Iranian Ayatollah Claims Jews Invented Buddhism

Finally… a new Richard Gere rumor from Iran

Muslims excel at picking fights with other religions. If there’s a religion out there that isn’t Islam, Muslims will sooner or later get into a fight with it. Even if the religion is Islam, Muslims will still fight each other over which Islam is the right one.

But the main idea of Islamism is that the Jews are behind all the evil in the world. So when Muslims get into a fight with Buddhists, who are not that easy to provoke, their theology demands that the whole thing be explained in terms of Evil Jew Theory.

And that leaves them no other choice but to claim that the Jews invented Buddhism. Buddhism predates Islam. But Muslims have no problem dismissing older traditions and cultures as pawns of the Jewish Devil and then destroying them.

In an August 8, 2012 interview with the Rasa news agency titled “The Cruel Genocide Against The Muslim People In Myanmar,” Ayatollah Ruhollah Qarehi, head of the Imam Mahdi seminary in Tehran, said: “The genocide of the Muslims in Myanmar is ostensibly being carried out by the Buddhists, but we are certain that Judaism and Global Zionism are [behind] the massacre and the genocide against the Muslims… The tenets of Buddhism are derived from Judaism. The Buddhists are a tool [in the hands] of the Jews, and ‘Buddhism’ is a name behind which [hides] the hand of Judaism and Global Zionism.

Why did Jews invent Buddhism? Because everyone hates Jews and everyone loves Buddhists. So the Jews just started claiming to be Asians and calling themselves Buddhists.

But, since the Jew knows that he is an [object of] derision throughout the world, he hides behind a pseudonym like ‘Buddhism.’ Lecturers at seminaries and universities, as well as the media, must [speak up] in various languages and in eloquent terms… and explain to the people and to our dear youth that behind [the term] ‘Buddhism’ there [hides] the Jew.”

It was a brilliant plan and the Jews would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for Muslims. And unsatisfied with just pretending to be Buddhists, the Jews also control Hinduism, apparently.

“Today the Jewish hand emerges from the sleeve of the Buddhists in Burma [i.e., Myanmar], [trying to] retaliate against the seekers of freedom in Muslim lands by harming the poverty-stricken Muslims of Myanmar.”

Poverty-stricken but also rather rapey and foreign, which may have something to do with Buddhist anger.

“It is no surprise, [then], that the media and international community have remained silent [over the events in Myanmar], for they are controlled by the political and economic power of the Zionists

Yes, the international community is notoriously silent when it comes to condemning Israel for horrifying crimes such as building houses.

Basij Commander Mohammad Reza Naqdi expands the conspiracy beyond mere Judaism to America and Freemasonry.

America and the Zionists are the main culprits [responsible for] the genocide of Muslims in Myanmar. [But] our [Iranian] nation is aware of [their] plots. Last Friday, we witnessed protests [that were held] throughout the country after the Friday prayers, at which calls of ‘Death to Zionism’ and ‘Death to America’ were heard. This shows that, in the case of Myanmar, they did not manage to divert the people’s attention away from the main perpetrators of the crime [in that country].

“Global Zionism and Freemasonry are the planners of all crimes against the Muslims.

Any chance they can appoint these guys to negotiate one-on-one with Kerry?

  • Vardit

    Can you imagine if "The Jews" was a movie made in Iran.. the "credits" on the screen would be never ending!!:):):)

    In Iran they give the JOOS credit for EVERYTHING!

    • Jay

      Jews invented Buddhism? Lol! That would be news to the Buddha who before going on a spiritual quest was a Hindu prince. Both Hinduism and Buddhism predate Islam and even Christianity. Hinduism is ancient about 6,000 years old. Neither religion has anything to do with Judaism what so ever. Iranian Jew hatred has no bounds or any sense.

  • Toni_Pereira

    There will be a lot of stoning to do, when he finds out from which religion Islam is an offshoot…

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Ah, but Islam is the original religion of mankind. Everyone else ripped it off, even though it post-dates all the other religions…

      …because the Jews invented linear causality.

