Is New York City the Next Detroit?

New-York-City-SkylineShortly, New York may be ruled by a governor who helped cause the financial meltdown, while New York City may have a mayor who was forced to resign from Congress and its comptroller will be a former governor who was forced to resign for transporting a prostitute across state lines. He will be replacing the current comptroller who may go to jail for campaign finance fraud.

All of that sounds like an elaborate setup to a punch line.  And it is.

New York State has the 33rd highest unemployment rate in the country. New York City’s unemployment rate is even higher at 8.3%. In June, New York City, with a population of 8 million, added just 3,100 jobs. Most of those jobs were in the city’s tourism trade which bulks up during the summer.

While Bloomberg was playing hooky, using city resources to push gun laws in other states, the specter of Motown was creeping over the Big Apple.

New York City comes in second on the list of cities with the largest unfunded pensions. After Detroit.

A New York household is on the hook for $14,302 in unfunded city employee pensions and $22,857 in unfunded city worker health care costs. Since much of the city doesn’t actually pay taxes, that breakdown is mostly fictional.

When City Council Speaker Quinn, the front runner to replace Bloomberg after Weiner’s texting scandal, proposed to hike taxes, Mayor Bloomberg pointed out that 40,000 people already pay 50% of the taxes.

In one of his strangely lucid moments, Bloomberg said, “If a handful left, any raise would make it revenue neutral.” If even a few of the golden 40,000 subsidizing half of New York City are pushed out by the tax hike, it will offset the extra tax revenue.

It’s peculiar to think of 40,000 people holding up a city of 8 million, but that’s how shaky the Big Apple is. And if a Democrat walks into Gracie Mansion after this election, many of those 40,000 might just hit the road.

Bloomberg has just enough business skills to understand how precarious a position he put the city in. An unpopular cold fish, he bought his way into office by using portions of his own fortune and a much bigger pile of public money.

New York City debt doubled under Bloomberg to $110 billion. That’s nearly four times Bloomberg’s own net worth. The interest on that debt is at $6 billion. Three years of interest on New York City’s debt equals the debt that drove Detroit into bankruptcy court.

None of the Democratic candidates scurrying to replace Bloomberg has given any serious thought to dealing with these issues. Instead New Yorkers have been treated to a campaign of clowns with each candidate doing his best to embarrass him or herself.

Quinn, the lesbian City Council speaker, who developed a reputation for toadying to Bloomberg, recently turned an intern’s heatstroke fainting spell into a dramatic production worthy of Broadway. Weiner has given the race the worst national profile imaginable. John Liu might go to jail for campaign finance fraud. Bill de Blasio is a left-wing radical whose family life makes Weiner’s seem normal.

Forget about dealing with that $110 billion debt and the mounting billions in interest each year. New Yorkers are being given a choice between a candidate who disgraced himself in public twice and Quinn and de Blasio who want to fill their kitchens with rotting garbage through their support for Bloomberg’s mandatory composting proposal.

Why settle for having candidates who are little better than compost, when the entire city can be turned into a giant compost heap?

“When New York makes composting part of everyday life, every other city will follow through,” Quinn declared. It’s more likely that other cities will follow it into the trash, before they follow it into packing bags full of rotting garbage.

The real action in the race isn’t happening with Weiner’s partners, but as Weiner, Quinn, de Blasio and the rest of the gang of clowns rush to lock down union endorsements. Some of the SEIU unions have split between Quinn and de Blasio. The United Federation of Teachers has backed Bill Thompson, the candidate everyone is ignoring because unlike the rest of them he hasn’t done anything horrible.

The UFT endorsement is highly significant. New York recently put the benefits of retired teachers under a privacy shield. And there’s good reason for that.

“Bernie Madoff pretended he was getting 8% returns on his clients’ investments—and he’s in jail for running a Ponzi scheme. But in the public sector that kind of make-believe is common,” Joel Klein, the former New York City school chancellor, wrote.

“The city pension plan offered teachers and administrators guaranteed an 8.25% return, regardless of what the investments actually earned in the market.”

