Indonesia Frees Muslim Terrorist Who Beheaded 3 Christian Girls as “Ramadan Present”


Obama back in Indonesia

Technically Basri wasn’t freed. He was allowed to go home to visit his “sick wife” and then left unguarded for hours. In a completely inexplicable set of circumstances that the authorities could not have possibly imagined would occur… he escaped.

Basri should have received the death penalty for the murder of 3 Christian schoolgirls. The three girls, Theresia Morangke and Yarni Sambue, both 15, and 17-year-old Alfita Poliwo, had their heads cut off. One of the heads was placed in a bag along on the steps of a church along with a note reading, “We will murder 100 more Christian teenagers and their heads will be presented as presents.”

What did he mean by presents? Basri and his fellow Muslims were celebrating the end of the Islamic Ramadan. It’s an event that Obama annually commemorates at the White House, but Basri really got into the spirit of the season.

Basri said he and two others killed the girls and took their heads to the group’s headquarters as a “gift” to mark the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

The bodies, dressed in school uniform, were left by the roadside near the execution site, but the heads were carried in a backpack.

Basri claimed he was sorry “not just from my mouth but from deep in my heart.” But he nevertheless joked and laughed as he described how it took two swipes of his machete to lop the head off one of the girls.

Basri, whom the Indonesian authorities for all intents and purposes set free, received weapons training from Al Qaeda’s affiliate Jemaah Islamiyah. And he had confessed to beheading one of the girls personally.

Despite all this Basri only received a comparatively short jail term. It’s not that Indonesia doesn’t have the death penalty or doesn’t use it as casually as most Muslim countries do. A 56-year-old woman from the UK is facing the death penalty for drug smuggling. And since she isn’t a Muslim, she has something to worry about. It’s safe to say that no one will be taking her to visit any sick relatives while leaving her unguarded.

If you want to understand the difference between Islam and every other religion on earth, you could do worse than read this single paragraph describing how the spiritual musings of the mastermind of these atrocities.

Hasanuddin allegedly returned from a visit to members of Philippines Islamist group the Moro Islamic Liberation Front with tales of how that organisation regularly staged bombings to coincide with Lebaran, the festival that ends the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. However, after further discussion with friends, he decided that beheading Christians could qualify as an act of Muslim charity.

Muslim charity.


A survivor of Muslim charity


  • Aceriter

    If information like this could make it into the mainstream media in America there would be no problem with Muslims ever again. They would be so despised they would not dare to complain about anything or do anything.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The mainstream media is on its last legs. The media is becoming anyone with a loud enough voice.

      • BS77

        The libtard MSM will not touch this story. Does not comport with the psychotic PC agenda. Sorry. Any questions…good , now let's look at the story about how much weight Ms. Kardashian put on recently…you know, the really important news.

      • truebearing

        That isn't very comforting. The Left has the monopoly on big, loud mouths.

    • CL.

      Sorry to say you're wrong because the mainstream media is only helping nobama and his muslim cohorts. nobama is bringing as many muslim radicals to the US as possible to help in taking over the country with as much blood as possible to give us all shock and awe muslim style {7th century}.

  • Michael Copeland

    “Killing is the same as mercy” …. Ayatollah Khomeini.

    • gee59

      I guess they really need a whole lot of mercy then

    • deborah

      Killing is premeditated murder, and God does not find this an act of mercy. He is ready for the murderer to be before him for the horrible deed the murderer has done to one of his (or more), beloved children. God loves all of his children, he is our creator.

    • MR. MADRID


    • CL.

      That's GREAT… We need to kill all muslims and give them their ultimate wish to spend eternity with their false god allah aka satan aka the great deceiver so they can spend eternity with him laughing at them for being such FOOLS here on earth.

  • AdinaK

    Well, here is just more proof that "moderate" Islam doesn't exist, as Indonesia has always been its poster boy –

    NOT only that, but decapitation goes hand in hand with Sharia Law jihad –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • Gemunu

      Some people are believe there are various forms of Islam like moderate Islam and violent islam. The truth is, there is only one Islam and that is "Violent Islam" Read the Koran. Here are some of the grisly passages from the Koran:
      "Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them." Koran 2:191
      "Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood." Koran 9:123
      "When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them." Koran 9:5
      "Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable." Koran 3:85
      "The Jews and the Christians are perverts; fight them."… Koran 9:30
      "Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam" Koran 5:33
      "Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin and bellies." Koran 22:19

  • truebearing

    As if we needed any more proof….Islam is an organisation dedicated to the training and licensing of homicidal criminals. It is an incubator of psychopaths. It is no wonder it succeeds at attracting members within the prison population. Islam is the quintessential evil cult.