      • Mary Sue

        I remember reading years ago that Linear Causality and Linear Time doesn't even exist in the Koran (not surprising) or even in Islamic thought.

        • Gee

          Of course it doesn't exist in Islamic thought – only hate exists there

      • Toni_Pereira

        Lol!! the Jews really are the demiurge! How many lies people have to tell to themselves to believe in such nonsense?

  • TimN

    When you have a problem with one person, maybe it's that person. When you have a problem with everyone then the problem is you. So Buddhists have joined the long list of other people/religions/cultures that are somehow offending them. Boo hoo yet another bunch of people whomust be trying to "harm Islam".They must be Islamophobic.

    You know how violent and dastardly those darned Buddhists are: flying airliners into buildings, blowing themsleves up in crowded markets, shooting 14 year old girls in the face, throwing acid in womens faces for the crime of not wearing a tent, killing women for the crime of having been raped or somehow offending the families 'honor'. Then there's the riots you always see with Buddhists shrieking "kill those who offend Buddha", "Behead those who insult Buddha", cutting off peoples head and making snuff films for their gleeful consumption, raping non Buddhist girls(who are 'whores' of course for showing up in the Buddhist section of town), the Buddhist patrols that beat people up for not following Buddhist law…. and on and on..
    And of course the penalty for leaving Buddhism is death.
    I can see where the Jews must have invented that whole thing.

    • Marco

      i think this is the best reply

    • Carole


  • WilliamJamesWard

    This explains a whole heck of things, I have had my suspicions of many peoples being hidden
    Jewish sects. Lets take those Athiest Chicoms……now in China we can clearly see the Jewish
    problem and how they collectively control everyone and everything. Next here in the States
    I have had my eye on the Arapaho, Comanchie, Nez Pierce and Irish gangs in NYC. You
    know, beware the face looking back at you in the mirror may be Jewish, now not really a
    bad thing, kind of flattering, we are all Jews here and decendants of Adam the first Jew or
    the Jewish rock we all evolved from, the last is a joke………………….Shalom………..William

    • AdinaK

      William, while being Jewish leaves one a target for all of mankind's ills, you are correct, it is certainly flattering to be one of the "chosen" tribe. I am "down with that".
      At the same time, thinking people must understand why Israel (and the US, led by an Islamist, anti-American leadership) can never, ever "live" with a nuclear armed Iran. To state that its leadership are foaming madmen is to under exaggerate. Words fail –

      A regime which is the world's nightmare.

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel

      • Glennd1

        Correction – Israel cannot live with a nuclear armed Iran. The U.S. has already proven conclusively that it can corral and contain Islamic and psychotic nuclear powers – Pakistan and North Korea? And of course they are light work compared to the USSR.

        I agree, Iran is an existential threat to Israel. I suggest Israel either preventt Iran from acquiring nukes or have its people leave Palestine. I say we offer all Jews asylum here in the U.S. as they are a great people and a boon to U.S. society. But we have no obligation to guarantee the "chosen tribe", as you describe the Jews above, a state in Palestine. It's not our fight nor our concern. We've created a nightmare for ourselves by imposing and then supporting it in Palestine for 65 years and its about time we started putting America's interests first.

        • Mary Sue

          problem is, wherever the Jews go, the psychotic genocidal Palestinians and their ilk will follow them in order to genocide the hell out of them because they think "teh j00s control teh world".

        • Drakken

          Wishfull, muddled, cowardly thinking you have there Glenn, no such thing as Fakestine, never was, it is a jewesh homeland where the Jew is safe from the genocides, pogroms and general Jew hatred of the world, so they are staying put, at least they can protect themselves from the puzzys of the world like you, who would throw them to the jihadist to save your own worthless azz.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Diabolic men though thinking themselves clever can act like idiots, measuring themselves
        by themselves are fools as the Scriptures say. In Teheran foolishness is past and idiocy
        may be past and the vile face of evil is exposed and it is against all people everywhere
        looking to enslave and to destroy. Iran must be dealt with, Iran must be stopped and the
        ability of the Mullahs to have and hold nuclear weapons is unthinkable but happening..
        Unfortunately the power of the world is in the hands of corrupt politicians lost in thier
        own schemes and duplicity, maybe blind to the danger pending and ominous. Obama is
        a lost cause and Washington is efete, Israel must act not only to save itself but us all.

