Irish Bishop Blasts Obama’s Anti-Catholic Bigotry


What strikes me about this is that Obama is obscenely eager to describe the troubles in Northern Ireland in religious terms, but completely refuses to acknowledge that his Syrian Civil War is a religious conflict.

Conflicts involving Christians can be religious, but not conflicts involving Muslims. Muslims never kill for religious reasons.

A bishop in Northern Ireland accused President Barack Obama of a “hackneyed” analysis of the political situation in the region.

Auxiliary Bishop Donal McKeown of Down and Connor said some parts of the president’s June 17 speech in Belfast, Northern Ireland, echoed “the Protestant/Catholic caricature that has actually receded into the background in Northern Ireland.”

Obama was in Northern Ireland June 17-18 with leaders of the Group of Eight nations for a summit aimed at tackling controversial issues including the civil war in Syria and the global financial crisis.

Before the summit got underway, however, Obama addressed 2,000 young people and community leaders at Waterfront Hall and called for a renewed focus on reconciliation, 15 years after the Good Friday peace agreement.

Looking to the future, the president said, “if towns remain divided — if Catholics have their schools and buildings and Protestants have theirs, if we can’t see ourselves in one another and fear or resentment are allowed to harden — that too encourages division and discourages cooperation.”

Bishop McKeown said the 1998 accord “was clear that the core problem in Northern Ireland was a political one. … It is significant that religion did not appear in the agreement on what is primarily a political problem.”

So in Ireland, Obama characterizes a political problem as a religious problem, but he is unwilling to do the same thing in Syria, Israel or Burma or any conflict involving Muslims. Those are always political problems requiring a political solution.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Obama is committed to causing as much destruction and chaos as possible. Grasp this point, and grasp it well: He is a nihilist. Destruction is all he can do, all he’s interested in.

    • Leah Hicks

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  • Adam

    Excellent point. Of all the leaders at the group of eight nations Obama is the only one that has to make speeches outside the summit. He needs to stop acting like a celebrity and start governing as a President. He is like an old rock star that still thinks he is relevant, but just appears pathetic.

    • Elena

      He does not know how. He does not desire to govern. He desires to rule.

  • Katie Smith

    Why is he in another country lecturing them about their problems (real or perceived) in the first place??

  • Gamal

    A lot of the time Obama describes religious conflicts with Muslims as caused by economic problems, take Nigeria for example. This sounds suspiciously like communist doctrine. Sounds like class struggle arguments.

    • Elena

      Funny how the Christians are the ones being murdered every chance that Boko Haram gets! And at least the muslims are honest enough to say they kill others for religious and cultural reasons not economic ones.

      The murderers fm Saudi Arabia who slaughtered our citizens on 9/11 were all middle class and educated men. They were not vendors chased off the streets by local police.

  • 1dudette

    i would be so steamed if I were Irish to have this a$$ come to MY country and lecture me. He has no understanding of the Irish conflict because he is too LAZY to inform himself. All he is interested is in living at our expense playing golf, smoking dope, and having his affair with Reggie and other men. This man is worthless.

  • logdon

    Gerry Adams was Marxist first, agitating for the demise of Ulster and for Northern Ireland to be subsumed within a greater socialist Ireland.

    This was despite the overwhelming majority being Loyalists to our Crown.

    The history of modern Ireland is complex, riddled with internecine squabble and sometimes assassination and Obama is as clueless on this as he is on most things outside his blinkered vision.

    Peace has descended and the IRA a nostalgic remnant yet he pokes his fat know all nose into matters of which he knows nothing whatsoever.

    Is his intervention deliberate trouble making? If not it’s pretty damned near.

    The Irish, now having enjoyed ten years of almost unimaginable peace for a decade would be well advised to tell him to bugger off.

  • ElizabethMC

    Obama gets real critical when talking to people who aren’t likely to kill him.

  • S7teen70six

    Leave it to Obama to indoctrinate the Irish children. I’m surprised he didn’t lecture them on gay marriage too.

  • Andrew Ritter

    Put simply: Obama is a stupid a$$. The conflict in Syria is between Sunni and Shia. Just like the conflict between Northern Ireland and Ireland was Protestants vs. Catholics. Too many wars have been fueled by differences in religious beliefs. It’s the same between Jews and Muslims. To not admit that the hatred of what later became the Jews started with the stealing of the birthright of Abraham’s older son by the younger one is to ignore history. Arabs (who are now mostly Muslims) grew up hating Israelites (now called Jews) because of that theft which continues to this very day. The reason we study history is to learn from it. Perhaps Netanyahu would do well to give a history lesson to our Prez since Obama seems to be quite ignorant on the issue.

    • ElizabethMC

      (Arabs (who are now mostly Muslims) grew up hating Israelites (now called Jews) because of that theft which continues to this very day)
      Or it could just be that their holy book contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule.
      These people haven’t evolved for thousands of years – and they never will . They’re the scourge of humanity and any effort to explain their hatred toward everyone else in the world is a waste of time.

      • Tom Lewis

        We if your inbred by marrying your sisters child, there might be a tendency to have the IQ drop a few points after 1400 years of that particular behavior. All because a book tells you to Rape, Kill, and Submit to a strange God and then become a martyr who will get 75 virgins, for blowing up a bus load of school children. Now that is REAL STUPID religion!

    • Jsjk

      Wow. I think you need to take an introductory (or perhaps a refresher) course in Biblical literacy (you’ve made a number of obvious errors).

    • poetopoet

      You are living proof, a jackass can walk on two legs and type.

  • arizonarebel

    Obama cannot control the Church. He hates and is jealous of any group he cannot manipulate or use for his purposes. “What profits a man to gain the world but lose his soul.” BHO worships the false gods of the world.

  • la Catholic state

    Now Obama-adoring Catholic parents will have to ask themselves…..which do they prefer; Obama….or Catholic schools! A quandary has been delivered them.

  • poetopoet

    Obama cannot be as any Muslim cannot be a good Americans, reasons:

    Theologically – NO! Because: their allegiance is to Allah, the Moon god of
    Arabia, who is their pagan god, not our Lord God Almighty who gave us His
    begotten Son Jesus Christ, as written in the Old Testament; just a couple of
    thousand years before the adulterated Koran fiction was pieced together.

    Religiously – NO! Because: no other religion or belief is accepted or tolerated
    by the Muslim world or any nation of Islam. Obama stated more than one that he is a Muslim on TV, and is undeniable as on ABC, G. Stephanopoulos, on Sept. 6, 2008.

    Scripturally – NO! Because: their allegiance is to the pillars of Islam as the
    Koran states, as Obama stated more than once, there are 57 states, not 50. But the Koran states there are 57 states of enlightenment. Obama’s statement is undeniable and unbelievable of a U.S. president to be so ignorant and arrogant, but not if he is a Muslim.

  • Tom Lewis

    The Hypocrite in Chief will say anything to engender or promote a response from his enemy’s. I say laugh at the fool, until he is removed from office, and then have congress removed the finances from his secret service protection, so that we all have a reason to laugh at what and where he goes to seek protection from a country that he has ruined with his Marxist BS.