    How can the supposedly "good" Muslims stay quiet, or stay Muslim, knowing what their fellow Muslims are doing in the name of Islam? Oh, that's right….they want to stay alive.

  • marios

    I have no doubt that liberals are cowards and afraid to see reality. I have no doubt that they are ignorant, gullible people. But… are they at such high level stupid and have no instinct of survival? It is so obvious (despite of controlled by leftists Dem's party mouth peach MSM propaganda) that not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims. If so, at least in our country we have some sources of truthful information based on facts, for instance this remarkable website. At stake are their own life and their children life!
    What do they need to wake up?

    • Denis MacEoin

      I am a liberal, but I don't take on board any of the excuse-making for Islam and Muslims. Maybe it helps that I used to be a university teacher in Islamic Studies and know quite a lot about the subject. Is knowledge all it takes? I think it is, in the sense that practically everyone from high-level politicians to ground-level people in the churches and the media know next to nothing about Islamic supremacism, the facts of Islamic history, jihad, shari'a law and the rest. Given that the media do not fulfill their obligation to inform the general public and that politicians are more concerned about sucking up to Muslim countries, it's hard to know how to get this information into Western heads.

      • gee59

        I too am a liberal – I think that marios' comment of more toward leftists. Liberals are a live and let live lifestyle.

        I don't want to tell anybody what to do with their own bodies, but demand the same for myself. A person's rights end with their extent of their body parts

        • Lucy

          gee59: I doubt anyone has any interest in telling you what you can or can't do with your own body (other than drink too much Pepsi, of course). However, you have ZERO right to harm … or kill … anyone else. The "anyone else" part of that INCLUDES a baby who, temporarily, resides in your womb because of your careless sexual acts. Heck – if you want to kill yourself .. have at it. Just wait until little Johnny or Betsy has the time to exit and live peacefully, apart from your murderous spirit. Then … knock yourself out.

          • Gee59

            Actually there are millions of people telling others what they can or cannot do with their own bodies.

            As for my 'womb' well being the wrong gender – I don't have one of those.

            As for killing myself – no thanks

          • SSmith

            I understand Lucy .
            I do have a womb and I was taught self – respect. Concern for ones body stops when there is someones else's body growing in your own. Then is the time to start to respect that body ,your child.
            Unfortunately there is no other way of procreating which is a fact known to all humans of whatever creed or ethnicity. So abortion goes far beyond any so-called rights to ones body. With the advent of contraception , abortion should for the most part be obsolete, but we are faced with the opposite.
            in the case of rape and a serious illness of the mother etc.there may be other psychological and health considerations. Apart from these any mother , teenage or otherwise could have the unwanted child put up for adoption , thereby also helping many a childless couple to become parents and the unwanted child given a loving home. Why not this option rather than kill the child ?
            Modern consensus is that this option be crueller than abortion. But for who ?
            The mother who hates the thought her child is elsewhere, which is absurd if she would rather have murdered him/her.? If she can bond with her born child after all so it is viewed as cruel to take him/her away immediately at birth, why abort in the first place.

            Taking a child away immediately for adoption at birth is no different than abortion especially in the case of late- term abortion as in both cases there is no chance of bonding.
            In my view respect for ones body is a respect for life itself, and taking responsibility for ones own body means exactly that , as we have control what we do with our bodies, always have a choice which is a civilised approach to life, and a respect for mother nature , even for those humans not influenced by i.e. tenets of faith , this natural law should apply to all humans surely.

  • Rifleman

    Islamic countries will sometimes imprison Islamic terrorists for murdering infidels, but they always let them go. The msm won't raise much of a stink over it. After all, it was Christians murdered.

  • infidel4life

    Islam is the cancer of the human race, straight from the pit of hell. As with any cancer, we must kill it before it kills us.

    • Rainlover

      Then you become the same as them. The best offense AND defense is to educate and make people aware of what's happening around the world and at home. Promoting hatred NEVER solved problems.

      • infidel4life

        Self preservation, survival, is not hatred. Does a doctor "hate" the cancer he excises from a patient? No, he simply removes it from the body. "Killing" Islam doesn't necessarily mean killing all muslims. Education and awareness would go a long way towards the goal of eliminating Islam here in the West, but most people, with the help of the media, are willfully blind and ignorant of the truth about it. But when Islam perpetrates violence against infidels, it needs to be met with overwhelming deadly force, as that is all that barbaric ideology understands. The West is in deep denial about Islam. The only option is to stand up and resist the Jihad they are waging against us. Anything less is allowing the cancer to win.

