatly reduce their immigration. Duh.

    • m4253y

      no, we must reverse the immigration to emigration. i.e., round them all up and send them back.

      there is no room for a culture that preaches the overthrow of the west as their ultimate goal. this is a known fact and for that very fact, no muslim should be allowed into any western country.

      • Sudipta Barat

        AGREE 100 %

      • Mutrad

        no, we must reverse the immigration to emigration. i.e., round them all up and send them back.
        Who will do that? Men make wise decisions. Canada and Britain have no men. Only zombies.

        • m4253y

          muslim men should know zombies and the definition therein exceptionally well. they blindly follow a doctrine that preaches superiority over all infidels and they treat their women like s*it.

          you are definitely correct that in the uk and canada and the usa and france, and just about everywhere the muslim hordes are reappearing ala the 7th century, we are letting the pc police and vast stupidity to sit idle while being taken advantage of…BUT…make no mistake camel jockey, your days are numbered.


          now, go rest some you jihdi, pedophile as i am sure your knees must be sore…anyway, your camel is calling

    • Jane

      66 billion dollars a year WASTED ON NOTHING!

  • Toni_Pereira

    If it were a Catholic Bishop saying the same thing, our enlightned elites would burst in outrage. If it were a Rabbi, the great zionist plot to take over the universe(and who knows, the Earth) would be unveiled. But, from where that came from it’s really their culture. Stop being such bigots and get back to bed…

    • m4253y

      what in the world are you saying?

    • m4253y

      would you clarify your statement?

      it is bigotry to point out that one race wants a majority to take over and even references the word Jihad?

      toni, you can roll over and play dead all you want, but keep your racial baiting to yourself, because that is all it is, troll.

      • Toni_Pereira

        m4253y, i was pointing out that our elites enjoy to castigate the leaders of our more traditional religious communities, but are remarkably casual about gentleman as Jamal Hammoud…

        • m4253y

          my apologies toni, i mis-read your statement and i couldn’t agree more.

          • Toni_Pereira

            No Problem!

    • Edward


      I understood your excellent comment.

      Why didn’t others?

    • John P.

      don’t worry about the negative votes, they are the ones we need to target when the shootin’ starts.


      Islam is not a race – it’s a 6th century barbaric ideology all wrapped up in Jihads!

  • m4253y

    they are using our democratic principals to establish a beachhead using tools like taqiyya and kitmat to render the day that they will have a majority of the vote…when that day comes, there will be massive blood shed to reverse the damage we have wrought upon ourselves.

    history is very clear on what the muslims have done under the Caliphate and they were fortunately stopped in their tracks by the Christians who gave millions of lost lives to halt the muslim hordes from taking over…we are undoing what the three crusades gave us, Democratic principals and freedoms.

    this is a great threat to Islam which is why they must destroy the west, the biggest threat to their false, pedophile prophet allah

    • John P.

      exactly. I’ve been saying for years that this will only stop when we change our laws to prevent certain people from entering Western countries. Those certain people are Muslims. Sorry you liberal panty-waist do-gooders. You guys from Canada, what are you thinking now about oBamao? Damn I hate to be right all the time.

      • m4253y

        John, well said. problem is that Canada is a melting pot of collectivist, do-gooder, pacifists over-run by a vast majority of third world (mid-east) entrants that, much-like cockroaches, they have woven themselves into the fabric whilst laying in wait to take over. one christian at a time, one infidel at a time.

        If you look at sweden, norway, france, now italy, we in north america are doomed unless we seriously consider a crusade of our own.

        it begins with challenging every muslim on whether they recognize and accept our laws over sharia…taqyyia and kitmat aside, if they answer yes, they are subject to deportation if they are caught lying and if they answer no, entry is denied.

        they should be not be granted citizenship EVER, only status. this is the sort of discussion that needs to be had and had NOW.

        • duartmc

          A global war against Islam is inevitable. It may not come from governments. It will probably come on the streets of Europe, the Americas, India, etc.

          • m4253y

            thank you and i couldn’t agree more so. i have said this that the intent is for a 4th crusade. when the left figures out the precipice they have stood us upon, they will look for us to correct their failings. i believe there will first be a civil war within the US first though, possibly within the next 3 years.

            imho, wild as it may seem, it’s part of the muslim in chief’s grand plan…lead the US to anarchy before his term is out so that he can suspend the constitutional limit of two terms for acts of insurrection and war in order to hold the “thrown“ in perpetuity

          • duartmc

            In Canada there must be only one system of law. There is no room for a second, therefore there is no room for Sharia in Canada. Never.

