Is George Galloway the Dumbest Politician in the UK?

George Galloway is getting a lot of attention for stomping out during a debate with a student. Galloway claimed that he did it because he has a boycott on all “normal contacts with individuals or organisations in Israel”. The debate wasn’t taking place in Israel, but for all anyone knows George was too drunk to know that.

In response to criticism from boycotters who oppose Israel and expect Galloway to debate Israelis, George declared that he will define what a boycott is. “Secondly, an organisation calling itself “BDS” does not own the words or the concept of boycott, divestment or sanctions. They are entitled to their own interpretation of these words but they don’t own or control me. I will make my own interpretation.”

Let no  one tell George Galloway how to boycott Israel. He will interpret his own boycott in an interpretive dance routine, especially when he’s losing a debate.

So now George has declared that he will boycott debates about Israel with people who support “the existence of the racist Apartheid creed of Zionism.” That’s a handy way of never finding himself in a debate again. Perhaps from now on George will limit himself to debating people who agree with him. That should significantly improve his chances of winning one of these things.

That line, like most of George Galloway’s addled Facebook posting, doesn’t make any actual sense. The respectable RESPECT man meant to say that he will not debate people who support the existence of Israel. It isn’t really possible to support the existence of a creed, but the entire statement is a confused mash of out of date cliches and talking points.

Firstly if people want to talk to the Palestinians they need to contact the Palestine Liberation Organisation. This is the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people and has been for many decades.

That’s a fashionable leftist position from 1986.

No one talks about the PLO being the “sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people” since the 90s when the Palestinian Authority was set up. It might have been proper to say that the Palestinian Authority is the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, but even that is debatable considering that Hamas won the last elections and the PA is being run by Abbas who is avoiding elections like Galloway is avoiding common sense.

It doesn’t appear that George Galloway is really aware of anything that went on in the region in twenty years, despite claiming to be a vocal advocate for the Palestinian cause. Then he tops that absurdity by calling for the destruction of Israel, which he describes as a cancerous tumor, and its replacement by “a bi-national democratic state from the Jordan River to the sea”.

This is no longer the position of the Palestinian Authority, but George Galloway will choose to interpret what the Palestinian position should be in his own way based on something he read in 1986.

With one front open against the Jewish menace, George Galloway has another front open against the female menace, suing the National Union of Students for calling him a “Rape Denier” and assigning him a No Platform Status for describing Julian Assange’s sexual assaults as bad etiquette.

Edinburgh University Students’ Association president James McAsh said: “George Galloway should apologise immediately for his comments. It’s outrageous that a supposed left-wing politician is threatening to sue the NUS, and trying to take money from the student movement in the run up to a massive anti-austerity demonstration.”

In addition to suing for defamation, Mr Galloway stated on Twitter that “any damages I recover from the NUS will be donated to the Defence Fund for Julian Assange and Bradley Manning”.

He also later tweeted “A note to the NUS and NUS officers. Every defamatory tweet you sent today or caused to be sent will be included in the impending action.”

Thus continues the implosion of George Galloway who is now involved in fighting women and Jews at the same time.  And then on top of everything else, Galloway’s Twitter account was hijacked by a weight loss spammer.


Galloway probably meant weight loss, but as it turns out the dumbest politician in the UK also can’t spell.

  • JacksonPearson

    Let's just say Galloway isn't the brightest crayon in the pack. But again like Obama's voters, it takes a lot of low information UK voters to vote the swine in!

  • Ar'nun

    Typical. Hit a Liberal with facts and they run away in tears and come back just to throw a temper tantrum.

    • Karl

      Shut up… Fascist!

  • Mary Sue

    Galloway must be getting senile. And delusional.

    • beez

      Or suffering from alcoholic dementia.

  • DB1954x

    I will never forgive George Galloway for his lies, obfuscations, and the subtle threats he issued against Senator Norm Coleman of Minnesota. I can’t help but think that somehow Galloway, the besotted, leftist creep financially supported the campaign in which the buffoonish (or should I say the harlequinesque?) Al Franken defeated one of the most distinguished and honorable United States Senators in living memory, Norm Coleman.

  • UCSPanther

    George Galloway is more or less the modern version of Oswald Moseley as far as I am concerned.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Except dumber…and much less successful

  • Steve

    Why do we even waste valuable space writing about a seriously demented politician? I think he might have taken a page out of Mel Gibson's hatred.

  • Ennis85

    "Is George Galloway the Dumbest Politician in the UK?"

    Probably. He did deny the Tiananmen square massacre after all.

  • Gee

    "Perhaps from now on George will limit himself to debating people who agree with him. That should significantly improve his chances of winning one of these things." He couldn't win a debate if he was the only one in it.

