Indian Women Rushing to Buy Guns After Gang Rape

Despite vivid denials from all good liberals, it is speculated that guns can stop rapists and murderers by propelling bullets at high speeds through their bodies. The reality-based progressive community however denies that this can work and insists that only good vibes from listening to NPR will work and Bloomberg encourages everyone to fight rape by limiting their intake of large sodas.

NEW DELHI: The horrific attack on Nirbhaya has led to a spurt in requests for gun licences from women. Since December 18, the day the news of the brutal gang rape appeared in newspapers, the licensing department of Delhi Police has received a total of 274 applications from women. In addition, it has also been flooded with hundreds of queries on how to obtain a licence.

“We have received over 1,200 calls since that day. These include not only the average working woman, but even students who travel long distances to colleges and even their concerned parents. They were eager to find out more on the procedure to acquire arms,” said a Delhi police officer.

Delhi police sources say hundreds more had turned up at their office itself. “We had to patiently tell them that one needs to have a clear danger to one’s life to be given a licence. However, some of the parents were not happy with our replies. They said that with even public transport no longer safe in the city, they just cannot take chances. When we told them this could not be reason enough, we were told to give in writing that their daughters were indeed safe on Delhi’s roads,” said a source.

A member of the National Association for Gun Rights India claimed women were discriminated against. “Men are issued more gun licences than women in Delhi even if the later have genuine reasons to apply for them,” said a member. “The fact that even parents are ready to hand over weapons to their daughters shows they are living in fear. There is a 20% increase in self-defence courses across the city,” added the source.

Michael Bloomberg is reportedly unhappy with these developments.

  • littlebytesnews

    LOL liberals are insane if they think self defense is murder. A woman who uses a gun to defend herself&kills the predator is justified in murdering a rapist. That image/ad by the Brady Campaign shows how insane and stupid liberals are, yet they support the dismemberment and murder of defenseless and innocent unborn human beings in the mother's womb and call it a choice. Disgusting!

  • Mary Sue

    The Brady Campaign is so incredibly offensive, like, wow.

    I remember a woman police officer telling an 8th grade class of girls that any weapon can be "used against them" and if it gets them out of it alive, just let him do it.

    • UCSPanther

      I wager no one told them that being a victim of a crime, especially one as heinous as rape can affect one for the rest of their lives.

      I would rather see a rapist laying on the ground in agony from being shot by a potential victim than see him being frantically hunted by the police before he strikes again.

      To paraphrase Ted Nugent, the best offender is a dead offender.

      • Mary Sue

        I think it's the soft bigotry of low expectations in there as well, because in a lot of Hollywood movies you get situations where women collapse into blubbering masses of helplessness rather than shoot, even if they are defending their own lives, and even if they're holding a gun.

  • Mary Sue

    oh ghost peppers. Yeah, the guy is in for some pain then…

  • Vermont Guy

    Is that Brady ad for real? I know that is what they believe but did they dare to publish an ad like that?

    • RedWhiteAndJew

      Wouldn't be surprising to me. The self-righteous left make commercials showing the bloody murder of environment realists. Arguing that it is morally superior to allow yourself to be raped, rather than shoot your would-be rapist, seems like training day, by comparison.

  • gaguy

    Looks like someone hijacked BradyCampaign's logo and put it on that ad image. The ad is not on their web site.

    • Mary Sue

      it's the kind of BS they or their hangers-on have been known to spout.

  • Rifleman

    What a sick pathetic ad. Defending oneself from a felony assault isn't murder. And failure stop an assault like rape isn't over after a good cry

    I know two women that were brutally raped and tortured, for days. I knew a third who was raped, tortured, and murdered in a park at lunchtime, by someone who should have still been serving time on the first of his three rape sentences. The life of a rapist isn't worth one tear from a woman's eye, much less the scars or the decades of nightmares, waking up in terror, if she's lucky enough to survive it. I'd prefer to hear no one hurt anybody, but between the two, I'd much rather hear about a dead rapist than another rape. Then I just think of the women he won't rape.

    I'm just really glad, and pleasantly surprised that the women of India also have the option of defending themselves with a simple tool that will stop a violent predator in their tracks.

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    The Brady Campaign ad at the top is truly repulsive.The only thing they didn't add was (under the line, "Murder is forever" is "So lie back and enjoy it ladies 'cause guns are not the answer." So rape is a "30-second" romp, huh? I know a woman whose home was broken into and she was raped for 3 hours, kidnapped in the trunk of his car and then dumped after forcing her to write a suicide note leaving her belongings to him. But it would be so CRUEL to murder him for this. The Brady org would rather have women cower in their homes, frightened, than arm themselves and take charge of their lives. Next the'll be telling us that if only we wore burkas, we wouldn't have to worry about rape. Shame on the women who are part of this organization and who believel in this crap.