        • Jane

          But these people are not recognized as north americans and never will be!

          • m4253y

            i agree.

  • Edward

    Tell Canadians that the above islamofascist savage is a Baby Seal.

    Problem solved.

  • Sudipta Barat

    Just stop MUSLIMS, if they love ISLAM so much, why don’t they go to the deserts of Saudi Arabia, but Saudi has ERECTED fences , to prevent NON SAUDI MUSLIMS

  • Jsjk

    Dr. Bilal Philips, the fellow who wants to execute gays who are “caught in the act”? Is he aware of who the Mayor of Calgary is?

    • Darrell Inkster

      YES. I’m sure he’s MORE than aware. Interesting that the gays don’t think this guy is a threat to them, isn’t it?

  • Raymond_in_DC

    Oh, how I miss the Canada of old. A tad boring, perhaps, but decent and industrious. When I studied at McGill in Montreal many years ago, there was a thriving Jewish community and not a mosque in sight. In the two years I was there studying International Politics, I think I encountered just one Arab student. Today there are more Muslims than Jews in Canada.

    It was suggested that Harper could do little about immigration when he lead a minority government. But today he’s got a majority, so why has he failed to address this problem? Has he, like the US, succumbed to the value of “multi-culturalism”?

    • Jsjk

      It is the media and the academics who would eviscerate Harper if he even dared to attempt to lower immigration rates. He would be demonized as a “racist”. (Btw, there are still people around who believe Canada is some “white haven” — that hasn’t been the case since the early 80s. Canada still has the highest immigration levels (per capita) in the world. It’s growing worse — they’re impoverished, many are elderly, many speak neither French nor English, many have multiple health issues, etc. But Harper fears the “racism” label (probably for good reason — the electorate seems to grow dumber by the day — polls, if accurate, keep putting Liberal Justin Trudeau (a naïf Obambi wanna be) ahead of every other politician.)

      • Higlac

        And no wonder given how those Communists and crypto-Communists (e.g., Pierre and Justin Trudeau) OWN the mainstream media and are very heavily represented in academe (that’s their favourite refuge)…

        • Jane

          Most people dont watch CBC, CTV anymore!

          • Higlac

            Presumably “Global” and MSNBC (not to mention CBS, ABC, CNN and regular NBC) are no better, if we be honest… I get all my news via the Internet using other sites (WND is one)…

      • Jane

        Thats why we have ontario in severe debt now. Newfoundland is now richer than ontario. Massive immigration has killed ontario….

        • Mohawk

          Massive immigrants like you who killed Amerindians, do us a favour and leave Canada for good

  • Morningstar

    Have Rush play a gig in the arselifters moske. Geddy and his mates will work as exorscism. ;)

  • PCGOPExaminer

    They like us in the US need to halt them from coming into their country. Silent Jihad it’s called.

  • Warren Raymond

    Muslims are prepared to kill and die for their belief, what are you prepared to prevent them from achieving their goals?

    Anyone who believes this will blow over without massive bloodshed is naive.

    • Jane

      So am I! I am a white woman and one of the first canadians here since 1630! I will die to defend my canadian culture!

      • Andy

        LOL now that is hilarious.

  • herb benty

    Here is a respected clerical official basicly saying they will out breed and conquer Canada. He says this IN Canada. Well. If Canadians men had several wives we would forever be the majority. Because Canadian women are equal to men, many choose a career path. We applaud that. Having tons of children is a simple matter, but we don’t have our kids just to create a 5th column army. This Imam even used the word jihad in the same sentence! If this was 1940 and we had enclaves of Nazis bellowing that they were going to takeover Canada, the muslims would be rounded up, put in barbed wire surrounded buildings and WATCHED. America! isn’t it time we got together for a chat concerning this EVIL that has been allowed into our midst?

  • ObamaYoMoma

    I’d say it’s a good possibility. Indeed, the Muslims initially started off with one small mosque in Indonesia granted by the Hindu king and today Indonesia is the largest Muslim majority country in the world. They first pretend to be a so-called “religion of peace” to get their foot in the door, then as the population increases they soon grow more and more aggressive until they finally grow large enough to impose Sharia, which is Islamic totalitarian law, and then a new Dark Ages ensues.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Celebrating multiculturalism is fun and games until someone gets their head chopped off.