      • BS77

        Rainlover…you are lost in liberal soft submission and helpless PC drivel. Way the freak up!!!! Not to promote hatred…but to promote the survival of Western Civilization, Christianity and all other religions…..Dignity, Freedom and Human Rights, our Constitution… I getting through to you?

      • Defcon 4

        What other emotion are you supposed to show for islam? Admiration? The usual one-way street tolerance? Tolerance of the intolerant never works out well.

      • Lan Astaslem

        no you don't – you don't live with a deadly cancer – you get rid of it

      • Mary Sue

        Promoting understanding will only go so far. Islamists laugh at your Conflict Resolution 101 as they swing their machete.

  • BLJ

    Lowlife muslim scum.

  • Richard

    Liberals are a stupid lot because (in part) they ignore reality–They would call the response to these decapitations "Islamophobia" and insist that those offended by these murders show penance for being bigoted.

  • geoffreybritain

    But, but…Indonesia is supposed to be a moderate Muslim country!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It raised Obama to be a proper moderate, didn't it?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "But, but…Indonesia is supposed to be a moderate Muslim country!"

      But it is, next to most of them. It is not "moderate" in any other sense in comparison to any Western liberal democracy.

      • Defcon 4

        Indonesian muslimes committed a genocide in E. Timor. Tens of thousands of kufrs/infidels died (most of them Catholic). It was only stopped by the direct, military intervention of AUS (and G-d bless 'em for that).

  • Brian

    I guess this guy bashri never read the book or saw the movie about islam being a peaceful religion. Wait….there is no book or movie about islam being a peaceful religion. The Indonesian judicial system is to blame for allowing him to be alone when visiting his "sick" wife.

  • john spielman

    Let's not be too harsh on the Indonesian authorities for letting this mass murderer out, unguarded to visit his "ailing "wife, for we must accept the precept that ALL MUSLIM AUTHORITIES ARE NOT ONLY CORRUPT BUT INCOMPETENT AS WELL.

  • Will

    Obama: "Indonesia is an example of religious tolerance"……yeah……right….pretty obvious.

  • Anamah

    The madness must end.

  • Kip Blevin

    I guess I could qualify as a muslim then. Because I can't tell you how much joy I would have lopping the head off of basri, this piece of dreg. Sounds like a very brave man, killing teenage girls. If this is an example of moderate islam, imagine what "radical" islam must be like?

  • khaleb.john

    God will punish Indonasia soon. I pray for that.If authorities are not taking any strong action against such extreamist, it would be a shameful thing that President Obama visit this Country without any human feeling.

  • Ernest Montai

    A belief system that teaches murder and violence, as acts of kindness and charity, towards all who are not Muslims, is pure evil, and an enemy that we must unite against and utterly defeat.
    Let us unite against this sickness in human society, unite to destroy it completely, the monies that fund it (muslim oil countries), and the counties and organizations, that sustain it like the muslim brotherhood.
    Let us unite against this terror, let us fight back with every resource at our disposal, before this murderous gang of Islamic thugs, murder more innocent people!
    The longer we wait, the more youths they recruit and train, to be murderers!

    • babaron

      A very sensible comment. Unlike most of the others who talk as bad as some of the radical puppets.

  • Veronique

    They are corrupt! murder of non muslims rates as a far lower crime than marihuana.
    Khaleb, Obama grew up in Indonesia as a muslim. He is no better.

    • lolzman97

      this site is for intelligent debates, not unsupported statements

  • Lian Purba

    Well, I am Indonesian i live in Indonesia. I Love my Country but i really really hates Muslim and Islam!!! They bomb our Church, They blocked our Church. I hates them. Muslim is so blind…..

    I hope Lord Jesus forgive their sins.

  • @CindyBP

    Why is anyone surprised? ob@ma celebrates the murder of children……and blesses the one who murder.

  • lolzman97

    I feel like these extremists don't really understand the concept of present

  • DAbraham

    I am Indonesia muslim living in Jakarta. I was raised in a muslim orthodox family. Our family is considered religious by our neighbors as well as in our hometown in South Sumatra. Yet, I never heard the teaching of beheading Christian (or anybody) as a Muslim charity. Instead, I was taught not to harm anybody. And I also never heard any celebration for the end of fasting month by doing such cruel thing. Instead I was taught to spend the whole time staying in the mosque, reading Qur'an and praying. (That's why our schools usually got about two weeks holiday during the end of Ramadan)

    About this beheading case, first of all, it happened during a sectarian conflict in 2006 near Poso town in Sulawesi island, about three hours flight from Jakarta. Since it is far away in the countryside, we in Java (constituting 60% of Indonesian population), didn’t know exactly what happened there. What we knew then was that there was conflict between muslims and Christians. The victims, surely, were not only our Christian brothers/sisters. So, there were also sad stories like this – with pictures – circulating in muslims radical magazines.