New York City public employee pensions, the cement shoes around the city, are the real threat to its survival. Union contracts have not been renegotiated in years as unions wait for a friendly Democrat to show up in Gracie Mansion and give away the entire store. If any Democrat wins, whether it’s Quinn, Weiner or Thompson, their payoffs to the unions will doom New York City to end up like Detroit.

The only difference is how long it will take.

With $90 billion in unfunded pensions and more retired city workers, in some branches of public employment, than active workers, the train is heading deep into the tunnel.

New York City’s total liabilities exceed its assets by $125 billion. In a serious city, that would be front page news. Instead the front pages are filled with Weiner and Spitzer’s latest shenanigans or the antics of the lesbian City Council speaker or De Blasio’s ex-lesbian wife. The bread is almost eaten, but the circuses are everywhere.

Bloomberg distracted New Yorkers and non-New Yorkers from the crisis by upselling the urban brand, inviting more of the members of that golden 40,000 to come and live here and pay the bills. Many of his Nanny State gimmicks were a fraud intended to create the impression that all the major problems had been solved and only the minor problems of too much salt and not enough bike lanes remained.

With the scam complete, Bloomberg is hitting the exits and plotting to become a national social reformer. His Democratic replacement will probably fail to keep the charade going.

Taxes will go up, so will crime, as police forces are cut and successful policing tactics are outlawed, more members of the golden 40,000 will flee and the city will sink back into what it was in the pre-Giuliani era. A dangerous unstable place on the road to financial ruin.

By then the name of the mayor will not matter. No more than the name of the mayor of Detroit does. But numbers like $125 billion will be remembered for a very long time.

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  • BS77

    New York, Chicago, Detroit , LA…..all run by Democrat mobs who have led their cities into chaos….good luck and good night.

    • Jeff Ludwig

      Excellent comment. Thanks.

    • OfficialPro

      The entire state of California will go before LA goes.

      • BlueMeanie

        more thank likely the cities will first revert back to what they were before the Nicezation of the 80s and 90s. Think 1970s semi-hostile hellholes. For some inspiration check out the ‘Death Wish’ movies. If you live in LA, it is not likely to become a safe place anytime soon. If it’s not ‘african americans’ it’s the Mexican gangs whom your politicians clearly are getting payment from.

        • Malecon

          I worked and lived in NYC in the seventies, and it was very liveable and stimulating.

          • BlueMeanie

            sure if you live in the nice areas. NYC as very close to declaring bankruptcy in the latter part of the 70s.

          • interventor

            Consider 2,500 murders annually in NYC vs. less than 500 annually, now. That the reality of the livable, stimulating atmosphere of then, vs. now. Thousands owe their lives to Giuliani and his police chief.

          • ziggy zoggy

            Livable and stimulating? Were you a drug dealer or pimp?

      • cynthia curran

        How’s that, actually the worst is Oakland in some way, La is terrible in the South Central and Eastside and in the old suburbs. Becoming more Hispanic more than even liberalism. is a major problem In fact in California,Orange County went bankrupt before La because of investing its funds and had bad returns in the 1990’sand OC is probably one of the most Republican remaining counties in the state.

    • Afro-Latino And Proud !

      You forgot to mention the Republican mob .

  • UCSPanther

    There’s gonna be a major crisis when the pension crunch hits, and like it or not, many US cities have fallen through the Event Horizon of that debt Black Hole…

  • Melvin Polatnick

    There is no
    burst of sunshine brighter than NYC, if it dims its lights the entire planet
    will grow darker. That is the reason Washington will beg borrow and steal before
    they will allow the color of the Big Apple to turn black or brown.

    • Headed4TheHills

      Ya gotta be kiddin’, right? Burst o’ sunshine an’ NYC jus’ don’t seem to fit together in any sentence. Now, if ya was to say jaded ol’ Streetwalker an’ NYC, that ol’ HT4H could agree with. Or broke down, drug addled, crackho an’ NYC, I can get behind that. But burst o’ sunshine? Only if that burst o’ sunshine is reflectin’ off the crack pipes litterin’ the streets an’ alleys.

    • Sharps Rifle

      More like ray of sunstroke. I’ve been to some holes in my years, but nothing beats NYC for sheer sliminess and sleaziness. Let it die.

    • Ben Raines

      You’ve been watching too much “Glee”.