    Celebrating multiculturalism and diversity is like Global Warming. It’s hocus-pocus!

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The sole fundamental purpose of mainstream orthodox Islam is to subjugate into Islamic totalitarianism all religions and all infidels through jihad and via the imposition of Sharia, which is Islamic totalitarian law. Thus, the solution isn’t complicated: Ban and reverse mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage and abandon and isolate the Islamic world, but not before eradicating the Iranian ruling Mullahs and their nuclear weapons program and then forcing the Pakistanis to hand over their massive nuclear weapons arsenal and destroying their nuclear weapons program.

  • truthdareisay

    and the left is in love with same sex sex…There ya go!

    • Jane

      and teaching kids about sex at age 6 in schools. Disguisting!

  • Naresh Krishnamoorti

    As people like Dale McAlpine can tell you, any Christian who says what this Imam said about homosexuality will be jailed in Canada. Yet, nothing happens to Muslims. The Canadian left-wing, when forced to choose between promoting homosexuality and promoting Islam, will always choose Islam.

    • Drakken

      Suicidal tendencies.

    • Higlac

      The left-wing sees our Judæo-Christian Western civilisation as the enemy they want to destroy!!! Since the USSR isn’t really there for them, they’ve welcomed the Moslems as their allies in this quest – hence their being allied in that common goal!!

      Naturally they hate each other, and once we’re prostrate on the ground, they’ll THEN have it out against each other as to whether it’s “perfect” Marxism or “pure” Islam that will dominate and exterminate everything and everybody else.

      Of course, what those Commies are really doing is cutting the branch upon which they’re sitting!!!!

  • Ravn Rey

    as I’ve said before and I’ll say it again:
    When Muslims form a small minority of a population, the message of Islam is “peace and tolerance” (Stealth Jihad). As numbers rise, so do complaints, as well as retaliatory attacks for perceived affronts (Defensive Jihad). When Muslims eventually establish a majority, all non-Muslims are violently subjugated (Offensive Jihad).

  • IftikharA

    Islam is the fastest growing religion in the West. Nevertheless, the West has many stereotypes and misconceptions about Islam that are due to the media, prejudice, and ignorance. Islam is often looked upon as an extremist, terrorist religion. Many people hate Islam and do not want to acknowledge its true teachings. In contrast to what many Westerners think of Islam, Islam is a peaceful religion, which does not promote any forms against the teachings.

    Terror is the biggest business today at home and
    abroad. Everyone is a beneficiary. The government gets more clout and more
    powers over the lives of its hapless subjects through new terror laws and
    activation of old ones in an atmosphere where no one dares to question the
    motives of the politicians over the vital issue of “security”. Security forces
    get immunity for illegal acts and crimes for which they win medals, rewards,
    promotion and huge funds with no accountability attached.

    Newspapers and TV channels improve their
    circulation and ratings sensationalising real and imaginary terror stories with
    total impunity as no one would dare question their rightful concern for our
    safety and security.

    The vast majority of Europeans and Americans know very
    little about Islam. They know hardly any thing about its history and its
    teachings and do not particularly want to learn, according to a German academic. Very few westerners are bilingual. On the other hand, majority of Muslims are bilingual and have an associated knowledge of other cultures. In this respect, they are far ahead of many western citizens.

    Islamic studies is a “Strategic subject” that, when accurately and effectively taught, can aid community cohesion and extremism, according to British Ministers. Islamic studies should be part and parcel of National Curriculum instead of citizenship education so that all state , church and private school children could learn and understand Islamic traditions and values. The subject must be taught by Muslims.