      • Roger

        Isreal could 'live with' a nuclear Iran if they thought Iran would live with Israel.

  • mickeymonopoly

    While I certainly don't believe that Jews created Buddhism and that the notion of such is a way to demonize Jews, neither do I believe that Israel is free from having crimes of humanity on its bloody hands. Israel is a violent state backed by a genocidal United States and is a proxy and wedge in the mid-east war of domination and greed for corporate oil cartels. Neither do I believe in the mythology of the Bible, Angels, witches, gods, Koran. The CIA and Mossad work together all over the globe to destabilize governments. If the author of this article is a Jewish Buddhist, I would think that superficial criticism such as this would roll off your back like water off a duck. Perhaps it would be good to review the 8 fold path and find out why this upset you that you needed to write an article about it and also in the process demonize those who adhere to Islam, and whatever wisdom or goodness that is part of their teachings, by feeding into a similar kind of intolerant ignorance. I've known many Jews, some good and some horrible people, like most others. Fundamentalist religious zealots cross all the lines of religion, practice, faith; you'll find them in Hinduism, Yogis, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism. When one identifies oneself as being either this or that brand of religion or as being smug self righteous more holier than those ignorant ones and one's whole ego is caught up in the identity process, this is unskillful and needs to be reworked and reshaped. Then maybe we'll someday actually realize our humanity and not our ism identity. Peace in all directions!

    • Mary Sue

      what crimes of humanity? They're all faked by the PLO, Hamas, and Hezbollah, doing crap and blaming it on the IDF!

    • Deep Space

      I knew at some point the anti-semites would come running out. And speaking of "smug self-righteousness" and "the whole ego"…

    • Glennd1

      You make a common mistake, and it's unfortunate because some of what you say is accurate. It's indeed true that the founding of Israel, between '47-'49 occasioned a cleansing of 650,000 Arab Muslms from their long held homes in Palestine by radical, armed Zionists in addition to the newly formed IDF.

      However, you can't reject concern over rising Islamism and its hateful and violent campaign of death on a global basis. Just look at how many people around the world are killed in the name of Islam every day – there is no other religion that even comes close today. Those of us opposed to Islam are opposed based on the acts and politics that occur in its name, not the peace some people may seek from it.

      In other words, the only sensible and moral position to hold is to oppose Islamism and Zionism.

      • Drakken

        So what are you going to do to stop the muslims of the West and genocide of christians,jews, buddists around the world, shake a finger in anger? Utter an unkind word in the hope they will cover in fear? Israel won the wars the effing muslims started and got their azzes handed to them, so the Jews are staying.

    • Ghostwriter

      Great,another Jew hater. What are these slime doing here and why is this mickeymonopoly agreeing with the idiotic rantings of a Iranian mullah? They're not exactly known for their truthfulness or their accuracy with history.

  • JacksonPearson

    Banning The Ignorance Of Islam!
    Why would a man, let alone the President of a country predicated upon free speech, agree with a U.N. resolution to ban insulting Islam – not Christianity mind you – a religion responsible for the greatest tragedy on American soil? Every single day, Muslims, as well as Arab leaders, publicly call for the destruction of America and Israel. In fact, just yesterday Iranian President Ahmadinejad claimed, for the millionth time, Israel would soon be wiped off the map; yes, right in front of the same wise international body that supposedly is acting to preserve the good name of the prophet Muhammad, rather than Jesus Christ. I have some bad news for the United Nations and Islam. The citizens of the United States of America will never cease in calling Islam what it truly is: a backwards ideology whose majority of members are blood thirsty minions of hate and ignorance. If Muslims universally object, prove it otherwise by taking to the streets and denouncing those terrorists who bludgeon humanity and any last vestiges of common decency. That’s what I thought.