    • Gabriel Lewis

      This guy must be high. NYC sucks! It’s overrated & produces no real tangible wealth. It smells like piss everywhere, it’s dangerous, expensive, dirty. Only naive hipsters and Liberal yipsters think it is a great place to live.

  • Fritz

    This is a stupid question I suppose but is there a Republican or an independent candidate running? New York almost went belly up in 1976 after a liberal Republican named John Lindsey gave the public service unions everything they wanted after a strike in the late 60’s. When New York asked for a Federal bailout at that time, Gerald Ford apparently told them to drop dead.

    • Fritz

      At least, up until now, New Yorkers had enough sense throw the bums out, whoever they were, and start fresh. Rudy took over in a landslide after that disaster David Dinkens made himself into a punch line. Chicago is pretty much terminal, too many decades of one party machine rule, I see that Rohm Emanuel is trimming around the edges somewhat but it’s pretty much too late.

      • Ben Raines

        Agree. I drove through Chicago a week ago late at night. It was NOT pleasant driving by gangs and blue lights flashing everywhere. Who wants to live in a crap hole like Chicago? Or New York?

  • mtnhikerdude

    When small cities go bankrupt it is an omen that big cities are soon to follow.
    There is no better non violent way to destroy a Nation than political correctness and deficit spending .
    I have a friend in his 80’s who said ,”I hope I die before my Country does”.
    Am surprised that Charles Manson is missing from the NYC Mayoral candidate list.

    • BS77

      Hey, it might be best if that idiot Weiner DOES win as mayor…perfect to have a guy like this as mayor….just perfect.

      • Jeff Ludwig

        Another good comment. You have a sense of irony.

    • Everett Vulgamore

      that guy in his 80’s just might live long enough to see the day the USA dies. at this rate anyways…

  • mtnhikerdude

    Thank you Daniel and FPM !

    • Jeff Ludwig


  • retired

    One major point,the major point,is missing from this article.
    A very large part of the tax revenue of the city & the state comes out of WallStreet & the NYSE.When,not if,the stock market tanks a heck of a lot of tax revenue will disappear.The speculators,casino gamblers,& the hedge funds are what pass for investors in today’s financial markets.When the Fed stops pumping new money into the hands of these hustlers the game will be up,the market will go down & the tax revenues will follow it south!

    • Benny

      Yes, don’t forget that point, it’s very important.


  • Rdlake

    Scumbags are never held accountable. They carry that smirk as they walk out of the office doors for the last time, heading for some high profile position or a TV spot somewhere. No one’s able to analyze why we let these dregs of political society get away with it, with the exception of ‘The Corrupt Liberal Media’ who is heavily involved.

  • rbla

    There are two Republicans running in the primary, Joe Lhota and John Catsimatidis either of which would be head and shoulders better than any of the Democrat bunch. There is also one half decent Democrat, Sal Albanese, a throwback to the time when one could trust the NYC Democrat politicians not to totally wreck the place. Of course he gets no play whatever in the media.

  • John Davidson

    What is anything really worth if it isn’t usable?

  • Everett Vulgamore

    i say just let that city die, if new yorkers were stupid enough to elect a liberal/socialist billionaire, they should be left to their fate. if the smart people move out, good on them.

  • Jeff Ludwig

    The UFT teacher pensions were lowered to 7%. They are guaranteed by NY State, not the city. Despite this one small error, Mr. Greenfield’s article is largely correct. He does not mention other signs of corruption. Roadwork on some city highways has gone on for more than 20 years! Two major hospitals in Brooklyn are about to close (one of them bought the other to “save” it, and then the “stronger one” (sic) collapsed. 80% of city high school graduates who were admitted (they must be admitted by law) to the city’s community colleges had to take remedial courses in math and/or English in order to go forward in their two year programs. The School Construction Authority remains corrupt. Construction takes forever and the cost overruns are incredibly high. 50% of new teachers leave the schools within five years. Despite complete overhauling of the education system, that statistic about new teacher turnover has remained constant for 20 years. Suddenly the schools are on board with a new system of teacher evaluation called the “Danielson method.” Who is Ms. Danielson? Why is her system deemed to be the “ultimate” in teacher evaluation for 90,000 teachers? The new Common Core standars are being implemented but the anecdotal experience of teachers, particularly at the high school level, is that the students are less motivated and less skilled and less analytic and less creative with every passing year, especially during the past 5-7 years under Mayor Bloomberg. All of the Mayor’s statistical gains in crime fighting and education are suspect because he is a MASTER of manipulating statistics as well as setting up systems that conceal his real agenda. Fortunately, none of the mayoral candidates is as smart as Bloomberg, so there is some hope for the city.

