Is Obama Devouring the Democratic Party?


While Republicans have been down ever since the 2012 elections, it’s the Democrats who may have more reason to worry. The Republican lack of leadership is a problem, but on the left side of the aisle, one man with one huge ego, who isn’t exactly known for being a team player, is being accused of cannibalizing the Democratic Party.

“Since Obama was elected President, the Democrats have lost nine governorships, 56 members of the House and two Senate seats,” Doug Sosnik, the political director in Bill Clinton’s White House, writes in a new memo.

The memo hesitates to put too much blame on Obama, but it does, after paying formal tribute to the official Evil Tea Party Republicans Won’t Work with Obama line, move the ball into his court.

Obama’s victory last November was a great political achievement, but the fact that he didn’t set out a clear policy agenda for a second term left him without a clear mandate to govern over a politically divided Congress. Compounding the problem is the fact that during his first term Obama did not put the time or effort into building personal relationships with members of Congress, an essential element to getting a recalcitrant Congress to act on difficult issues

And Sosnik suggests the dirty money isn’t coming through like it used to…

we have now experienced two consecutive years of decline in lobbying expenditures, as well as a continued reduction in the number of lobbyists who have registered with the federal government

CRP also reports that the first quarter lobbying reports for this year show a 16.7% decrease in expenditures from the same period in 2010. The CRP analysis projects that lobbying expenditures for 2013 will be the lowest level since 2007


But the point is that Obama is being blamed for abandoning the Democratic Party to the political wolves.

Obama’s successful 2008 campaign and his 2012 re-election masks a party that is also in decline and one that is at considerable risk when Obama is no longer on the scene. Since Obama was elected President, the Democrats have lost nine governorships, 56 members of the House and two Senate seats. During his presidency, the party’s favorability has declined 15 points.

Obama not only got elected by running against the party establishment, but he has governed as a President who does not emphasize his party label.

Obama also didn’t campaign for other Democrats or raise money for any down ticket candidates during the 2012 elections. Since his victory, he has also established an independent $50 million organization to advance his legislative goals rather than focusing on creating a lasting legacy for the party.

And the news isn’t any better for the future…

According to Pew polling from last year, 45% of Millennials self-identify as Independents, which is a six-point jump since 2008, and 31% self-identify as Democrats, which represents a four-point drop since 2008.

The same analysis showed that 42% of Gen Exers identify as Independents, an eight-point increase since 2008, and 29% self-identify as Democrats, a five-point decline in Democratic self-identification during the same time.

And the piece finds that the minority vote may not be all that reliable either post-Obama.

According to a Census Bureau report on the 2012 elections issued this week, for the first time in history black eligible voters turned out at a higher percentage than whites (66% v. 64%). In addition, a Gallup analysis of the African American vote found that 18-34 year olds are nine-points less likely to self-identify as Democrats (75% v. 84%) than African American voters 55 years or older.

Although Hispanics have overwhelmingly voted against Republicans since George W. Bush’s re-election in 2004, younger Hispanics feel less of an allegiance to the Democratic Party than their elders. A Gallup analysis of last year’s tracking polling found that Hispanic voters aged 18-34 are nine points less likely to self-identify as Democrats (50% v. 59%) than Hispanic voters 55 years or older. Young Hispanic voters are a disproportionately large share of the Hispanic electorate.

That’s what you get with a high birth rate.

Despite voting overwhelmingly for Obama in the past two elections – with their support topping 73% in 2012 – a 2012 Pew poll found that only 50% of Asian voters self-identify as Democrats.

The problem is that the left used the Democratic Party as a political trojan horse. That’s what the left always does.

As a compulsive egotist, Obama was never really much of a team player and the left-wing Chicagoites who surrounded him were not invested in the Dems either. Only in the left. They used the Democratic Party like a sock puppet to get what they wanted done, but their vision is that of the left, not of the Democratic Party. That’s why OFA is threatening gun rights Democrats.

Obama doesn’t care about the Democratic Party. He has ensconced himself in an Imperial Oval Office while giving Congress little to do except stalemate itself.

  • megapotamus

    Gun control and abortion are the two issues that supposedly doom the Reps. But you will find that the intensity is on the side of the Lifers and 2nd A enthusiasts. It is Democrats who are harmed by any clarification of who votes how on these questions. The pros know it. The media/Lefty public do not. May their ignorance only be cured by experience.

