Immigrants More Likely to Identify as Liberal, Put International Law Over Constitution

This study from the Hudson Institute has wider implications beyond the current debate over amnesty. It places the blame for its findings on a failure of patriotism.

A country whose educational institutions are less patriotic and more liberal will play a crucial role in the shaping of a less patriotic and more liberal population. Immigrants who tend to get their identity more from education than national culture (tellingly immigrants are more likely to rank professors higher than soldiers, in contrast to native-born Americans) are more likely to lean left.

For example the study finds that immigrants are more likely to identify as liberal and less likely to identify as moderate. 36 percent of immigrants identify as liberal versus 22 percent of native born Americans.


This has grimmer implications when it comes to the United States Constitution.

67.3% of the native-born think the U.S. Constitution should be the highest legal authority for Americans, but the majority of immigrant citizens think differently.
Only 37% of immigrant citizens think the U.S.Constitution should be the highest authority for Americans. 29% of immigrant citizens think international law should be above the US Constitution and 34% of them remain unsure
And that calls us back to basic questions of identity.
29 percent of immigrants consider themselves citizens of the world
That is not a good number when you are trying to build a nation, rather than another stop on the globalization tour. And that has national security implications as well.
Should the U.S. allow immigration of radical Islamists who are against the U.S. Constitution and favor replacing it with Islamic law?

Only 47.5 percent of immigrants believe we should definitely not, compared to 70 percent of native-born Americans

It becomes very hard to preserve a nation when there is a constant flow of people who only have a limited identification with the nation. Immigration has gotten too big and national identity has become too weak.
Even if illegal alien amnesty did work as its backers claim, we would still be looking at the same problem. We are just often not importing new Americans but citizens of the world. And until we get our house in order, our immigration system will just go on making more liberals.

  • Mary Sue

    That's a problem.

  • Michael Copeland

    It is the destruction of consensus. It is deliberate.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "It is the destruction of consensus. It is deliberate."

      Precisely. This is the underlying theme of virtually everything they do.

      • Roger

        It's almost horrifying when ever I see them redefine another word.
        And the media is marching in lock step.

  • Malcolm

    Isn't it rather frightening that 30% of the native born accept, or are at least not opposed to, the idea of bringing in radical Moslems?

    • AdinaK

      What is really frightening is that many believe that jihad in Boston is a one off and has nothing to do with the influx of Muslim immigrants, whether legal or illegal! The fact of the matter is that those who adhere to Islam are diametrically opposed to a western way of life, even violently so or through other aid and succor. At the same time, leftists who protect their "right" to invade America, as well as rampant illegal immigration, aka amnesty, have zero interest in American ethos. The above is a cauldron which creates a lethal mix.

      Hence, America's moral decline –

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • RealisticSpeech

    Liberals tend to state we are one big world family fostering support for the UN and the unfortunate consequence of undermining patriotism to the US. That is not to say all liberals are unpatriotic. But it is a fact that liberals want a one world government so that all can "share in the dream". But their "dream" is actually a nightmare whereby the majority of the world dislikes Americans and what we stand for in either free will or capitalism. We espouse the worst of their dreams and anathema to share and share alike akin to Marxism or Communism. But they know better than to wrap themselves in those epitomes but instead choose "progressive" as though they are progressing to a new a better place. But "progressive" is but a deception for that which has been tried and failed – totalitarianism – putting entire faith in the government or pure Communism believing we all deserve the same regardless of our ambitions and hard work verses slackers who want to leach off the system. The first step in any battle is to identify the enemy. In Sun Tzu's Art of War – the enemy is following the known successful script of sowing division among your enemies – the problem is we have met the enemy and they are us is a truthful maxim for it is fellow Americans that are demanding strict democratic majority rule when America is a Republic. Those of us who know we are the Republic must defend the US and our Constitution against all enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC – Boston met on Domestic enemy in the form of two brothers who were not US but Islamic at heart. Those facts alone support your article.

  • gee59

    What happen to the education requirement for naturalization? They would learn that in America the Constitution is in fact the highest law if it is still required.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "What happen to the education requirement for naturalization? They would learn that in America the Constitution is in fact the highest law if it is still required."

      That is one point I was making not too long ago. We need to have immigrants sign pledges not just loyal in theory to "the American dream" but to our constitution and if they preach subversion they are ejected immediately.

      That will take care of lots of totalitarian tyrant wannabes. We need a lot more than that, but I'm speaking just about treasonous lack of enforcement that exists today on the subject you mentioned.

      We have to educate conservative constitution-loving leaders to speak clearly and get our education institutions back from the treason factories they've become to institutions that create citizens loyal to the US constitution. And we've got to apply the same high standards to immigrants without granting them de facto citizen rights just for being physically nearby. There is no "right" to immigrate here. We need to seriously cull the invaders, erring on the side of caution and not delusion.

      • jacqueline

        No, what you need is politicy makers who do not want to
        destroy their country, to apply the laws in the books for
        accepting new emmigrants, to educate your youths to know
        their history, their constitution , THEIR COUNTRY
        DON'T make the fault on the people who came to this
        country legally, in good faith. You used to be choosy, continue.

  • Ernie Kautnik

    “Immigrants More Likely to Identify as Liberal, Put International Law Over Constitution”

    And thus, another glaring example as to why democrats, liberals, fascists, Marxists, communists and every other sort of heathen fights tooth and nail for continued unfettered immigration from south of the USA’s border.

    • Gee59

      And they control the entire education system in America. No wonder they turn out clueless automatons.

  • Michael Copeland

    Signing pledges
    There is one ideology that authorises deception. Faisal Shahzad, the would-be Times Square Jihadi bomber, swore the Oath of Allegiance. He explained to the judge:
    “I sweared, but I did not mean it.”
    The Muslim Brotherhood (CAIR, ISNA, IIIT, MSA, etc.) strategy includes:
    “Using deception to mask intended goals” (The Project).

  • David Govett

    Democrats are salivating over the prospect of millions more votes of naturalized illegal aliens.
    That would transition America from a two-party system to a de facto dictatorship capable of anything, from discarding the Constitution to subjecting Americans to any foolish international law.