    • MarilynA

      As one who has visited New York City, I would say never again. After encountering a pot hole so big someone had paved a ramp so you could drive out of it, I decided it was time to go home and look for other places to spend our vacations . The streets were filthy, with trash swept up against the curbs, the air smoggy, and the people were rude. The only good thing I can remember about that visit was that I wasn’t mugged, my pocket wasn’t picked and my purse wasn’t snatched.

      • Jeff Ludwig

        MarilynA, Sorry you didn’t have a more pleasant time. There are still some interesting things to see and do here, but I guess the “quality of life” really turned you off. All the best.

      • BlueMeanie

        the people who live and work there are a completely different bunch. The people bringing in tax revenue for the ‘nice areas’ are mainly clueless feminist types(who watched too much Sex in the City) who fled various locales in the mid-west or other failed liberal cities such as Detroit(michigan transplants are extremely common in NYC), and douchebag men willing to go along with the program for the appearance of success(of course it’s very temporary). The whole thing is just waiting to explode. There is nothing solvent or stable about NYC.

      • Ben Raines

        I feel the same way. I visited NYC one time and discovered it was a hell hole. Burned out cars on the streets, stripped of all usable parts, bars on doors and windows and very rude people. Cops in NYC are the worst…probably worse than Chicago. Had a cop tell me that if I touched his police car he would arrest me for assault. Now that’s service! I’m looking forward to NYC and the rest of the demoncrat controlled cities & states falling into ruin & chaos.

    • Hans Stuedalpie

      The educational system of course needs to move from obsolete to realistically promoting interactive learning of ONLY useful information and skills. Why??? Because kids naturally love to learn. I work with kids at a church Wednesday night group. I’m always stunned at how at risk kids that can’t read or count get good at these in a few months. How?? I just go around as they read the bible (or lessons) and look over their shoulders and say, “Good job”, or “You’re getting better at reading” or some other positive comment. … Oh yes, and I ALWAYS MEAN IT. Sometimes I have to keep other adults helping out from saying the word the kid is trying to sound out (Let the kid take the time they need), or when an adult asks for a volunteer I make sure they don’t always choose the best reader or biggest ass kisser. It’s unreal how a little loving attention can change a youth’s life!!! There is another issue here though too. I bring the snacks. I prohibit junk food. Only fruit, non-processed cheese, water, and healthy foods. What a fight I had with the adults on this!! But I literally yelled and body languaged them into defeat of their God-less and Demonic Junk food agendas!! Ha Ha!! The adults have started eating healthier now as well. The solutions are so simple (The initial ones). People who argue with this should start loving people more than they love the system. Yours Truly… Little Old White Man

  • Dennis Early

    blacks want to extermanite whties you finally figured it out the whole world has been
    programmed to put every thing blacks need at the head of the list,
    the black caucus only cares about helping black american be
    d@med. what do whites get out of living with blacks? blacks are
    outbreeding us their little 12 and older girls are dropping their
    babies on us to take care of by the thousands, they when the little
    thugs that are programmed to hate the white way and whites get to
    school they then turn their anger on the white students and the
    rape and beatings show it. whites have been condition to think we
    all have to put black interest ahead of the line i
    do not hate blacks but i dont want to live around them and their
    crime and I am sick and tired of hearing their constant crying.
    the only way whites have a chance is to distance themselves from the
    black communities and the only way that will happen is if a state
    like Texas becomes a nation and cuts out affirmative action and
    stops rewarding the welfare hoes from overpopulating. that way
    blacks would flee that area and whites would have a safer place to
    raise their kids and have more money to raise them and not have to
    support the welfre hoes thugs

    • ricpic

      You’re absolutely correct. At bottom it all boils down to race. Take away the black threat, which is constant, and now the ever growing hispanic threat and the problems would lessen…considerably. But you see, all the proper respectable people, including many on this site, don’t want to see what confronts them every day when they go out into the street. And so YOU become the villain, the RACIST, because the proper respectable people are actually terrified but won’t admit it, not in a million years, and so they turn their wrath on YOU for pointing out the obvious. There is no solution. Only after the great economic implosion will there be any chance to separate from the glorious vibrant blacks and browns. And even that chance will be slim. Much blood. That is the only certainty in our future.