  • retired

    Dan,this is all true & besides the point!
    What you are addressing in this article are just minor issues nibbling around the edges of the real problems.The real problem is that government in Washington is,& probably always was,of,by & for the wealthy elites.It's for the people who have enough wealth & power to buy their very own politicians.What I am saying is that this Republican/Democrat,left wing/right wing stuff is for the fools down on Main Street!What is called Democracy, that which has supplanted our Federal Republic in 1913,is really mob rule in a sports jacket.The political elites,both major parties, are creatures of the financial elites.The financial elites are essentially above the law.What is killing the politicians,Democrats & Republicans,is the Internet Revolution.The Internet is bringing to light unauthorized & uncontrolled information,bypassing traditional establishment sources.More & more people are getting alternate opinions that are often at odds with official pronouncements.The financial & political establishments have no where to hide from the public view!
    What is making it worse for the elites is the fact that at the same time the wheels are coming off of the economy.Many,who under other circumstances wouldn't care about the facts,have become the financial victims of political games & are taking a new look at reality.To sum up,when entitlement money runs out & poverty sets in,the game will be up for the politicians in Washington, Democrats & Republicans.

  • Christopher Riddle

    Obama is just "finishing"what The KlinToons started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • onecornpone

    I won't be too confident in Dems losing ground again…

    Remember, we bought that line of crap after the 2010 mid-terms, only to suffer a monumental letdown in 2012.
    When it comes to political direction, I don't believe anything I hear and only half of what I see.

    Pew's poll on Hispanic voters was clear.

    Only 32% of them have a favorable view of capitalism.
    55% have a negative view of capitalism.

    Ignore the promising numbers on young, modern-era Hispanics, I have observed them being very loyal to family/community tradition in many aspects of their daily life, once they reach adulthood and become independent.

    • Micha Elyi

      "Remember, we bought that line of crap after the 2010 mid-terms…"–onecornpone.

      Yeah, sure. Keep telling yourself that. What really happened is that you and a whole bunch of cocky kids just like you made that crap sandwich and eagerly chowed down on it. You were either blind to or ignorant of the well-understood reality that what we now call "low-information voters" don't bother much to show up and vote at off-year elections. On the other hand, people who vote because it's their civic duty – rather than the popular, faddish thing to do – get to the polls and vote. That's why the Adult Party swept in 2010 and the Kiddie party won in 2008 and 2012.

      Now dry your tears and put on a pair of man-pants. And get ready to cast an intelligent vote in 2014.

      • onecornpone

        … you and a whole bunch of cocky kids just like you…

        LMAO! THAT is hilarious!

        Thank YOU! Been a l-o-n-g time since I've been called a kid.

    • Micha Elyi

      As for Hispanics, onecornpone, here's two things to consider:

      #1. Capitalism is like the Catholic Church. Millions of people think they hate it but only about 100 of those people actually know what it is and still hate it. While you're remembering things, onecornpone, remember this: Karl Marx invented the name "capitalism". Adam Smith called what it really is "the system of natural liberty."

      #2. The more Hispanics (and blacks too) openly vote their race and ethnic group interests, the sooner white people will start doing that too – for self-defense if for no other reason. And that won't just cancel out the Hispanic and black votes, it'll swamp them because there's a lot more white voters than La Raza and Black Power voters. And will be for decades to come – unless the porous US border stays wide open. So go ahead, ask some blacks how they like Hispanics grabbing AA preferences and taking all the entry-level jobs.

      • onecornpone

        We could probably have an 'interesting' discussion on just how different the collectivist Catholic Church and capitalism are, but that would be off topic.

        #1. I don't much care what you call it, I embrace the practice of capitalism/natural liberty, because the cream always rises to the top.

        #2. Why do you think I am spreading the word about this Pew poll. Way too many of my acquaintances voted for o-Flim-Flam, in an attempt to prove they aren't racist. All they proved is that they are not worthy of my friendship – I don't consort with dunces. And way too many folks are advocating for amnesty for river-wading wet backs for the same reason.

      • WTE

        Whatever you do, even if you find that you are wrong, don't apologize to or, in any way, defer to her; she will not understand a gesture of humility and will assume she has "taken ownership" of you. See also Corn’s Resume

        • 1389AD

          That's completely baseless defamation on your part, WTE.

    • 1389AD

      IRS persecution hamstrung the Tea Party prior to the 2012 elections. There are other reasons for the 2012 defeat, such as massive election fraud, but this was part of the problem.