    While we are on the subject of democratic duplicity, why do liberals – those who religiously support Palestine and the Muslim brotherhood – relentlessly attack Chick-Fil-A as a hateful, extremist enterprise that must be destroyed because it voiced its Constitutional right to disagree with gay marriage, like a majority of Americans, but they conveniently fail to utter one critical word about a religion that routinely stones gays to death? Likewise, Democrats endlessly assail Republicans with claims of an imaginary war on women – those right-minded souls who simply refuse to accept the over 60 million deaths of aborted babies since Roe V. Wade (9 times that of the Holocaust) – yet the left vehemently supports Islamic nations that deny women basic rights; nations who support females being beaten, tortured or murdered for doing nothing more than what millions of American women do everyday…live as equals. I find it disgustingly ironic progressives have no qualms with the flag being burned, the bible desecrated, or a crucifixion of feces being erected in the name of art, yet it is intolerable, or even criminal, to defame Islam – the greatest source of terrorism in the world today – by mocking the Koran or posting a YouTube video.

    If Barack Obama wants to support a New World Order to subversively supersede the Constitution with his radical agenda, one that favors barbaric tenets of Islam over the ideals of sanity, our Judeo-Christian values, then he should not object to being called a Muslim, or at the very least, a Muslim sympathizer. Any so-called leader who fails to secure our borders in a post 9/11 world, who fails to unconditionally condemn the murder of its own citizens at the hands of terrorists – let alone to prepare for it – and who fails to denounce Sharia Law as a grave threat to the Bill of Rights and American sovereignty, is fatally compromised and an enemy of the state himself.

    I want a real leader; one who puts America first – our security, our future, our right to live as free men and women – and not the modern-day caricature of some snot-nosed pothead who thought communism was cool because he hated America so much he couldn’t tell right from wrong, sunshine from subjugation, and that the countless lives crushed beneath the boot of Lenin, Stalin, and Che Guevara were nothing more than footnotes in a history book; no, they were mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, victims. If Islam, a religion that has never had a reformation, a common sense re-evaluation of its antiquated beliefs, is hopelessly bent on hating American until the end of time, they can do so on their dime and without our sympathies. If I’m not mistaken, and I have much more of a mathematical conscience than Barack Obama, our consulates could use a budget increase. Then again, we’re obviously asking the wrong person. Mitt Romney gave more to American values in one year, than Barack Obama gave in his entire life.

    • C Thorpe

      Don't know how you turned this article into an commentary on Americans. And your rhetoric makes you seem just as fanatic as the rest of them! Sort you life out.

      • surj1936

        C.Thorpe " Don't know how… just as fanatic as the rest of them ! Sort you life out " It is ignorant people like you who are the main problem in the West ,especially USA. You must be very naive about Islam and muslim history. I suggest you start reading about Islam, because if you don't then it will be people like you who will be the first victims of Islam. To start with just see
        And if you think Jackson has said some thing wrong, false then prove him wrong, rather than coming out with silly comments.

  • Rostislav

    When during my travels I look at peoples of different great religions, be it my Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, or, say, Shinto, it's so gladden my heart to see that all of them are constantly develop their ability to answer both the highest human aspirations and our basic daily needs, to bring the noble aims of these faiths in touch with the realities of our changing world. Of course, they are doing it sometimes with more success, sometimes with less, but the main thing is that they are always DOING it, proving thus that they are not dead ruins of the past: they are growing! With one exception only: Islam. It has never grown up from its VII century's nest of bandits and its leaders of today are as ignorant, dim and arrogant as then. This most exotic Ayatollah Ruhollah Qarehi is the best example of such a hopeless obscurantism, and the only thing which is more astonishing for me than his medieval speeches, is the supposedly modern UN supporting them… Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

  • Joseph

    Buddhism is 2,500 years old. Judaism is 4,000 years old. Do the math. Then again, Islam and factual history are totally in polarized mode.