    Bilingual Muslim children need state funded Muslim schools
    with bilingual Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental
    periods. There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim

    There is no compulsion in Islam, otherwise, there would be no Hindu in India and not a single Christian in the Middle Eastern countries. Muslim rules Spain for 800 years but one can’t find a single Muslim in Spain. All of the were either slaughtered, exiled or converted to Christianity by force. Even Jews were expelled from Spain but the Ottoman Sultan gave them asylum in Turkey and you can still find them in Istanbul. What you have done with American Indian, Aborigines and Black community. You have destroyed their cultures, languages and faiths. They have adopted all your evil traditions and values and still they are the underdogs of western society. You want to do the same with Muslim communities living in the west. You want them to adopt your way of life and forget our languages. This is the main reason why we
    do not want to send our children to your rotten schools with non-Muslim
    monolingual teachers. Muslim children need state funded Muslim schools with
    bilingual Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods to
    preserve and transmit their cultural heritage and languages and to enjoy the
    beauty of their literature and poetry. At the same time they need to learn and
    be well versed in Standard English to follow the National Curriculum and go for
    higher studies and research to serve humanity.

    A Muslim is a citizen of this tiny global village. He/she does not want to become notoriously monolingual Brit.

  • Fasdunkle

    still you continue to post your islamic supremacist nonsense all over the internet.

    If you want muslim only schools employing muslims only there are plenty of islamic jhell holes around the world where that crap is enforced. You will be happier there.

    And islamic studies as part of the national curriculum? That will never happen.

  • Chris Nicholson

    Muhammad (pigshit be upon him) was an illiterate thug, thief, slaver, mass murderer, and rapist of children.

    Throughout this copypasta that you plaster all over the Web one can see your desperate attempt to deny to others and perhaps yourself the utter inferiority of Muslims to Westerners.

    “Very few westerners are bilingual.” This is a risible statement. Almost every non-English-speaking Westerner is bilingual to some degree, most often at least fluent in his mother tongue and English. Why are the English speakers less likely to be polyglots? Because their forebears, unlike Arabs and their non-Arab subjects by means of Islam, WON HISTORY. For the same reason Germans, French, Italians, Poles, and lord knows the Swiss, among many others, speak English at least reasonably well when they don’t speak it better than natives.

    What you conveniently leave out is that most Muslims, like their piece-of-filth prophet, are illiterate, especially the women. How many Muslim asslifters have one Nobel Prizes in the Sciences? How many Jews?

    Bitter envy burns in you, inferior one. Eat your heart out, lesser being; we Westerners are superior to you by any measure you can name.

    • Jane

      Whites have the superior race and best cultures…..and i know the reason why…….

  • rebecca

    A jew writing about Muslims and Christians eating it up…classic

    • Aizino Smith

      Gee I listen to a Mormon, 2 Jews, and a whole bunch of Christians on the Radio.

      Why should print media be any different?

    • Punjab Singh

      Who writes the facts is immaterial.
      When we judge its accuracy we should take into consideration the facts not that who writes it.

      • Go Jira

        History is written by the winners, ergo the historical fact could all be a pile of bs, but the victors of whichever conquest wrote it, so it is pushed as the truth.

  • duartmc

    Muslims will never be a majority in Canada. Nor will Sharia be allowed in Canada. Muslims have demonstrated intolerance of all other religions, especially Hinduism and Buddhism (non-Abrahamic). They days of Islam are numbered because this religion is based on suppression, dominance and intolerance.

    • Punjab Singh

      You are 100% wrong.
      You are living in an imaginary world.
      The change is happening right before our eyes.

      • duartmc

        Don’t get me wrong. I love Malala.

        • Punjab Singh

          Actually I agree with most of what you said in your first comment.
          The only words that I dont agree with is these -`Muslims will never be a majority in Canada. Nor will Sharia be allowed in Canada.`
          Muslims make about 3% of canadian population and their number is expected to triple over the next 20 years.
          And although they are not expected to become a majority anytime soon but a two digit percentage i.e 10% is enough to cause a seriously serious trouble in any country. Also the political leaders are well known to appease the minorities by subjugating to their unfair demands as they look at them as a relatively easy treasure of votes.
          Also what you said about their days being numbered is also wrong. They are not going anywhere. Their people and women as well love oppression as you can see that a vast majority of people in pakistan think of Malala as a traitor and western puppet.

          • duartmc

            If Islam spreads in Canada it will be a backward step for all of us. Whatever happens, there is absolutely no room for Sharia in Canada, either in our legal system or in the homes of Muslim families. There is one set of laws in Canada and only one, and this must never — I mean ‘never’ — compromised.