      • aidankirby

        The word Racist was invented by Lenin, who was half Jewish.
        Its funny and so ironic, as Israel has Racial Apartheid Laws, and they promote all interests except those of white people, but yet live in the most Racist nation in the world.

        Blacks, Asians, Jews and Muslims in America get favored status at employment time hiring or in school admission, not to mention free grants to school, while whites get stuck with student loan debt, interest for life of course to the banksters.
        Funny that.

        • GodisUltimate

          Small correction: Asians are denied entry into colleges even though they score and rank higher. This is because universities think that Asians are over-represented in the schools.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Lenin had a Jewish Grandfather. He was part Swedish, part German and part Mongolian Kalmyk.

          The most racist nation in the world is Saudi Arabia.

          Jews, like other white people, are not subject to affirmative action. And have no favored status.

      • Hans Stuedalpie


  • Seek

    I don’t see NYC as winding up like Detroit. It’s not going to happen. For one thing, it is an international city, whereas Detroit is not. It attracts first-class talent from all over the civilized world. Second, New York City offers enormous educational, cultural, business, recreational and philanthropic amenties that almost no city in the world can rival. And third, blacks constitute about 25 percent of New York’s population. Granted, that’s too high, but nowhere near Detroit’s 80 percent.
    To simply reduce everything to “Democrats,” as if everything hinged on political party, is simple-minded and disingenuous.

    • BlueMeanie

      it attracts large numbers of tourists and residents from all over the UNCIVILIZED world.

      • Seek

        A certain amount of that is inevitable. But in addition to the barbarians, New York attracts civilized people as well.

      • cynthia curran

        Same does for Houston Texas which Republicans love and Houston usually votes Democratic anyway. Houston is even a head of New York in total illegal immigrant population at 600,000 just behind La and Chicago. It also gets a lot of folks from Nigeria.

    • Gabriel Lewis

      Are you kidding me? Detroit used to be called the Paris of the Mid-west, It was one of the wealthiest, culturally rich cities in the world. It was just as international as NYC. It had everything NYC had, major businesses had their offices there, it was an educational center and had some of the best urban living around at the time. It was much better than NYC at the time, since NYC was much more crowded, and had more issues than Detroit had.

      NYC can end up like Detroit, it almost did in the past recent decades!

      NYC has too much debt, and a crumbling infrastructure that cannot support it’s population. Take a look at this article, this is one reason why NYC will end up like Detroit, there is no money to rebuild NYC, plus NYC is prone to massive flooding, like we saw in Hurricane Sandy.

      NYC is crumbling:

  • OfficialPro

    Washington, DC and Chicago are also the next Detroit, though who goes first is a matter of who can screw up fastest. I give the edge to DC and Chicago.

    • Seek

      Not even close. Washington, D.C., in particular, is one of the richest cities in the nation. Even its “slums” are highly habitable, though many of the blacks who inhabit them are less than ideal neighbors. Washington has had new construction on virtually every single block in the old and new downtown areas over the last several decades. It has an excellent business climate, culture, parklands and infrastructure, plus any number of first-class universities. Even violent crime is way down from 20 years ago (Hint: the white share of the population has been rising). Can any of this be said of Detroit?

      Neither the city’s political, business or cultural elites will let the District of Columbia go under. I guarantee it.

      • Ben Raines

        Keep in mind that the “District” is considered NOT part of the U.S. so your rights are very limited.

  • tokoloshiman

    One would think a better caliber of candidate than a weener waving weiner
    could be found for the city of new york. but no, the most ludicrous craven
    exhibitionist is seemingly a prime candidate for this left wing sorry city and its myopic carefree sullenly rich class of sheeple.