    • Mary Sue

      well, the Jewish reckoning places the "year" at around 7000 something, so it's at least that old.

    • surj1936

      Joseph, " Buddhism is 2500 years old, Judaism 4000 years old…" If I'm not mistaken Hinduism is the oldest of the lot. there is no known time.

  • Mary Sue

    The Jews invented Richard Gere! XD That explains everything! [/sarcasm]

  • Mary Sue

    How dare those hindus and buddhists object to being raped and brutalized! The very nerve of them! [/sarcasm]

    • Roger

      I wonder if this declaration from Iran ranks up with the one about loose women causing earthquakes?

      • Mary Sue

        lol oh the 'boobquake'? I heard of a few lib women that took pictures of their cleavage and posted them online in defiance of the "boobquake".

        • Roger

          That was so funny, you have to give the inbred muslim clerics that much.

  • Mary Sue

    BTW you know it's some SERIOUS ^%$#$ if BUDDHISTS, the most pacifist of all pacifists other than Quakers and the Amish, feel the need to rise up and kick some Islamist a$$!

    • Kafir

      Although they're pacifists, the Buddhists seem to be a lot more Islamically aware than the mass Christians and Jews. As well as the grass-roots revulsion against Islamic rape-jihad in Myanmar, there's an outfit in Sri Lanka called Bodu Bala Sena that has got its act together to kick jihadist @$$.

  • Nehama


    Who else but those sneaky, devious Joos could invent a religion which makes those poor, poor innocent Arabs look so wicked, evil and stoopid.

  • kafir

    The Dalai Lama is the chairman of the Elders of Zion. Not many people know that.

    • Toni_Pereira

      That explains that bald fellow that hangs around my local cemetery…

  • Ar'nun

    I don't want to sound completely like a nut job, but I have actually heard similar theories (obviously for different reasons) before from credible theologians. There is a credible theory that one of the lost tribes went east, and that Buddhism closely resembles Kabballah. If you look past the stereotypes of Kabballah, they do look remarkably similar in practice and the known origins of the practice pre-date current Buddhism.

    • Toni_Pereira

      I have heard similar stories by new ageists(Jesus learned is teachings in the Far East, blá,blá,blá…). But they don't have much credit, though.

      • Ar'nun

        As a Hassidic student of Kabballah, it's not that Jesus learned from the Far East it's that the Far East learned from the Jews. The scholars claim that Kabbalah wasn't something that was taught back then, it's just how people lived and practiced Judaism. Jewish Travelers then brought their practice of meditation, and positive pro-active thought and actions to the Far East and morphed into things like Buddhism.

        Is it true? Who knows, but it is interesting. And one thing we know for sure is we don't know where the 12 tribes went.

        • Mary Sue

          Interesting. Though I learned that Siddharta Guatama was seeking to reform Hinduism when he got Buddhism going, which has been around for a really long time, and they have meditation, too. Be interesting to find out where they got the idea.

      • Raymond in DC

        The closest one gets is the following passage in Genesis 25:6: "And to the sons of Abraham's concubines Abraham gave gifts while he was still alive and sent them away from Isaac his son eastward, to the land of the East." (Alter translation)

        Isaac of course fathered Jacob, whose descendants are Jews. What became of the others and what they did in the East is of course unknown. But they can't be deemed Jews any more than Ishmael.

        Mind you, we do know of exiled Jewish tribes dispersing within the Babylonian and Persian empires of their day, as Jews spread centuries later within the Roman Empire even before the exile. Some in southern Asia claiming to be from the tribe of Manasseh have been accepted and resettled in Israel.

        However, what's going on in Burma has nothing to do with Jews; rather it's a case demonstration of Islam's "bloody borders" as Huntington described them. For just across the borders westward is Bangladesh and mostly Muslim provinces of India. In Burma, these Muslim migrants are a minority culture, a situation they everywhere have trouble dealing with.