          • cant touch this

            Well well well another bash at muslims
            Mr Punjab Singh your an idiot these white people see you as the same,wake up Singh,you hate Muslims look in India taj mahal made by muslim,the Bollywood films you watch,whose dominating them,Muslims.any day these people will choose there own over you,mr Singh to these people muslim Sikh Hindu is all the same,your mother would be ashamed of you,
            And as for the rest of you where can i start…… Gays,what’s right with is not made for man end of,if you feel that being gay is ok then let your kids sleep there school friends,fucking idiots,raggae stars constantly take a piss about gays and nothing is said to them,in general it comes under racial issues,you mans are white, got flaky skin,get burnt in the sun,get all blue and pale in winter,get red very quickly and stab each other in the back,
            At the drop of a hat you come on holiday to our countries Egypt Malaysia morocco etc eat our food curries and kebabs etc then you guys diss us,you mans are dull all you wear is black and white,we bought colour in,im British born and bred in uk you cant stop us were here to stay
            Roger that

          • Go Jira

            Wow, an intolerant homophobe, you will fit right in with the muslims.

    • Go Jira

      Us Brits said that , look at us now.

  • Angry student

    Those who praise Islam should return to their countries and practice their Islamic beliefs there.

  • hamid

    You people, Catholic, Christian, Roman and Jewish, either
    you are blind or trained like cart-horse which even cannot see anywhere else
    except the way that they are forced to go. An animal, a creature without logic
    and sense never do homosexuality, how could you people even think of that. First
    learn logic from animal then speak about any other thing…………………………..

    • Jane

      People all over the world would kill to get their children in catholic schools, particularly in poor nations like africa. If islam is so good, why are so many moslems girls in catholic schools??(particularly if they hate us?).

  • sickofthem

    WASP’s long ago cede control of Canada to the Jews and Muslims and Asians.
    Canada is no longer the Canada in which I was born and raised for 60 years. Canada is changed forever and not for the better. The moral and social decay started when waves of Italian mafia flooded Canada with their corruption and drugs. Now we will forever be saddled with the Jew-Muslim problem. 95%(could be higher) of jews in Canada support Israel before Canada, and 98% of Muslims want the destruction of Israel. This hatred is as long as recorded history. Canada and time will not change the hatred and mistrust.

    • duartmc

      The Jewish people are a big contribution to Canada, whatever you may think about Israeli politics. It is our good fortune to have them.

    • Jane

      Ones who put canada as a second should leave.

  • sickofthem

    I wish the media would print some stories of how Rabbis preach.
    It would enlighten the blind that jews and muslims are cut from the same control-cloth, that jews promote jews and muslims promote muslims.

    • Jane

      And that none of you are real canadians. I happen to be a first white settler family in canada since 1625….

      • it’sthatbad

        Hold on Sparkie………..My family came from Limerick in 1800 to settle in Nova Scotia………my Uncle George Murphy was the first Minister of Health in Nova Scotia. We go back to the roots of this country…………The Micmac Indians told my Grandfather the land in Antigonish, Nova Scota was good for Moose not the Irish…….true story, my Uncle wrote a book about our family. Proud to be Canadian.

  • Punjab Singh

    `You want them to adopt your way of life and forget our languages. This is the main reason why we
    do not want to send our children to your rotten schools with non-Muslim
    monolingual teachers.`

    Thanks for being truthful and exposing your evil ideology.

  • duartmc

    No problem, just no Sharia!

    • IftikharA

      Sharia law is found in all countries in the world even in the country that
      hate Muslims more i.e. Israel- You seem to confuse penal law in sharia which
      only applies to Muslims and no one else with day to day on how Muslims should
      live. Sharia law is only for Muslims I can not see where the problem is.:

      Sharia law is divided into three main sections:

      Faith (Aqida).Ethics (Akhlaq).the acts of Muslim which divided into two
      sections;- The acts of worship, or al-ibadat, these include: Ritual Purification
      (Wudu)Prayers (Salah)Fasts (Swam and Ramadan)Charities (Zakat)Pilgrimage to
      Mecca (Hajj) Human interaction, or al-mu’amalat, which includes: Financial
      transactions Endowments Laws of inheritance Marriage, divorce, and child care
      Foods and drinks (including ritual slaughtering and hunting)Penal punishments
      Warfare and peace Judicial matters (including witnesses and forms of

      Sharia, or Islamic law, offers moral and legal guidance for nearly all
      aspects of life – from marriage and divorce, to inheritance and contracts, to
      criminal punishments. Sharia, in its broadest definition, refers to the ethical
      principles set down in Islam’s holy book (the Quran) and examples of actions by
      the Prophet Muhammad (sunna). The Islamic jurisprudence that comes out of the
      human exercise of codifying and interpreting these principles is known as fiqh.
      Muslim scholars and jurists continue to debate the boundary between sharia and
      fiqh as well as other aspects of Islamic law.

