Iran Supreme Leader Tweets Muslim Holocaust Denier


Nothing to see here. Just the newly reformed Iran eager to make peace and usher in a hippie paradise of colorful shirts, gay rights and Holocaust denial.

Back when Ahmadinejad was doing the Holocaust thing, the mainstream media never tired of informing anyone and everyone that he didn’t matter because Iran’s Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Khamenei was the guy actually calling the shots.

Now that Khamenei decided to swap in a moderate front, the media keeps paying attention to Rouhani while ignoring the Ayatollah behind the curtain.

As world powers praise Iran’s new “moderate” stance of President Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, apparently showed his true colors on Monday, when a Twitter account  believed to be run by his office, tweeted support for a noted French anti-Semite and Muslim convert, Roger Garaudy.

In 1996, Garaudy published ‘The Founding Myths of Modern Israel.‘ The book claimed that the Jewish death toll in WWII was far lower than is widely believed, while the Holocaust, itself, as well as many of what he says are the founding notions of Israel, were myths.

Roger Garaudy was a Communist who converted to Islam. And besides being a Holocaust denier, he was also a 9/11 Truther.

Once upon a time Garaudy was a Communist – by his own description, a “Stalinist from head to toe” who, as Le Monde observed in its obituary, “did not hesitate to denounce the alleged lies of those who sought to make known the reality of the Gulag.”

Then he moved on to denouncing Israel and America. And then he died. But the Muslim world still adores him. And Iran’s embrace of Garaudy speaks volumes about how little has changed.

  • antioli

    So he is calling Eisenhower a liar. Eisenhower had his officers tour the death camps so they could see and testify that thee was a holocaust. Not only that a lot of murdering took place in eastern Europe. The death toll is underestimated.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Actually yes. He claimed Eisenhower and Churchill made up the Holocaust

      • defcon 4

        A muslime lying? I’m shocked!

        • 12

          a Muslim who is not lying is a Muslim who is not breathing, other then that, never trust anything that they or their appeasers(left wing pro Palestinians) have to say

      • Daniel Greenfield

        Also a Communist.

        Communist Muslims are not known for their truth-telling.

    • TheSkepticalCynic

      Are you delusional or just misinformed,, disinformed and uninformed or a Ziosauroan troll?! Just what death camps did Eisenhower’s officers tour?
      All the alleged death camps were liberated by the Russians (the Communists) You remind me of the tug boats in New York Harbor,… They too, toot their horns when in the deepest fog!
      There is documented proof that 587 men and 7 women have been executed in gas chambers in the U.S.A.¹
      No person or organization in the U.S.A. — or anywhere else – has ever produced, with forensically documented proof, the name of even one person executed in a gas chamber at Auschwitz

  • DogmaelJones1

    How could Khamenei “tweet” a dead person, like this Garaudy person? Or did he just throw that tweet out there to show his true colors? Will the fawning mainstream media notice it, and ignore it? Are there Holocaust deniers at MSNBC?

    • defcon 4

      “Tweeted support for a noted French anti-Semite and Muslim convert, Roger Garaudy.” You don’t have to read between the lines or interpret anything.

  • Change Iran Now

    Not surprising.Frankly,
    Iran has not demonstrated that it is genuine in its desire to live peacefully
    with its neighbors (Israel specifically), or the world at large. It is also
    premature to think that someone elected only a few months ago can change or has
    changed the country. When one sees that Israel and Saudi Arabia have aligned
    together in protest to the easing of sanctions and the appeasement shown to
    Iran something is amiss. I do not trust Iran to live up to its agreements and
    feel that given any leeway on their nuclear program we will all see the Middle
    East in a nuclear arms race. Israel has a right to fear what is going on, it is
    odd that Israel has not been included in these talks, and coupled with the
    instability the US has caused in the Middle East.

  • Andy_Lewis

    At least he didn’t twerk him. That would be unsalamic.


    DEATH to iran !

    ayatollahs to H E L L !