        • Ar'nun

          I've read stories of the possibility that some of the tribes came over the Bearing Strait with what now know as Native Americans. Caves in Northern Canada have been found with Jewish letters on them.

          • Mary Sue

            All sorts of interesting things have been found in Northern Canada, and heck, parts of the United States. Some Hebrew stuff, some Phoenecian stuff (IIRC), and of course the Viking stuff. There was a Caucasoid skeleton found somewhere in Washington State, I believe, whose remains were eventually claimed (and demanded to be turned over to them so they could bury it "properly") by a Native Indian tribe even though the skull morphology and the dating of the remains indicated it was impossible that the individual was even remotely related to that particular tribe. I think they just didn't want evidence studied that someone was here before them that wasn't them. (and even worse that they MIGHT have been white!)

          • Tedd

            The body that you refer to in Washington was Kennewick Man. And yes, a lot of political games played with it. I think that one of the conclusions was that the remains were "non Mongoloid" in origin. Meaning that it could not have been the descendants of modern Native Americans.

    • Paul

      Are you serious, bollocks…WHERE is does Buddhism "closely resemble" Kabballah…as a Buddhist myself I`m intrigued.

      • Jerry

        We should do some research first when did Kabbalah first emerged and to my opinion (iirc) Kabbalah practice was influenced by Sufistic teaching of Islam, which in turn was influenced by Hinduism n Buddhism. For example, Jalalludin Rumi, one of the greatest sufi ever lived, he even believed in reincarnation!!

  • Drakken

    You have to give those buddist a lot of credit in Burma, the idiot muslims thought that they could push them around like they do everywhere else, they thought wrong and the muslim world wails that someone had the temerity to fight back. The day of reckoning here in the west is coming to the muslims and when it does, they will wail in fear at our collective wrath.

  • gary fouse

    Julius Streicher would be proud.

  • Ghostwriter

    Another insane comment from the typically insane Government of Iran. No surprise there. These people need to be in straightjackets. And THESE are the people John Kerry wants to talk to? I wouldn't want to be in the same room to listen to their mindless drivel.

  • Allen

    Ayatollah Ruhollah Qarehi will no doubt be blaming his mum next. What a poor excuse for a human being and how sad that his followers have to believe his every word or else!

  • Esther

    Why are you even discussing such nonsense. You simply need to laugh at them for such ridiculous nonsense HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ETC.

  • Stefan Bach

    It seems that Ayatollah got something wrong. Islam is a Semitic Religion (Abrahamic religion) and not Buddhism (Aryan religion).

    • Mike

      The Ayatollah was wrong about everything.

      • Rose


  • Zhang Xiao

    Buddhism once part of Iran, before Islam came

  • Rose

    Islam is primitive and has nothing to do with Buddhism. Also, Jew didn’t invent Buddhism. Buddhism belongs to Indo-Aryan religion of Aryan race not Semitic.

  • Stefan Bach

    Islam itself is not primitive and actually full of wisdom. The Islamic world made important advances in science, such as in mathematics, algebra, chemistry, geology, spherical trigonometry and much more which were later also transmitted to Europe.

    In the field of MATHEMATICS:
    The best-known contribution by early Muslim mathematicians was the transfer of the HINDU-ARABIC NUMERAL SYSTEM including the concept of zero, as well as the decimal-system. By the transfer of the Arabic numerals to Europe, mathematical tasks were made much easier, problems that took days to solve could now be solved in minutes.

    MUHAMMAD IBN MUSA AL-KHWARIZIM (latinized: Algorismi) laid the ground work for ALGEBRA and found methods to deal with complex mathematical problems, such as square roots and complex fractions.
    By the 10th century, Muslim mathematicians had developed and applied the theory of TRIGONOMIC FUNCTIONS (sine, cosine, and tangent ), as well as SPHERICAL TRIGONOMETRY.
    They used symbols to describe the binomial theorem, and used decimals to express fractions that aided accurate solution of complex problems.

