Iran Desperately Trying to Claim Syrian Civil War is about Israel


Iran and its Hezbollah puppets have a problem. They’re doing some of their most intense fighting in years against other Muslims. And Muslims aren’t supposed to fight other Muslims. They’re supposed to fight the Zionist devils. Hezbollah in particular built its rep on resistance to Israel. Now they have to make up reasons why the Syrian Civil War is really about Israel.

Commander of Iran’s Basij (volunteer) Force Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi underlined that the current crisis in Syria will terminate with the collapse of the Zionist regime.

“The end of (crisis in) Syria will lead to the collapse of the Zionist regime,” Naqdi said in the Northern province of Golestan on Saturday night.

Step 1. Get into a bloody civil war with half the Muslim world.

Step 2?

Step 3. Israel is destroyed.

Somewhere in hell, Saladin is doing a face palm.

  • David

    Got to hand it to them. The bizarre logic twists and gyrations they go through to justify their contradictory actions and their Stone Age religion would be a great source of humor if they weren’t such violent prone fanatics.

    • doobybro

      maybe they say that or else

  • Gee

    If the Aytollah declares again that the world is flat and he finds out that it isn’t – he will of course blame the Jews for unflattening the world just to make Muslims look bad

  • Sky Properties

    This war will be the endgame of Iran,Syria and Hezbollah.Game over for them.I can only laugh at the Iranian general talking about Israel guy is living in cuckoo land.

  • American1969

    This is why these idiots are still living like it’s the Seventh Century.

  • La6Red9Nec

    When the Jihadist Terrorists we are arming shoot down an Isreali airliner with the new toys they got from us it will become an Isreali problem!