Imprisoned Terrorist Claims Cell with Television and Radio “Unfit for Animals”


Ali Charaf Damache probably hasn’t polled a lot of animals for their point of view, but I think your average cat will agree that steady meals plus a warm television to lie on is Hilton quality stuff.

Ali Charaf Damache is wanted by the FBI for conspiracy in a foiled international plot to murder a Swedish cartoonist whose depiction of the Prophet Mohammad with the body of a dog caused outrage in Muslim countries.

But in an ironic turn of events, Ali claims that his prison isn’t even fit for a dog, with or without Mohammed’s head.

Damache, arrested in Ireland in March 2010, said he was claiming compensation over conditions of his detention at Cork Prison that he said amounted to inhuman and degrading treatment.

“Cork Prison is not even suitable for animals,” Damache, 47, told the High Court. “There was a television and radio (in my cell). When I practiced my prayer they (cellmates) deliberately put the volume up (and) they put pictures of naked women on the wall. I can’t pray in a place where there are naked pictures…”

I don’t think animals would have major objections to that. When an area is described as unfit for animals, most people assume that there are major hygiene problems. Not that there’s too much free entertainment.

Damache said he had been unable to wash before prayer and handling the Koran, as his faith requires, and was usually allowed to shower and change his underwear just once a week.

Just like an animal!

  • john spielman

    odd that he is sensitive to the “sin ” of loud music and naked women but doesn’t see any problem with MURDERING an infidel, but that’s Islam for you!

  • Softly Bob

    Maybe he has a point. What they should do is give him his food in a trough, lay straw on the ground for him to lie on and put a litter tray in the corner of his cell instead of toilet facilities. He can also have another trough of water to wash in and drink out of. For exercise he can have a giant hamster wheel, and once a day they can put a collar and lead on him and take him for a walk outside.

    Now that would be fit for an animal!

    • ziggy zoggy

      I think you’re on to something. You meant it as mockery but I think your suggestions are valid.

  • DogmaelJones1

    “I can’t pray in a place where there are naked pictures…” Heaven forbid! But Islam allows Muslims to strip non-Muslim women naked and rape them. Or “groom” girls for prostitution and hire them out to other Muslims. Oh, the nakedness of it all! Islam inculcates and nurtures psychosis and doctrinal irrationality.

  • glpage

    I wonder if the dolt considered that when you act like an animal you should be treated like one.

    • OfficialPro

      that’s an insult to animals.

  • Gee

    Maybe if they didn’t act like animals they might be spared having radio and television

  • tanstaafl

    Well, compared to Jannit and those 72 raisins………

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Good. It’s still more than he deserves.

    Thank allah for that, bozo. It only gets worse when you go looking for your virgins.

  • ziggy zoggy

    Meanwhile American inmates are forced to eat food unfit for animals and fight in gladitorial combat. Damache should ask for a transfer to Club Gitmo.