Iran Supreme Leader Demands 150 Million Babies

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Good luck with that considering that Iran’s average birth rate is down to 1.5. And may fall to 1.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who has not been seen in public for more than three weeks, has issued a message urging Iranians to produce more babies, which he said is essential for the future of the Islamic Republic.

“Young image is an essential and important issue for the country, and the countries which have faced aging population have overcome the issue in a difficult way,” Ayatollah Khamenei said in his message addressed to the national conference of the population changes, the official IRNA news agency reported on Thursday.

“It is necessary, therefore, to carry out essential and scientific work to resolve this issue,” Khamenei added.

“We always wonder how life is going to be if we have four or five children; we should also think that if we have four or five children and if they are able to find jobs they will contribute to the development of the country,” he noted.

He said 150 million is the “minimum” that Iran should have and that it is capable for more.

Good luck with that scientific work too. Maybe if Iran’s theocracy spent less time and money trying to kill people and more time building up a prosperous economy, it might have the resources to sustain population growth.

Instead Iran chose nukes over butter. It chose to engage in a series of pointless conflicts that have brought it nothing but misery and poverty.

Iranian women bore 7 children in 1970, and an average of 1.5 today, the same as Europe. In the UN’s “low variant” forecast, fertility will fall to just 1 child per female.

What happened between 1970 and today? The Iranian Revolution.

  • A Z

    The Islamic theocrat is trying to do the same as the Would be Turkish Caliph, Erdogan. Erdogan noting how many Turks are in Europe culturally transforming it, has urged all families to have 3 children. It isn’t law but it is a suggestion just as strong as Hollywood sitcom’s influence on Americans.

    The Ayatollah both admires Erdogan and wants to emulate him and fears him. He fears him because of the adage “God favors the side with the larger battalions”. These guys are literally exhorting their people to make larger and more battalions.

    Given the passivity of the European left toward their fellow Europeans and Westerns and their disdain for the culture that enabled them time and resource to play around, the Muslims are feeling their oats.

    It is one thing for parents to wish their kids to become the star football player or be at the pinnacle of their chosen professional career. At times their overweening pride can be noxious, but we can survive it and at times it benefits us.

    We cannot survive when a culture see it as their destiny to to install itself as supreme. Many large ethnic group want to rule the world. They believe they were destined. The Turks, Mongols Muslims, Germans (under NDSAP) all did or do.

    You cannot have a multicultural world when they succeed. So the passivity or active assistance of the left is puzzling. Maybe the left uses multiculturalism as a means of conquest.

    Stopping such conquest requires hard work. Every victory adds to new fuel to the fire/empire. You have to actually contain them or rebuff them for the internal contradictions time to effect the ruin of the empire.

    The left does not and had never believed in containment much less fighting for the culture that sprang them.

    • glpage

      For whatever reason the left apparently wants to destroy the culture that gave them the freedom to develop as they have either through actively working against the culture or by inaction.

  • DisplacedTxn

    Why on earth would the Iranian people want to bring up children they love, only to have them hanged by the Theocratic Nazi’s running the country when those kids happen to listen to Katy Perry or some other young artist.

    • A Z

      Most people will delay having kids and reduce the number of kids simply, because the household economy will not support it.

      If a states central planning dislocates the economy by buying too many guns or buying voters, you are going to suffer.

  • Robin-Frans Winkel

    Islam considers abortion to be not as bad as euthanasia. This is a recipe for demographic disaster. Iran should change its religion if it wants to survive.

  • LDMack

    Think you’re gonna have to lift some of that Shar’ia taboo stuff first there Mr. Supreme Leader,don’t you think?

  • tracy

    The radiation from depleted uranium arsenals of America has taken care of any good reproduction efforts over there.

  • Chavi Beck

    You mean they had 7 kids per family back when they were a westernized nation?? I find that absolutely fascinating.

  • Biff Henderson

    Copulate for Allah’s Cause. Why wait for Paradise when we can create a paradise here on earth? Do your part with your part. B*tchballah all’yah, yeehahuuh!!!

  • matteo zorzi

    i mean 1 kid in iraq and 10 in the western world….mmm