Imam Steals $52,000 Meant for the “Barack Hussein Obama Children Center”

This is the story of the Imam who stole $52,000 from a wheelchair bound grandmother and used his dirty hands to fund a invention that warns bosses that the hands of their employers are dirty. It’s also the story of the Islamic Leadership School and the Barack Hussein Obama Children Center.

It’s a real Bronx tale. (via Religion of Peace)

Holy sheik, that’s a lot of cash.

An 84-year-old Bronx grandmother claims that she loaned a prominent imam her life savings to fund a day-care center — but that he never built it and he stiffed her on the $52,000.

Sheik Moussa Drammeh admitted to The Post that instead he sank Ruth Young’s money into a wacky invention and two Web sites.

“The money did not go to waste,” Drammeh said.

“I failed on paying her back,” he said, adding he’d repay her “any day now.”

Young was doubtful.

“He must think that he could get over on me,” said the wheelchair-bound Co-op City resident.

The holy man, a member of Community Board 9 in Parkchester, gave her a check for $57,500 on April 15, but it bounced.

According to a contract dated June 7, 2010, and signed by both parties, the money was to be used to build the Barack Hussein Obama Children Center. It describes the money as an investment and a loan.

“I thought it was a good investment,” Young said.

The contract also stated the balance should have been repaid by July 31, 2011, in monthly installments beginning December 2010.

Although the center’s name hangs on a Pugsley Avenue property, the Islamic Leadership School, a grade school, operates there.

Drammeh blamed a zoning-law snag for holding up the center. Records show the city Buildings Department denied the day-care application in July 2010.

After the rejection, Drammeh said, he used the money to bankroll a bathroom-sink alarm that alerts bosses to staffers who don’t wash their hands properly. It has yet to take off.

How about an alarm that alerts wheelchair-bound grandmas when their money has been stolen by an Islamic Fraud?

  • Smote

    Ms Young, you have paid the jiggy-jig tax, or jizra, or whatever those criminals call it. Sorry, but they pinched ya!

    Sheik Whatever didn't 'sink' money into anything. He took it and ran.


  • AdinaK

    Fraud..part of the "religion of peace's" trickery…propped up by one of Sharia Law's main tenets, taquiyya. Anything, and everything, is permissible to advance jihad – stealth or physical –

    One may feel a certain empathy for the scammed woman, but for heaven's sake, she gave it to an "Imam" and for a center named after Obama! Is that kismet, or what?

    Adina kutnicki, Israel –

  • JacksonPearson

    Based on his Divine instruction, no one should ever expect that Muhammad as the chosen Prophet of Allah to shamelessly tell lies or to fervently incite other Muslims to gleefully resort to lies and deception. But the reality is different and the Islamic claim that lying is the greatest sin is highly doubtful. Both Muhammad and his Allah were habitual liars. Muhammad even taught his followers how to lie and deceive because deception was an authorized Islamic strategy. In Islam lying is not only permitted, but actually fostered and sometimes even commanded. No doubt, lying is a core part of the religion of Islam.

    Allah claims thirty times in the Qur’an that he misleads/sends astray people and that he is the greatest deceiver (Allaahu Khayrul-maakiriin) (Q: 3.54; 8.30). Allah says that he leads people astray (Q: 4.88, 143; 6.39, 126; 7.178, 186; 9.51; 13.27, 31; 14.4; 16.93; 17.13, 97; 30.29; 35.8;
    36.8-10; 39.23; 40.33, 34, 74; 42.44,46; 74.31).

    Even the first rightly guided Caliph (al- Khulaf?’u r-R?shid?n) Abu Bakr (632-634 A.D.) said, “I swear to Allah that I do not feel safe from Allah's cunning even if one of my feet is already inside Paradise…." (cited Khalid, 2005 p. 99).

    God playing with men’s souls is an embarrassing thing in a religion. How are Muslims to differentiate between Allah and Satan?

    In this situation, how do I know that either Satan or Muhammad did not write the Qur’an to deceive the Muslims? How a ‘Khayrul-maakiriin’ can be trusted? Islamic belief is that Muhammad is the perfect example to be followed by all Muslims. This ‘perfect example’ Muhammad believed that lying was acceptable and even taught his followers how to lie and how to expiate [make amends for] an oath. Muhammad’s disgraceful words were recorded by Bukhari, “Allah willing, if ever I take an oath to do something, and later on I find that it is more beneficial to do something different, I will do the thing which is better, and give expiation for my oath. "

    (Bukhari: 4. 53.361). If we translate the above Hadith in common English, it means, “By the will of Allah, I am a liar; you should not trust me. You are forewarned” Now let’s read the above Hadith once more in conjunction with following Hadith. All these two Ahadith, if analyzed together, speak volumes. “Abu Musa reported the Apostle of Allah as saying: Make intercession to me, you will be rewarded, for Allah decrees what He wishes by the tongue of His Prophet” (Sunaan Abu Dawud: 3.5112).

    So, the conclusion is, Allah speaks through a liar’s mouth. Nobody had seen or heard Allah. Allah supposedly revealed Qur’an through Muhammad, who was a habitual liar. So where is the trustworthiness of Qur’an? These above two Ahadith are enough to destroy the entire religious credential of Qur’an. How can a real God speak through an immoral person, who is not trustworthy? If a Prophet is immoral, his God has to be immoral also.

    Lying and deception had found a place in the Sharia law (Divine law of Allah). It permits a Muslim to tell lies if and when necessary for the benefit of Islam.

    • mjazzguitar

      Titus 1:2, on the other hand, tells us that God cannot lie.

      • JacksonPearson

        Exactly, here are the:
        * It is impossible for God to lie;
        * Without faith, it is impossible to seek God;
        * With faith, it is impossible for God to turn you away.

        Muhammad's made up Allah doesn't match up.

  • @Benyomin1

    Jackson, thanks for the post… very informative

    • JacksonPearson

      You're welcome.