  • AmericaFoist

    Concentrate enough feral negroes in a city run by jews, and anything is possible, I tells ya! Honest, would I lie to you?

    • Johnnnyboy

      Jewish liberalism is not helpful, but really it is not that much different from gentile liberalism. Meanwhile feral Negroes mostly kill each other, and apparently they are not going to become a majority any time soon, as they did in Detroit.

      • UCSPanther

        That idiot is so obsessed with Jews it is pathetic.

        That is what reading too much Der Sturmer propaganda will do to one…

  • m4253y

    can’t wait…will be cool to watch the fall out….bring it on

  • bob e

    great essay dan..always read your stuff..

  • cynthia curran

    Probably not since its less black, its more like Houston with liberal policies. It has a lot of different ethnic groups some do good and some don’t.

  • cynthia curran

    Taxes will go up, so will crime, as police forces are cut and successful policing tactics are outlawed, more members of the golden 40,000 will flee and the city will sink back into what it was in the pre-Giuliani era. A dangerous unstable place on the road to financial ruin.

    By then the name of the mayor will not matter. No more than the name of the mayor of Detroit does. But numbers like $125 billion will be remembered for a very long time.

    Taxes will go up but Crime may not, New York black population has been dropping and Hispanic growth is not as much as some other places. It probably will be a slowed growth area but Wall Street is there, sorry don’t buy into the end of the liberal cities but many people have been lleaving NYC and moving to cheaper places anyway.

    • Gabriel Lewis

      Crime is already going up, despite what these NY politicians say. There’s a violent subway crime spree in the Upper West Side! This is not the ghetto, but a place where millionaires live.

  • Boka

    Its just too much coruption : That’s why good cities dies :(

    Bakugan Games

  • Concerned public

    Can not wait for it to happen! That city has been an anchor around the rest of new york.

  • libsarescum

    “Socialism works great until the government runs out of other people’s money”
    – M. Thatcher

  • BillRind

    Bloomberg and his lesbo city council speaker should go to jail for malfeasance. a city of marxist whack job extremist democrats. the Khazar Jew fraud Bloomberg calls himself a republican is like calling Obama an ultra conservative. two pieces of cow turd. the city is going down. do you ever wonder why their is no mention of the 2-1/2 million illegal alien bugs running around collecting hundreds of millions of dollars in free benefits, just like California, it’s criminal to the dopes who pay taxes in that city. New Yorkers time and time again vote in the same shit whore political hacks and the city gets worse. the unions should be disbanded and let go. let china buy the entire city up, and they will displace all these crap ass loser Marxist extremist democrats . then they have to deal with a whore extremist marxist Governor who is a bigger loser then Bloomberg, this guy should be in jail for criminal activity and lawlessness. their is no way out for them, the losers in the entire state keep voting in the same old criminals.

  • RarefiedSnotress

    Vice City..Maybe.

  • thefinalstand

    Not to mention that Bloomberg personally profited from 9/11.

  • usmcmailman


  • Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

    Impossible. The entire world is economically and financially ruled by two cities: London and New York. You gotta love the Rothschild family in Europe as well as the Rockefeller family in America.

  • jacob

    There not enough migrant flooding into NY yet, to be the scapegoat.

  • Gabriel Lewis

    The real reason why NYC will become Detroit: This article is way off,
    since it didn’t mention 2 things that are the main reasons why NYC will
    become Detroit:

    1. Outdated, crumbling and over taxed, over loaded infrastructure. The subways are falling apart, NYC subways & it’s transit system, (including buses) is taxed to the limit every weekday. It is outdated, constantly breaking down, very expensive to maintain, and they must pump water out of the subway tunnels 24/7 or they would automatically flood. The power grid is outdated, and taxed to the limit. Power lines fail and substations blow up regularly. During a heat wave, there’s areas with power outages, sometimes lasting a few days. Water mains constantly break, manholes blow up, sometimes taking out huge sections of a street. There’s way too many people for the bridges, tunnels, power grid and roads to handle. Old building frequently collapse in NYC, (especially in the Bronx, Brooklyn, etc). The bridges and tunnels are aging and cannot support the amount of people they currently handle & there are tons of other signs of infrastructure collapse all across NYC.

