Iowa Muslim Imam Claims Prosecuting Him for Molesting Women Violates his Religious Freedom


He does have a point. Islam is one of the few religions to incorporate rape as a major aspect of its founding and practice.

An attorney for a Des Moines Islamic leader charged with sexual abuse and exploitation is asking a judge to drop two of the charges, arguing that they violate the man’s religious freedom.

Spahic faces one count of third-degree sexual abuse and two counts of sexual exploitation by a counselor or therapist. He was arrested in August after a 42-year-old woman and her 18-year-old daughter told police that Spahic sexually assaulted them during a religious ceremony.

Iowa law spells out that counselors and therapists are barred from “sexual conduct” with patients. But because Spahic never had a formal relationship with the two women, using his religious position to charge him should be unconstitutional, Campbell argued in the motion.

“The ceremony he was performing was not psychotherapy, nor was it counseling,” the motion said. “The sexual exploitation charges are therefore necessarily based on his religious identity and the religious nature of his relationships to the accusers.”

So what did Spahic’s religious counseling involve?

The woman on Aug. 12 called Spahic to her house in Johnston for help with her daughter, who reportedly suffered personal issues, including depression and drug use, police and court papers said. Spahic allegedly performed an Islamic ceremony that involved “chanting and rubbing the body with oil,” court papers said.

In one section of the sealed minutes of evidence, prosecutors “inappropriately refer to Mr. Spahic as a ‘Voodoo priest,'” according to the motion. At the time of his arrest Spahic served as the imam – a leader of Islamic prayer services – at the Des Moines Islamic and Cultural Center Bosniak on Lower Beaver Road.

That’s not the only thing inappropriate about that story. But I think Voodoo priests are right to be offended by that one. Still if Muslims have the religious freedom to

1. Promote the mass murder of non-Muslims

2. Donate money to terrorist groups

3. Subvert national security

… why not sexual abuse?

  • Alison Ressler

    So, if my “religious belief” demands that I sacrifice virgins, may I assume that is also okay? Or if it demands that I roast babies on a spit, may I do that then? Is there no limit to the depravity and barbarity of islam? Claiming it is a “religious freedom” to abuse people and commit crimes? Shall we just give him a free pass to rape anyone he wants in the name of religious freedom? This asshole should be LAUGHED OUT OF COURT and locked up so he can be someone’s bitch. I mean he is in favor of sexual abuse, so let him HAVE some.

  • Ilpalazzo

    the bill of rights allows one to choose one’s own religion. It does not embrace any religion’s ideals. If you’re dumb enough to choose a religion that says it’s OK to hurt others, well, sorry, those actions are against the law. Ask Allah what he thinks when you’re getting raped in prison, bub.

  • Ilpalazzo

    “There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school.”

    So then, is it acceptable to say there is no place for a Muslim child or teacher in a non-Muslim country?

  • Drakken

    The vileness of islam is demonstrated every bloody day, as for the converts to your vile cult, weak and stupid people fall for cults every day. So muslim we will be showing you the door by two choices, the suitcase of the coffin. God Bless the Crusades.

  • CalifornDrifter

    They want their home land laws,,,, go back home, the morons came here to get away from their Countys ways and now want us to use the laws of their home land,,,, Bull S*it

  • Sam Cane

    What is missing from all the comments is ‘this mongrel living among us’ is the product of liberals. Knee jerk multiculturalism is their baby. They have brought these primitive bastards into western countries by the boat load. Multiculturalism is a failing hippie idea. Hippies will forever repeat failure; as long as they allowed to do so, because they are ideologically driven – as much so as any religious zealot. ____”oh, we just haven’t sucked the haji’s ass enough” “Oooo, let’s make laws lopsided in favor of them, and give them their own sharia court – then they’ll know how much we love them” /sarcasmoff . . it just goes on and on and on, concession after concession.

  • Gina Perez


  • victoria_29

    she is over 18, she called and invited him to her house and obviously she agreed to the “oiling”. I maybe anti-Muslim but please…..this is absurd.

  • Avengeme

    Isaiah 13-16 Their infants will be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses will be looted and their wives violated.

    Isaiah 13-18 Their bows will strike down the young men;
    they will have no mercy on infants,

    • Daniel Greenfield

      That would be the Persian Empire conquering Babylon.

    • Simon Timothy

      Avengeme, you better read David Rosenthal ‘s answer to Leo L Hunter. That is for you too!

  • anestat

    Our leaders need to have the guts of Vladimere Putin. He says without any hesitation that Muslim and other fringe groups will not get any special favors in Russia, and is trying to get rid of them.

  • Artie Galvin

    Most of you people have no idea what you’re talking about. Christianity does not sanction any rape, victimization, slavery, cruelty or any of the things stated below. Christianity starts with Jesus and the NEW testament. If you’re not familiar with the NEW testament, read it. You’ll see that Jesus only had a message of love, peace and salvation. Don’t confuse the old and new testaments.