    One of the most important medical works to be translated was IBN-SINA’S (latinized Avicenna) “THE CANON OF MEDICINE” ( القانون في الطب‎ ) of 1025, which was translated into Latin and then disseminated in manuscript and printed form throughout Europe. It remained a STANDARD MEDICAL TEXTBOOK until the modern period. Ibn-Sina noted the contagious nature of some infectious diseases (which he attributed to “traces” left in the air by a sick person), and discussed how to effectively test new medicines.

    The Islamic alchemists applied a elementary scientific method to alchemy and began to QUANTIFY AND CLASSIFY COMPOUNDS AND ELEMENTS.
    They also began the process of dividing ORGANIC AND INORGANIC CHEMISTRY.

    JABBIR IBN HAYYAN (aka Geber) was the first Islamic scholar to delve deeply into Islamic alchemy and to present theories. He is also called the Father of Alchemy.

    He is credited with the use of over twenty types of NOW-BASIC CHEMICAL LABORATORY EQUIPMENT, such as the alembic and retort, and with the description of many NOW-COMMONPLACE PROCESSES, such as CRYSTALLISATION and various forms of DISTILLATION.

    He wrote how to CREATE AND PURIFY ACIDS (nitric, hydrochloric and sulphuric, the mixture of sulfuric and nitric acids).

    He described the methods used for EXTRACTING AND PREPARING hydrated potassium aluminium sulfate (potassium alum), antimony, lead acetate and mercury oxide.
    THE METHODS that he used for his experiments are FAMILIAR TO ANY MODERN CHEMIST and he documented METHODS OF SUBLIMATION, EVAPORATION, FILTRATION, CALCINATIONS AND CRYSTALLISATION. It is believed that Jabbir ibn Hayyan laid down the framework for conducting, recording and repeating chemistry experiments.

    ABU BAKR AL-RAZI took this further, and added EMPIRICAL METHODS. He is also called the Father of Chemistry.

    His works contain detailed descriptions of the methodology and the equipment used during experiments. The most important treatise to the European scholars was KITAB SIRR AL-ASRAR (in Latin: Liber Secretorum) and was regarded as a foundation work for centuries.
    He studied SUBSTANCES AND COMPOUNDS IN ISOLATION, rather than trying to fit them into elegant theories and sweeping generalizations.
    In his book, Sirr al-asrar book, he listed the ingredients as follows:
    — al-arwah: mercury, sal ammoniac, sulfur, and arsenic sulphide;
    — al-ajsad: silver, gold, copper, iron, black lead, zinc and tin;
    — al-ahjar: Pyrites marcasite, magnesia, malachite, Zinc oxide, talcum, lapis lazuli, gypsum, azurite, magnesia, iron oxide, arsenic oxide, mica, asbestos and glass;
    — al-zajat: alum and white, black, red, green and yellow vitriols (sulfates of iron, copper, etc.)
    — borate: natron and sodium borate;
    –al-amlah: brine, natriumchlorid, ashes, naphtha, lime and urea, rock, and sea salts;

    In addition, al-Razi pointed out that many other substances could be derived from these basics, including lead oxide, copper(II) acetate, sodium hydroxide, copper oxide, mercury (II) sulphide, and zinc oxide.

    al-Razi listed the apparatus that he used for his research (alembics, a range of distillation equipment, various furnaces and smelting equipment) His book ‘Kitab sirr al-asrar’ bears a remarkable resemblance to a modern laboratory manual in the way it lays out and collates the data.

    The History of chemistry owes much to Islamic alchemy and the work of Jabbir and al-Razi.

    Robert S. Briffault wrote, “the debt of our science to that of the Arabs does not consist in startling discoveries of revolutionary theories; science owes a great deal more to Arab culture, it owes its existence.”
    (The Making of Humanity. London, 1928; pp. 200-201)

    • Donie

      1. Science owes more to the discovery of the likes of newton, and all others who are non-muslim and is a deist.

      2. Arab culture is not ‘muslim culture’.

  • PE FE

    Buddhist i met LiKe jews and judaism. Majority buddhists support israel. Only minority support palestine