Is Obama Backing Away from the Syrian Rebels?

After doing a chummy joint interview with Hillary Clinton, two of Obama’s minions testified in the Senate that the plan to arm the Syrian terrorists/rebels came from Hillary and Petraeus and was shot down by the White House.

Nothing is impossible in D.C., but Hillary has been somewhat more realistic than Obama and Petraeus was not a fan of gung ho operations making this setup unlikely. Based on her public statements in the past, if anyone had been skeptical about the Syrian rebels, it was more likely to have been Hillary Clinton, not Obama. But the statements are evidence that Obama is distancing himself from the Syrian rebels.

While there are still plenty of pundits and think-tankers who will complain that we’re losing Syria by refusing to arm the “good” rebels (whoever those may be), it’s rather clear that the Syrian rebels have become toxic in Washington D.C.

If Obama is backing away from something that he once supported, the news has to be pretty bad, and it is. Not only is the Al Qaeda affiliated Al Nusra Front the leading force in the rebellion, but hardly any of the “good” Syrian rebels have agreed to turn their back on it. The creation of an official opposition overseen by Hillary Clinton and Qatar has not changed that.

Syria was supposed to be a good clean war with the Muslim Brotherhood’s militias and power brokers taking over a country that they long had their eyes on. But Al Qaeda showed up the Muslim Brotherhood and set up a disaster run that Obama did not want to be associated with.

But all this is still doubletalk.

The Syrian protocol is the same as the Libyan protocol. Qatar and Turkey send the weapons and America turns a blind eye. It’s rather doubtful that Obama is blocking Turkey and Qatar from doing in Syria what they did in Libya. What Obama is doing is backing away ahead of time from the carnage that will follow.

  • AdinaK

    Herein lies some goodies re the "rebels" and the shifting sands/alliances –

    More to the point, his support for the "rebels" led to R2P in Libya, which led to Benghazigate –

    Oh, what a tangled web the Islamist-in-Chief has woven…plus all his surrogates too!

    Adina kutnicki, Israel –

  • JacksonPearson

    Daniel, perhaps the title to this story should have read:
    Is Obama Backing Away from Syrian/al Qaeda Rebels?

  • ObamaYoMoma

    I hope he is since all Muslims are our eternal mortal enemies. Those advocating intervening on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood backed rebels are morons when it comes to Islam and Muslims.

  • EarlyBird

    Last summer there was news that Obama had planned on some kind of secret CIA "support," short of arming the rebels. By this past fall, Blood "n" Guts McCain, Lieberman, Graham and a few other unreconstructed necons were demanding that the US arm the Syrian rebels.

    We can be sure that no matter what happens in Syria, they, and Greenfield and Front Page Magazine will find reason to fault Obama. "Doing nothing" is not in their vocabulary.