  • Gina Perez

    and to the people that think Christianity is some kind of voodoo is the most ignorant statement I have ever heard. Some people don’t want to except the fact that no one can curse another person unless you give them the authority to. When you mentally believe that someone has this kind of power over your life, you are bringing on things yourself. Everyone knows that negative thoughts bring on negative actions so by believing that they are capable of cursing you, your negativity brings on depression, sickness, and other negative reactions.
    We must always think positive. No enemy or foe can put a curse on you. We always have trials and tribulations in our life. Its just something we have to endure.
    Don’t let negativity keep you down. Read your Bible daily and go to your local Church.

  • websearcher

    Seems like a lot of facts were left out of this story. What was the sexual abuse that was suffered by these women? Was it only the rubbing of the oil on them that constituted sexual abuse? If so, the guy has a point.

    If it is more – then where is it in the story?

    Or, is it that the whole point of this story is the usual – A right wing-nut bigoted way of knocking Muslims and so who cares about facts?

    • Ace

      You make a good point about missing facts.

      However, the story raises interesting issues such as

      1. What is a religious practice?

      2. To what extent can a state regulate the conduct involved in such practice?

      But all you can think to add to this discussion is to flounder into the “right[-wing] wing-nut” bigotry thicket.

      Bravo. Maybe you can ask your mom to let your web searching cover more than paint ball weekends and video games.

      • websearcher

        You acknowledge that I made a good point about the column missing facts and then berate me that I don’t add anything to the discussion but insults?

        Make up your mind. Either I made a good point or I didn’t.

        As for “floundering into right-wing nut bigotry”? What else would you call this article that is long on accusations but short on facts?

        • Ace

          You made two points. The first was excellent.

          The other was a gratuitous insinuation that the author is a bigoted, right-wing wing nut.

          While it is not wise to assume that prosecutors always make good decisions, we do know from the facts that the imam was charged with sexual abuse and exploitation. The women complained that he sexually assaulted them. Thus, we have partial knowledge of what might have taken place.

          Furthermore, though Mr. Greenfield makes a general point about how Islam countenances rape he nevertheless specifically limited his central point to asking if it is unreasonable to assume that Islam would have little difficulty in upholding conduct that in Iowa allegedly constitutes sexual assault.

          At worst, Mr. Greenfield exhibits a justifiable Muslim fatigue based on years and years of learning about the aberrant, nay, barbaric practices encouraged or tolerated by Islam. To note the most elementary facts about Islam doesn’t make one right-wing, a bigot, or a wing nut but that was where you chose to go.

          I apologize for my own excess, btw. I should not have gratuitously insulted you with my crack about permission from your mom.

          • websearcher

            First – your apology accepted. Thanks.

            Second – You are right. The prosecutors did bring charges against the Imam and so there may be more to this story. (Something I pointed out that we need more information of).

            As for the bigotry charge. What else would you call it? Have there been other religious figures who have behaved inappropriately with their charges? Of course. If a Mormon priest were to have been charged with the exact same accusation, would we be correct to lay this at Mormonism door? Of course not. We would correctly blame the person not his religion. Why then in this (and many many other example) is it ok to blame the guy’s religion? Especially when no details have been put forth to substantiate it?

          • Ace

            Thank you.

            Your Mormon example is a good one, especially if we posit a member of the LDS church. However, if we posit a member of the breakaway sect(s) that still practice polygamy, I think it changes the equation quite a bit. Either member can transgress but I would be inclined to think that the latter guy, who comes from a more closed, authoritarian, and rejectionist community would be likely to try to justify any sexual misconduct by reference to his religious doctrines. (After reading Krakauer’s _Under the Banner of Heaven_, I’m absolutely convinced that accepting polygamy is a terrible choice that will cause men to become completely unhinged.) The LDS church, however, is an admirable institution in my experience as a friend of the church, and I doubt that any of its doctrines would be of use to any criminal defendant.

            So, yes, Mr. Greenfield is on solid ground. Islam is such a repulsive set of beliefs and it undergirds “the perfect closed system” as Baron Boddisey noted. If a Muslim accused seeks to exonerate himself by saying his conduct is sanctioned by his religion, that may well be true but as DG states at the outset, the doctrines involved are suspect at the outset. If all he did was some kind of “anointing,” wellll, the devil is in the details. If the doctrine doesn’t sanction sexual assault, he didn’t assault the women, and the women are falsely accusing him, he should have his day in court on those points. If he did assault the women, I can’t wait to hear what Islamic doctrines permit him to do that.

          • websearcher

            One problem with your polygamy Mormon analogy and the Muslim religion. One of them is banned under our laws and the second is not.

            Freedom to practice your religious beliefs under our constitution is just that – freedom from prosecution from the government.

            Now – if the prosecutor could show that the Imam actually molested the women under the cover of religion (again as I pointed out before – has happened with Christians and Jewish religious figures) then I would be the first to say that we need to throw the books at him.

            But that was not my point in this thread. The entire article is short on facts but long on accusations simply because the alleged sexual deviant belongs to the Muslim religion.

