Iran Disqualifies Female Swimmer Covered Head-to-Toe for “Revealing Bathing Suit”


I’m not sure how this works. You would really have to ask your local Mullah or Ayatollah. But apparently Iran won’t record the swimming times of female swimmers who have their faces or palms exposed. Maybe they have a Bathysphere requirement.

An Iranian woman has taken on a difficult challenge: to swim as long as possible in open waters, where she has to wear a diving suit, a full jacket, and a headscarf. However, this was still not enough for the sports authorities, who she claims told her they could not record her latest swim because her outfit was too revealing.

She told Iranian media that on June 11, she swam 20 kilometres in the Caspian Sea, near the northern city of Noshahr. However, she explained that representatives from Iran’s sports ministry tried to knock her distance down by two kilometres, and in the end decided not to officially recognise her feat at all due to the fact that her figure was “visible” when she came out of the water. The sports ministry has not made any statements on this incident, and has not as of yet replied to requests for comment.

Her problems began in 2010, when she decided to swim around Kish island in three days. A representative for the sports ministry came to watch. Elham had only swum 5 kilometres when out of nowhere, police boats rammed into her and those accompanying her. The shock seriously hurt one of her legs, and her hip was lacerated by boat propellers.

On June 11, she swam from 5:30 am to 2:30 pm, going back and forth along a private, women-only beach to avoid any potential run-ins with police boats. All this for nothing, since the sports authorities refused to acknowledge her feat in the end.

Elham’s swimming attire weighs 6 kilos! And because the suit she wears is designed for diving, not surface swimming, it causes very painful chafing. I really don’t see how she could cover her body any more that she already does.

  • cxt

    That is the thing about the fascist ideology of Iran/Islam–its NEVER enough. No amount of rules, no amount of capitulation, no amount of “surrender” will EVER be enough.
    No matter what you do someone, somewhere, will tell you that its “not enough.”

    Humans have a deep seated need to command/control others–and Islam is just one more way to assert control over ones fellow human beings.
    As a friend of mine whose family fled Kabul when the Talaban (sp) took over.
    My paraphrase:
    “What should be a matter for Allah is too often decided by men claiming to act in Allah’s name. Men demanding you obey them, because they arrogantly claim to speak for Allah.”

    • Well Done

      yes, cxt, that is what Islam has in common with the hard left, and why they get along so well… until Islam takes over and slaughters them all.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Men like Mohamed have been doing that for a long time.

  • Well Done

    Each and every lefty who defends Islamists and excuses their crass and inhuman behavior by blaming America and/or Israel, needs their butt kicked. There can be no point trying to explain to them where they are wrong. If they can’t figure it out for themselves they’re not worth the powder.

  • Change Iran Now

    Seriously? These mullahs are nuts, but crazy in a sly way since they probably all look at porn in their spare time, but in reality exert these kinds of moral controls simply as a means of oppressing the populace and legitimizing their own reasons for being in control. It’s no different than what medieval churches did when amassing wealth in order to guarantee access to heaven. These mullahs control the Gates of Paradise and as such issue edicts left and right that control women’s rights, ban homosexuality, condone terrorism and the arrest and imprisonment of Christian pastors all in the name of defending their faith, but in reality empowers their political standing. We better come to realize that only a regime change to a democratic society is the only long term solution to what ails Iran and its relationship with the West and secular societies.