    There’s also the issue with most of the city built on a flood zone. It
    will get a massive flood one day, when gets hit directly by a “real” hurricane. Sandy wasn’t even a real hurricane when it hit NYC (It was a tropical storm), and look at what it did to parts of NYC. Parts of the city are still recovering from that storm. There’s no money at all to fix all these infrastructure problems, and most of these are impossible to fix, since it would require re-building the city from the underground on up.
    NYC is crumbling:

    2. Massive dependence on the financial sector.
    Just like Detroit was dependent on one industry, NYC is overly dependent on the financial sector. The financial sector is very volatile in general, especially
    during these shaky times. We all know when the SHTF economically, places like London, and the NYC are screwed and will become Detroit almost over night.

    I would not invest in property or buy a home/condo, or even rent in NYC, since the prices are over inflated. One day, the NYC inflated housing bubble will pop, and the prices will fall. All these suckers who bought the hype and invested in anything in that city, will be left holding an empty bag.

    I don’t understand why anyone would move to that fascist hell hole just to pay over inflated rental prices for a roach & rat motel in a neighborhood where your girlfriend or wife will get raped or robbed. Bloomberg recent called NYC “Safe”, and this is during a violent, subway crime spree in a upscale part of Manhattan. Never believe a word any of these NY/NYC politicians or bureaucrats say since they are some of the most corrupt scumbag politicians in the whole country.

    Race, and Politics are not the reasons why NYC will end up like Detroit. It’s poor city planning, over dependence on one industrial section, infrastructure neglect and a business unfriendly liberal government at fault. NYC and NY
    state is extremely business unfriendly and corrupt, and this is one of
    the reasons why people and businesses are leaving that whole state.

    Will New York City Become Detroit?

    NYC is crumbling:

  • aidankirby

    If we cant trust J E Ws to look after our money, Who can we trust?

  • Stendec Nevele

    I’m wondering how on earth anyone could survive in a place like NYC whilst being unemployed.

  • amerikagulag

    Sure hopes so. But then, where will bloomberg go?

  • dan z

    I think Chicago is next of many. All as a result of outsourcing and the race to lower wages and dead-end jobs. During the Bush reign of terror, 50,000 manufacturing plants were closed, jobs were shipped overseas where labor and environmental laws were ignored, plus two unfunded wars and huge tax breaks for the guilded class and a militarized corporate state that never gave a hoot for US workers. It’s all profits, privatization of the commons and control. And it’s going to get a lot worse when the Trans Pacific Partnership (NAFTA on steroids)is signed.

  • Badger Badgerism

    ha ha ha….personally I wouldn’t mind seeing NYC full of dicks that needs to crawl on their knees…first off I wouldn’t live somewhere I can’t carry a gun..
    so New York deserves to die because they take it up the rump and don’t stand up for anything.

  • Badger Badgerism


    I wouldn’t pay one cent of tax if I thought it went to SOME FAT ASS bureaucrat
    drainging the tax base! AND THAT GOES DOUBLE FOR FEDERAL DICKS!
    WHAT we need in America is a good ol’ fashion PITCH FORK MOD REVOLUTION!

  • gfmucci

    The dems want US taxpayers to bail out Detroit. Next is New York City? Who’s left to bail the rest of us out?

  • Roadmaster

    The Mafia mob in NYC is much smarter than the Dhimmicrat mob, not so frigging stupid that they’ll kill the goose which lays the eggs. See, Detroit had lots of criminals driving it into the toilet, but they weren’t wise guys. The Syndicates which run NYC are parasitic, depending on the host organism to remain alive, whereas Dhimmicrats are more like a cancer which is malignant, and deadly to life. The only difference between them and say leukemia, is the cancer cells die when the body dies. Dhimmicrats survive, look for another “body” to infect, and begin to kill it!.

  • Brian Thiesen
  • Jeff Ludwig

    Delightful and perceptive comment. Thank you.

  • john arana

    ha ha the american dream one get a government job with a pension

  • ather ahmed shareef

    i am looking for job in new yark city bar& restorent

  • Richard

    Really refreshing comment, like it!