Iran Hangs Someone Every 7 Hours


Clearly we need to do more outreach and diplomacy to this wholly reasonable regime that hangs people the way that Chicago used to butcher hogs.

With the execution of 11 inmates in the northwestern city of Arbabil and western city of Qazin from July 6 thru July 8,,  the total number of executions following the election of Hassan Rouhani on June 14 has reached 75. One of victims was 15 at the time of his arrest. Six were women.

There were at least three en masse hangings, in groups of 21, 11 and six persons.

Observers say the dramatic rise in hangings, one every seven hours since Hassan Rowhani was elected, is designed to terrorise and intimidate the public. It remains to be seen whether Rowhani, dubbed as a “moderate” by some in the West, is inclined or even capable of halting these executions, which are politically motivated and carried out in violation of international standards.

En masse hangings. It’s like the Iranian version of American Idol except everyone dies on stage.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    They’re just like us.

    I’d love to have any of these Shia maniacs over for a BBQ. We can have beer, pork ribs and a good old-fashioned hanging afterwards.

  • Change Iran Now

    That is a pretty impressive execution rate and pretty indicative of the what the leadership over there considers justice. Certainly hope no one is under the illusions that Iran has any desire to rejoin the international community and take a stroll down the path of moderation, especially considering how they stepped up executions after Rouhani, the so-called moderate, got elected. Khamenei runs that nation and no one should be under any illusion that he’s a moderate.

  • Amy Dicklips

    Personally, I envy their “no bullshit” system. Provided the crime is severe enough and the accused has a fair trial, string them up, or let the victims take care of it.