            So I ask again – if this guy was Catholic or Jewish or even a mainstream Mormon, would we be talking about his religion or his sexual deviancy? I’ll bet it would not be his religion. Which brings me to my point – bigotry under any circumstances (even if it is against a religion we find abhorrent) is appalling.

  • Drakken

    Yeah sure it is, so we don’t have anything to worry about when you virulent commi atheist take power? I guess a 100 years of Communist history would prove you folks on the left wrong.

  • ziggy zoggy

    Christianity and the God you don’t believe in have demonstrably not caused more pain and suffering than anything else. Not even close. In fact, atheist communism killed 200 to 300 million people in the 20th century – a historical record. And Christianity is not compulsory and it did not burst out of Israel in a conquering horde bent on world subjugation.

    Christians spend more time, effort and money on charity than the rest of the world combined.

    Epic fail.

  • IvanRider

    “Nor did they repent of their murders, their magic arts, their sexual immorality or their thefts.” – Revelation 9:21

    Instead, Muslims merely categorized based on what they want to be true that certain groups of women are acceptable targets while others are not.

  • teriquajones

    I hope the judge adheres to the laws of the United States of America. If not, he will be sending the message that molestation is acceptable. Then he will open a door for Muslims to rape and kill.

  • Wulf

    Then give him a choice, to be prosecuted for his crimes according to the laws of the United State or a one way ticket to Afghanistan.

  • LesleyVivien

    If he thinks his religion exempts him from obeying the law of his host country, deport him while he thinks about where he went wrong.

    Have you noticed how the comments have deteriorated into a mass inter-religious and anti-religious spat, and nobody can even remember what the article was about?

  • DocHollywood_2

    Guess he’s not in Kansas anymore

  • Oldretirednurse

    Religion and therapy have nothing to do with it. It’s all about rape. That’s against the law no matter who does it.

  • Esther Fetterhoff

    Don’t be confused, no one should mix sex, politics and religion.

  • Esther Fetterhoff


  • A Z

    One concept that I did not know until several years ago was the concept not pf Christianity but of Christianities. You should look it up.

    Iglesia Ni Cristo has been around since 1913. I only heard about in the last year or so.

    The building would have only held so many people How many more do you think would have fit in?

    I am not real familiar with the Filipino community, but they are pretty good here in America.

    • Oscuro

      Well isn’t it a Jewish saying that you save a soul you save the world? So it doesn’t really matter how many you saved so as long as you tried. Now this Iglesia Ni Cristo is comparing the destruction of centuries old Catholic Churches to the strength of their newly engineered temples and claiming that it is as foretold in the Bible that only the true church of god will withstand such and such…with accompanying Bible verse of course. So you see… order to justify itself, religion and the religious do not ever mind to destroy the competition. Is that Christlike? Is that something you want to believe that religion ought to be? Or how religious people should behave? I meant to use that as an example not as a condemnation in particular to or in defense of the other.

      • A Z

        Concrete ages. Some concretes used in Spanish forts for instance got harder fro the 1st 400 years After that period they decrease in strength. I leaned this after visiting national park at Fort Saint Augustine.

        All concretes are not equal so some of these concretes might have different lifespans.

        Plus building are like air frames. Airframes develop cracks over time due to cyclic stress or or any other stresses.

        Likewise building undergo stresses. Such as earthquakes, diurnal thermal cycle, seasonal cycles.

        It was just these building’s time considering th church leaders lack of engineering principles (Then again I did not pay as much attention in confirmation as a should have. Point is that the leaders are deficient in engineering, but I really can;t throw stones. I am deficient in some areas of theology. 6 of 1 half dozen of anther as the saying goes.).

        The Catholic church leadership is not made up of civil engineers. They probably did not give much thought to this. Now maybe they will. Some catholic building inspectors can inspect churches in the diocese,region or country and give their professional assessment to the leadership and congregation.

        The Iglesia Ni Cristo are new. their time will also come. Regardless that they have re-bar in the concrete they will also deteriorate.

        Nowadays we coats the re-bar in concrete for roads to stop or at least slow corrosion. Point is at some point those Iglesia Ni Cristo buildings will have to be torn down and rebuilt or at some future date they will fall down too.

        Besides not one Catholic church fell down. In America we are so lazy in our talk that we call the church buildings churches. The church is the congregation. The congregation is diminished on earth, but it goes on. Now it is as it always is “in a rebuilding phase”.

      • A Z

        The wiki entry of Iglesia Ni Cristo does not paint a pretty picture.

        I had heard of this church in the last 2 years.

        If they are butt head, I will hear more in the future.

        It will be along the lines of some Muslim, homosexual or communist telling me that they are Christians, therefore Christians are bad and defend their actions or give up your faith and accept our ways. It is the usual line of argument.

  • Joshua

    Hey, if he has the right to “molest” women…then we have the right to revoke his citizenship and send him to the Middle East. He is the only Muslim I have heard using this excuse. Also if he can molest women, then as a Christian, I have the “religious” freedom to whoop his ass til he cant stand no more.

  • Extreme Prejudice

    of course the story had to end with an address of a Church on Lower Beaver Road….