Is Chavez’s Successor Plotting to Murder his Opponent and Blame it on America?

There are really only two options here.

1. Maduro is crazier than a family of Rhode Island rodents in a barrel of absinthe

2. He’s plotting to bump off his opponent in the upcoming election and blame it on America

I don’t really see an option 3 here and either one is rather worrisome. Either the leader of Venezuela is so crazy that he makes Chavez look sane… or he’s afraid of losing the election and trying to create plausible deniability ahead of a future assassination.

Venezuela’s acting president urged U.S. leader Barack Obama to stop what he called a plot by the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency to kill his opposition rival and trigger a coup before an April 14 election.

Nicolas Maduro said the plan was to blame his opponent’s murder on the OPEC nation’s government and to “fill Venezuelans with hate” as they prepare to go to vote following the death of socialist leader Hugo Chavez.

“I call on President Obama – Roger Noriega, Otto Reich, officials at the Pentagon and at the CIA are behind a plan to assassinate the right-wing presidential candidate to create chaos,” Maduro said in a TV interview broadcast on Sunday.

Maduro, who is Chavez’s preferred successor, said the purpose of the plot was to set off a coup and that his information came from “a very good source.”

In kicking off the opposition’s campaign in the provinces on Saturday, Capriles said Maduro would be to blame if anything happened to him.

So we’ve got Maduro claiming that Obama, the CIA and a bunch of Bush officials are plotting to kill Capriles. And we’ve got Capriles directing the blame for any murder right back at Maduro.

The CIA hasn’t been sending me my paycheck lately and I’ve lost control over most of my drone army, but I think it’s fairly obvious who to believe here.

Even the Free Bradley Manning, CIA Drones are Killing All Our American Al Qaeda Freedom Fighters, WTC Steel Doesn’t Melt types would have trouble believing that Capriles is being complicit in his own possible murder.

That leaves the possibility that Maduro is actually worse than Chavez.

  • Toni_Pereira

    Option 3: The CIA is plotting for the Venezuelan team fails to qualify for the World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

    All three options are winners, to me.

  • Mary Sue

    Of course he is!

  • @karita_feliz

    Option 3: He's trying to put more "security staff" on Capriles (only to spy him) in order to "protect" him. Chavez has mentioned the same thing before, though Maduro might be worse for another Reason…

    The Venezuelan economy is in an horrible shape, we had to devalue our currency, there was massive deficits on 2012 in order to maintain the status quo on an election year, the debts are reaching all time highs, the subsidy of gasoline will most likely be cut too.

    He'll do whatever he can to cling to power, , in a time where austerity will be inevitable (regardless of who wins) this isn't a good thing

  • Ghostwriter

    I think Capriles knows that the U.S. isn't going to kill him. Heck,MOST Venezuelans knows that the U.S. isn't going to kill him. I think that Maduro is proving to be a complete whack job. I doubt that many in Venezuela want a rerun of the Chavez years.

    • Toni_Pereira

      Of course they want. In a sort of way, is like being governed by Oprah Winphrey…

  • Edward Cline

    A source who is the lead caddy at Sixty-Five Pines Golf Course in Vail, Colorado, but who otherwise wishes to remain anonymous, said that a Venezuelan billionaire who plays there told him that Obama has conspired to send a troop of gay Boy Scouts to Caracas to act as liaisons between CIA moles and the Maduro campaign headquarters and Maduro himself to have him assassinated, thus securing Maduro a landslide victory at the polls. The billionaire said that in the event this happens, he will govern the nation from his coffin, wearing a whole bunch of sashes and official bling.

    • Toni_Pereira

      The things these people will do for power!

  • Omar

    Nicolas Maduro is simply insane. He is not fit to be President of Venezuela. Even Chavez wouldn't have said that the CIA is after opposition leaders, because he knows that the opposition is pro-American, pro-Western and pro-democracy. Maduro is simply nuts. He just wants more power.