Iraqi MP: “Obama has Handed Iraq over to Iran and said ‘Do What You Like.”

Iraq Friend of Israel

And it’s another bracing endorsement of Obama’s successful policy in Iraq from some sort of right-wing Islamophobic Tea Party type who is really enthusiastic about the policy of running away and hoping the terrorists don’t follow us to Benghazi or some place even more dangerous.

“Obama has handed Iraq over to Iran and said ‘do what you like’,” Alusi, a former Iraqi member of parliament who hails from the tribal Sunni province of al-Anbar in western Iraq, told the Times of Israel in a telephone interview from his home in Erbil, the capital of the autonomous Kurdistan region in northern Iraq.

Ten years after freeing Iraq from the tyranny of Saddam Hussein, the Obama administration has allowed a no less dictatorial regime to emerge, and then handed it over to its avowed enemy Iran, Alusi said.

“The current regime is dictatorial, uninterested in the law, the constitution, or human rights,” he charged. “Saddam Hussein was a professional murderer and a professional liar. The current regime simply belongs to Iran. Members of the ruling party openly admit working for Iranian intelligence and brag about it.”

“America is making a big mistake. Its policy will lead our region into war,” he added. “This region must be liberated from corrupt regimes like those in Syria and Iran, but also in [US-allied states] like Bahrain.”

Obama is still committed to wars of regime change… but only on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • And so it goes…

    Could someone please explain our foreign policy to me? We turn Iraq over to Iran and the Shiaites (sp?) while running guns and aid to the Sunni rebels in Syria. Is this Obama’s version of the ‘maintaining the balance of powers’?

    • Edward Cline

      Yes, that is Obama's version of "maintaining the balance of power" in the Mideast. He is following a playbook written by Laurel and Hardy, with annotated commentary by the Ritz Brothers.

  • iraqi

    This is very ridiculous article . Al-Alusi is being idiot here to compare Saddam to maliki, how come maliki is dictator when his government form alliance with its opposition and both kurds and Al-Iraqiya has ministers in the government, more than republicans has in the Obama administration. US did nothing wrong, and Obama wasn't the one that signed to the treaty of withdrawal it was Bush and Maliki . As opposite US will be making bigger mistake by arming the sunni extremists. the protesters in Iraq has extremists among them. look at the black Al-Qaeda flags they fly. is this what you want? If iraqi government works for Iran, then why it kept strong relations with the US?

    • Roger

      Bush signed a treaty of withdrawal based on benchmarks of progress.
      Obama was the one that published the dates and announced them so Iran could make plans.

      Obama has turned a possibility for victory into a sure defeat with everything he touches. It's just what a president does when he hates his country and has loyalty towards his muslim heritage.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Sadam means Destroyer, Barak Sadam Hussein Obama is a real tool of the darkside.
        He has destroyed our National Security along with almost all of America's future.

  • Anamah

    Daniel… how long is going the king still be able to do unlimited disasters all over the Middle East , Africa, Asia,and America… well… all over the world?

    • tagalog

      Until January 2017, barring something like a successful impeachment happening before then.

  • truebearing

    Yet another benefit of Obama's Open Pandora's Box foreign policy. Iran will get control of more of the world's oil supply as the result of Obama's intentional squandering of our efforts in Iraq. Controlling more oil means more leverage for Iran on China, who will need more oil to meet its mushrooming demand and increasingly faltering economy.

    Iran can get all of the technology it needs from the Chinese….after they steal it from us, or Obama gives it to them, like he is doing with Russia. How long will it be before Iran has missiles that can reach us, bought and paid for with Iraqi oil?

    He won't protect Americans or American sovereingty. He aids and abetts every enemy we've ever had. Obama is a hostile alien, not an American. He is a malevolent traitor.

  • AdinaK

    One of the main reasons why Obama was desperate to pull out of Iraq had to do with his "gestures" to Iran's mullahs to keep the jaw-jaw going. In order to do so he had to leave it open for Iranian take over.

    However, this is not to take the onus off of Bush who paved the way – albeit unintentionally – for Iran's ascendancy within Iraq. Be that as it may, the damage wrought by Obama was intentional and the bitter fruits have emboldened Iranian hegemony throughout. Now, if one wants to further point fingers, it would behoove looking in another direction, Valerie Jarrett's, the real string puller –

    Valerie Jarrett, the POTUS's communist and Islamist "hidden hand".

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Looking4Sanity

    Persian Empire redeux.

    A society of sociopathic sappers.

    A culture of criminals.

    The proverbial den of vipers.

    • Roger

      Obama is persian?

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Amaddinnerjacket in Iran wants to start a World wide confligration to have thier holy poptart jump
    out of his well and make Islam supreme on Earth but I realise that Obama is going to beat him
    to it and Islamist war will flow out of the Middle East and engulf the World on roads Obama is
    paving with American blood and money. ………………………….William

  • slhancock

    The anti-war left's blindness to our warmongering president. They say it is usually democrats who get us into wars and republicans who get blamed and pay the price for our being there. 9/11 was such, too. Clinton could've taken Osama out more than once, but waived the opportunities. Then when his cronies struck in the first year of Bush's term and the BILATERAL decision was made to go to war, it was Bush's war, his fault, etc. All the while, we have how many wars going on in the middle east? We know of Syria, but we are not being told of the rest. The whole arena is in uproar and mostly due tot he policies of this current administration. We have troops in areas that would anger many, but it is all under the radar, not for public consumption. So far, in this melee, we have been on the wrong side in every one. This administration can take the entire blame for the disintegration of sovereign countries and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, the re-emergence of the Caliphate and the rise of the Antichrist. Nice going, Mr. Obama, man of peace! What was that Nobel prize for, anyway? Your lies do not fool us, nor will it fool the One who will judge the actions of every man. There are consequences for every action, and the consequences from these actions you have willfully endeavored upon and encouraged will be ominous.

  • Matt

    When had a SOFA, and we are now back sitting on it. So we have 30,000 to 50,000 troops not enough to maintain security, so as it is now Iraq starts to fall apart, so the troops are back on the streets and we start getting casualties. So the request come through, another 10,000, then another 20,000 and before we know it back up to 140,000 in country. Then Iran and Assad starts meddling and we are stuck in a civil war acting as human shields for the Iranian nuclear program.

    Now if we are going to fight Iran we will do via proxies inside Iraq. In relation to legacy of Iraq, I have never been that sentimental about Iraq. It is up to the Arabs like in Syria if they want to stand by and watch Sunnis being ethnically cleansed by Iran and its proxies. Gates said they should fight their own battles and that is what they are doing in Syria. They asked the international community first to do something, they said no so they started arming the opposition and declared Jihad. That is how they role.

  • Matt

    One things these clowns know is I am a man of my word, now in 2007 when I told the Iranians "I am walking out of Iraq and Afghanistan victorious in my own time and you are not building the bomb or I am going to bomb you into the stone age Thor's Hammer.

    When I told Hizbullah in 2010 I am going to deconstruct Syria and open up a flank on the Syrian/Lebanon border. When I told the Soviet you put me (I am not a Jew) up the chimney I put you up the chimney a scorched earth policy, god willing they burned and had to stop selling wheat which led to the uprising against Assad. The whole thing is a puzzle and Iraq war was just one part.

    You have an Admin minnow talking about Sarin, I have killed 1 million people in Iraq and another 1 million in Syria so far that will be about 3 perhaps 800,000 collateral damage in the whole of the Arab Spring and probably another few million or so to come in Iraq, give or take a few hundreds of thousands. But I am also the one who put the restricted ROE in place to protect Afghan civilians.