Is It Time to Ban Assault Bulldogs?

Mark Kelly and Gabrielle Giffords are the public faces of a Texas lawyer’s PAC named Americans for Responsible Solutions.  Americans for Responsible Solutions calls for bans on assault rifles and high capacity magazines.

Unfortunately Mark Kelly is proving to be a flawed public face for gun control. Not only was he caught buying an AR-15 assault rifle, but he seems to have a problem with his own assault bulldog.

A disturbing video has surfaced on YouTube of a dog locking its jaws on a beached baby sea lion as California beachgoers frantically try to free the trapped mammal.

In the YouTube video, three women attempt to pull a small, limp sea lion from the mouth of a dog who refuses to let go. Cries of “No!” No!” are heard as the dog shakes the beached sea lion in his mouth. Offscreen, someone yells, “Take him out there and drown the dog. He’ll let go,” to which one of the women yells back, “No, what the f—?”

After a couple of minutes of struggling, Mark Kelly appears in the shot, according to the man who recorded the incident.

A pool of blood from the sea lion is left on the shoreline as Kelly and the dog walk off. The sea lion, which isn’t moving by that point, later died, according to The Los Angeles Times. It was removed from the area where it had beached itself, which may have been an indication that it was sick before the brutal encounter.

Now I believe that everyone has the right to own dogs. But does anyone really need an Assault Bulldog? Bulldogs are bred and designed to kill. Their jaw has no peaceful purpose except to grip its prey.

The bulldog originated as a bull-baiter. Bulldogs kill people in this country every year. There is no reason why any law- abiding person should own a bulldog and it’s time for Mark Kelly to do the responsible thing.

  • gee59

    I believe that it is a federal crime to bother Sea Lions and because Mr. Kelly allowed his uncontrolled vicious to kill this animal he should be facing multiple charges.

    He is responsible for controlling his dog in public – that is the law. And violation of federal law is a felony.

    If he wasn't a leftist then he would already be in jail for his crimes

    • Spikey1

      The California sea lion is protected on the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA), passed in 1972, which outlaws hunting, killing, capture, and harassment of the animals.

      Amended in 1988 to include; a reward system under which the Secretary of the Treasury can pay up to $2500 to individuals providing information leading to convictions for violations of the Act.

      MMPA is divided between the Secretary of the Interior through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service), and the Secretary of Commerce, which is delegated to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Subsequently, a third Federal agency, the Marine Mammal Commission (MMC)

      Now where is my $2500.00….

      I'd suggest everyone report this heinous crime to the above listed agencies.

    • Spikey1

      LA County Laws:

      Dangerous Dogs:
      Dogs that constitute a public menace may be impounded and removed from the custody of their owner. The Department may file a petition with the Municipal Court to determine the disposition of an animal considered to be dangerous. The owner of such an animal may be fined and forced to give up or dispose of his dog. (County Code Sections 10.37.020. 10/37.040 – 10.37.150)

      The Leash Law:
      It is not permissible to let your dog run at large day or night, with or without a license (County Code Title 10, Section 10.32.010).

      Running At Large:
      No person who owns or has charge of a dog may allow the animal to run at large. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times when out of their yards. Violation may result in a citation, court appearance and a fine of up to $250. (County Code Title 10, Sec. 10.32.010)

      To report a crime that happened use this to get you started:

      Be sure to include what sections of the county code were violated and by whom.

      • figment newton

        according to the NYdaily news the dog was on a leash being walked by Kelly's daughter when it broke free to attack the seal.

        Not that I believe everything the media says, but if true by witness accounts then,

        -if the daughter can't control her dog she should not be in ownership of it
        the daughter is 18 yrs old, an adult who needs to take responsibility of the dog attack. not Mark Kelly.

  • Ar'nun

    In most states dogs are considered legally as property. Therefore anything a dog does is the responsibility of the owner.

    Mark Kelley is a Seal killer.

  • bryce armstrong

    Yep, dont take away our guns but take away our pets instead. Let Me guess, this is an example of you being in favor of owning private property right? This is the reason why I f___ing hate you. Pit Bulls were specifically bred to protect children while their parents werent around and they are responsible for less maulings then most breeds including cocker spaniel and poddle. This is the same retarderd "logic" that leads Piers Morgan to vilify "assult weapons". I will NEVER vote for any one of your candidats. Instead of blaming movies videogames and now dogs why cant you stand up for our personal liberties? You just as bad a group of gay limp wristed safety crusaders as the worst liberal.

  • trickyblain

    It's not his. It's his daughter's assault bulldog.

  • Cat K

    Bull dog or pit bull?

    • Mary Sue

      assault Pit Bull!

  • Brujo Blanco

    These pit bulls should be banned. They have the ability to inflict serious injury and many times they kill. I keep hearing the mantra that it depends on how they were raised.

    • Mary Sue

      yeah but then you hear that the breed that most commonly bites is German Shepherd, not Pit Bull.

  • Mary Sue

    "Bulldog" brings up images of English Bulldogs, which the above dog most certainly wasn't. It was rather either an American Staffordshire Bull Terrier, or an American Bull Terrier, aka "Pit Bull".

    • figment

      are you expecting some kind of accuracy or reporting of facts from the LSM?

      never. gonna. happen.