    Previously, this kinda religious conflict also happened in Maluku islands (farther than Poso) in early 2000s. We also didn’t know exactly what happened. And the first conflicts involving beheading cases were between Dayaks tribe against Madurese settlers in Kalimantan. Fyi, despite their ancient belief, Dayaks people are known as Christians. On the other hand, Madurese are muslims. In this case, the muslim Madurese are the beheaded ones and they were forced back to their island in Java. These conflicts happened twice, in 1995 and 2000s. As usual, we didn’t know what really happened but I remember the horror to see some pictures of the heads of Madurese carried by the joyous Dayaks.

    Actually, one thing that most of the people are sure of is that those religious/sectarian conflicts in Poso and Maluku are actually set up – and maintained – by politicians and military in Jakarta seeking for power after Suharto administration collapsed. Meanwhile, the conflicts in Kalimantan are caused by the injustice of the development and huge gap between the haves and the have-nots.

    Beside these sectarian conflicts, another root problem is the rule of law or law enforcements. We are increasingly getting mad of how most of the corruptors, criminals, thugs who killed others, rapists, pedophiles, etc only got no more than 10 years of sentence. Even many of corruptors got less than 5 years while some elderly villagers got caught of taking firewood for survival could end up years in prison. We also shared the same feelings against those terrorizing under the name of Islam. Our law is not like the US which is likely to punish those bastards until 60 or even hundred years of jail.

    The case of convicted one like Basri being allowed to go home is something people are outrage of. It happens so often that we don’t believe in our court and justice system. Such frustration was obvious when few weeks ago many people hailed and supported some soldiers who came to a prison in full arms and killed 4 people (known as thugs) who killed their fellow soldier. Some others, including me, condemned the killings conducted by those soldiers for the reasons of human rights and anti-militarism. Consequently, some people think the concept of human rights do not protect them from getting killed by thugs. Some of them even advise people to kill on site a pickpocket or thugs who get caught red-handed instead of taking them to the police. Surely it is a difficult situation for us all.

    So, basically, your humanity concern in this case is our concern too. We are tired of any beheadings. We are very sorry for these killings. We want to stop these all. Not only that, we want to reveal the killings of million people during 1960s, the killings in Lampung, East Timor, Papua, etc. But we are facing a very big wall.

    If you want to help us, please don’t judge. Your hatred against Islam will not do any good. It is a belief that will never disappear, like our ancient Dayak beliefs living in the remote forests in Borneo. Your judgment will only serve as fuel for those fundamentalists to falsely campaign that our real enemy is the non-muslim world. At least, just understand our problems and difficulties. Like you, we want to live peacefully (and prosperously) too. Perhaps we need more time to become a solid nation. Remember, the US still had to experience a civil war 100 years after it became independent. We hope we will never have any civil war like the US did.

  • Robert

    I shed tears each time I think of this Satanic act. I pray for the parents of these darling girls that they will receive comfort and blessing.
    These three martyrs are now with their Lord in heaven.
    The time is coming when theses wicked men and women and all their supporters will face the fury of the wrath of God.

  • Anto de Chav

    Indonesia is off my holiday list…

  • sohan

    i hate the muslim guy & muslim religion…
    if u want to peace on the earth we must take serious action again muslim.. or we must the clear muslim from the earth.. but will have to see like A P J abdul kala & other great man whom thinking is great.

  • Melissa

    The parents of those girls should get together and carry out a REAL sentence of justice against Basri. If that had been my daughter, the man would have been shot dead the minute he left the safety of the prison.

  • Amorphous1991

    RIP to these girls. Revenge for their deaths will come.

  • johar

    barbaric nation

  • colinsky

    guess I’m just a bigoted racist redneck to be offended that the barbarian that chops heads off girls, who is freed and viewed sympathetically by the Indonesian PM, who is apparently doing what he thinks will get votes – which shows how under the grip of Islamic fundamentalist madness that country and much of the world (we are still trading with the barbarians?) Quit trade with Saudi and Indonesia and all countries in the grip of mad mullahs following the worst parts of the Quaiarain (and force change!