      Please do me a favour and show us where in the sharia law it says you can
      commit rape? because I know 100% you will not be able to find it. the media are
      brainwashing a lot of people, open your eyes to the real truth. Islam is about
      peace, something the media doesn’t portray. why don’t you take the time and
      effort to talk to a well known and respected Muslim scholar before you start
      writing utter nonsense? Back your theories up with facts!!! you wouldn’t though,
      would you, because you’ll never find your theories in the sharia

      • duartmc

        No Sharia in Canada, ever.

        • IftikharA

          A growing minority of young Muslims are
          inspired by political Islam and feel they have less in common with non-Muslims than their parents do, a survey reveals today. The poll, carried out for the
          conservative-leaning Policy Exchange think-tank, found support for Sharia law, Islamic schools and wearing the veil in public is significantly stronger among young Muslims than their parents.

          Sharia, or Islamic law, offers moral and legal guidance for nearly all aspects of life – from marriage and divorce, to inheritance and contracts, to criminal
          punishments. Sharia, in its broadest definition, refers to the ethical principles set down in Islam’s holy book (the Quran) and examples of actions by the Prophet Muhammad (sunna). The Islamic jurisprudence that comes out of the human exercise of codifying and interpreting these principles is known as fiqh.
          Muslim scholars and jurists continue to debate the boundary between sharia and fiqh as well as other aspects of Islamic law.

          Overwhelming percentages of Muslims in many countries want Islamic law (sharia) to be the official law of the land, according to a worldwide survey by the Pew Research Center. But many supporters of sharia say it should apply only to their country’s Muslim population.

          Moreover, Muslims are not equally comfortable with all aspects of sharia: While most favor using religious law in family and property disputes, fewer support the application of severe punishments – such as whippings or cutting off hands – in criminal cases. The survey also shows that Muslims differ widely in how they interpret certain aspects of sharia, including whether
          divorce and family planning are morally acceptable.

          • duartmc

            There can never be two sets of laws in a nation and at the same time peace in the land. There is one legal system in Canada. A separate legal system for Muslims (within the larger national system) is unthinkable. Once that door is opened, every cult, every religious, political or ideological group will have the right to demand their own set of laws, all arguing they they also deserve their unique, legal ‘space’ within the larger legal framework of the nation. This invite chaos. No Sharia in Canada. Never.

          • Higlac

            Or ANYWHERE in the West, period!!!!

            Anybody who wants Shari’ah should LEAVE THE WEST and go to the Islamic countries – and stay there until he learns better…

  • laurie

    i am a canadian born and raised and if someone asked me what it means to be a canadian i would say it means that the govt will allow anyone into our country if they have enough money. i am to understand that at least 45% of petro Canada gas stations which are supposed to belong to “canadians” are operated by sikhs!! what a joke. i try talking to family and friends and most laugh at me. sit back on your asses canada and watch your world as you know it END!

  • Go Jira

    Welcome to the UK.

  • it’sthatbad

    I live downtown Montreal………near Concordia……and McGill…….Canada we are in serious trouble…………if you haven’t seen it then come on down they now run the City……….it’s awful…….every where you go they are covered from head to toe………….God help us……….and they are bold. Don’t wear a cross………you will get spit on………..

  • Craig

    Nothing will be done. Canadian politicians will NEVER lock the door. And here we are. Apathetic Canadians doing nothing but moaning and groaning. But not TOO loudly of course. We don’t want someone’s feelings to get hurt. We would apologize to someone stabbing us in the back. Canadians are pathetic. And I include myself among you.

  • Gary Fraser

    Sharia and Islam taking over Canada? Not a chance there buddy. We do indeed have a lot of idiots in this country who are blind and ignorant about you people – we call those useful idiots “liberals” – but they are a minority, as are you. and both of you will stay that way. Btw – gun sales are up in Canada and the US. Jus’ sayiin’…