  • Curatica

    So that Mr. Greenberg has the Gentiles’ view about this subject, in addition to the encouragement of his tribe: Galloway is right, Jewish scourge is sickening.



      You stilll upset that your side lost WW2?


      As a reminder.

      WW2 Victory in Europe Day: Beaten Nazis Sign Historic Surrender (1945)

    • Daniel Greenfield

      You should join the RESPECT Party. It's made for people like you.

    • UCSPanther

      You know you are near the bottom when you root for a corrupt and dim-witted loser of a politician…

  • David

    Still so much hate…….stop it!

  • Toni_Pereira

    Christ, no! If every unabashed opportunists like him had a flower on their heads, Britain would be an huge garden.

  • g_jochnowitz

    Galloway may or may not be the dumbest politician in the UK. What he is beyond any doubt is the most evil politician in the country.

  • Jason

    I will debate gun control with anyone, anywhere, at any time (no gun owners please).

  • bill

    all politicians are dumb thats why the uk is in the s**t………….

  • Ghostwriter

    In my opinion,George Galloway is a slug. Why is he continuing to embarrass his district like he is?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      He's part of a Muslim Party and gets their votes

  • TimN

    Hey- you guys don't get it- Galloway is heroic.
    If you don't beleive me just check out Linda Heards column in the Arab News

  • paul maleski

    I have always had my doubts about George Galloway's sincerity; to be honest, I thought he was a very sophisticated Zionist Shill. The proof being, that he does not want any discussion, whatsoever, on the alleged mass murder of 6 million European Ashkenazis; by Zyclon B gassing during the second world war. From a Zionist perspective, he is like manna from heaven. A presumed vitriolic anti Zionist robustly defending a myth that holds Israel together, along with Suviva panhandling. Galloway is more bent than Uri Geller's cutlery.

  • sam

    you cant be serious…this article is offensive and inaccurate.

  • paul maleski

    Why is my article offensive and inaccurate? I find it offensive that people can go to prison, in an ever increasing number of countries, for questioning the official Holocaust narrative. What has the Ashkenazi jew got to hide? The Slakhtal State of Israel (Slav, Khazar, Neandertal leftovers) is nothing but a criminal fraud foisted on a gullible world, by their vast insidious media/propaganda Empire. If George Galloway is unaware of this fact, he should not be in politics. He has no mandate whatsoever, to defend the human rights of Palestinian Semites. No Holocaust=No Israel: It's as simple as that!

  • paulmaleski

    George Galloway is Zionist Holocaust Liar shill fraud. He repeats–Have not you seen the photos of the death camps? Well, Billy Wilder, Alfred Hitchock, John Ford of OSS or Bolshevik jews: Ehrenburg, Grossman and Karski etc. can give us a better picture.Galloway is paid well in Shekels for his 9/11–Holocaust lies. He is a snake!

  • Unbelievable

    Galloway has done nothing but speak the truth. This article does nothing but fuel the wrongful ostracizing he’s enduring. Calling him a drunk – he has strong views against alcohol so has his father and he’s never been caught nor proclaimed to have drunk alcohol. The man is right to boycott Israel. Merely 30 years ago – we would have been discussing Israel’s ‘right to exist’ even at a pro self-determination perspective and now we are discussing a two-state solution where implicitly the dominant state will be Israel and Palestinians will be made subservient by cutting off the human rights if there are any signs of subversive behavior. Israel possessing long range missiles capable of targeting every state in the muslim world yet when hezbollah (the only lebanese liberation force) gains long range missiles from iran – hezbollah must be eradicated. Listen to yourselves – propaganda is being fed to you so well – channel 4, fox news, sky news, NBC – all these packages and debates you see day and day out are hiding the truth. Isreal keeps thousands of arab prisoners of wars, beats defenseless people, takes over land that they have no right to (simply because it was a british mandate does not legitimise Isreali occupation) and with all this in mind they are continuously supported by the US – who give them weapons that aren’t merely functional but created to destroy and completely eradicate the defenseless people of the arabian peninsula (e.g. white phosphorous). And the holocaust – why dont you read about it and study it for yourself? its very debatable but nearly everyone’s been indoctrinated to believe it occured and to recite ‘6 million died’ and ‘ auschwitz was the biggest concentration camp’. and now if you disagree with the jewish state of israel – you are immediately branded as an anti-Semite. Why? because the jews suffered enough. EVEN IF THE HOLOCAUST DID HAPPEN, THAT STILL DOESNT JUSTIFY THE ERADICATION OF PALESTINIANS THAT HAS OCCURRED FOR THE PAST 30-40 YEARS AND THE ISREALI OCCUPATION OF LANDS IN THE ARABIAN PENINSULA.