Iran Arrests Girls for Red, White and Blue Nail Polish and Zionist Tights


Finally Iran’s Muslim clergy have managed to combine their hatred of women with their hatred of America and Israel.

A girl in Iran has been arrested for wearing red, white and blue nail polish as young Iranians report a fresh crackdown by the authorities on inappropriate dress and behaviour.

The wave of arrests has dented hopes of a relaxation in Iran’s strict social guidelines under Hassan Rowhani. the country’s new President.

Instead, Tehranis report that after a brief pause following the election the religious police are back out in force. Several women have been arrested for flouting rules on proper wearing of the hijab, a constant irritation to the authorities. Most have been fined and released.

In a similar incident two weeks ago, two girls were arrested in Tehran for wearing tights that bore the Star of David in the pattern.

Clearly they must have been secret Zionists and Yankee spies spreading their immoral ways throughout Iran.

Reports of the girl’s arrest in conservative newspapers blamed a “cultural war against Iran” for the insidious creep of Western decadence into Iranian life, corrupting the nation’s youth in an effort to undermine the Islamic Republic.

True morality can only be restored with more Shiite Islamically correct temporary marriages. Only more legalized Islamic prostitution will restore Islamic morals in Iran.

  • Biff Henderson

    Who taught women the art of deception by ornamenting the body? This one falls at the feet of Azazel. The slave sack was his greatest triumph. Ga-gah-gah hold a MoBro back.


      Who taught men to be little heads except the ones that are small minded! That would be the demon prophet Muhammed who rapes young girls and who became the Beast of the East for idiots and fools to follow!

  • herb benty

    Satan has hated women since Adam and Eve. Genesis 3:15,” some day Devil, a woman will have a child, that will crush your head”, that child is Jesus Christ. Islam’s god Allah is satan, which explains the women hatred, Jew hatred, Christian hatred, glorying in murder, and all the other GORE that Muslims revel in. Islam is Satan worship, and I don’t think they realize it because they call us satan. Then again the hypocritical “holy” men called Jesus a devil. Our enemy is fond of accusing the righteous of evil, while they actually practice it.

    • ginie

      educate yourself first before giving an opinion.

      • herb benty

        I’ve been educating myself for 62 yrs deary. Why would atheistic teachers have anything to offer on purely spiritual matters? Is that Genie as in the Islamic word for demon? Well, you pasted on an insult at me instead of saying anything constructive from a sound mind. Calling someone a “retard” is not like you PC folks, I must have struck a nerve, sorry. Keep searching, God will meet those that look for Him.

  • defcon 4

    “…Western decadence into Iranian life” that’s freedom for you, it’s decadent!

  • defcon 4

    I love that last satiric paragraph about the islamic morality of prostitution. Don’t forget the Bacha Bazi!